ASUS ZenPower PD: A power bank that will charge your laptop on the go

Work anywhere!



Wouldn’t it be great if a power bank could power your laptop?

I’ve worked in a lot of weird and wondrous places: tech show floors, European coffee shops, rural Chinese airports, plane rides, road trips, the list goes on. I love the idea of being able to work anywhere anytime and not being confined to an office, typing away on my computer. My main problem, however, has always been finding a power source when my laptop battery runs out. Most of the time, this is when my productivity is forced to stop.

In my quest to find a solution, I came across the ASUS ZenPower PD. Coincidentally sent over by the folks from ASUS just when I was considering getting myself a power bank, the tiny thing is supposed to be able to charge notebooks fast.

How fast? The ZenPower PD is equipped with Power Delivery 3.0, which is tech-speak for: It’s the fastest charging standard available for batteries.

It’s pretty compact considering it’s something that can not only charge your phone, it can also power up laptops, or even a Nintendo Switch. This external battery pack can fit comfortably in my tiny everyday purse with space for all my other stuff.

Despite its small size, this thing is packed with 13600mAh which should be two to four charge cycles depending on what phone you’re using.

It’s equipped with two ports, a USB-A and a USB-C, which means you can charge two gadgets at the same time. According to ASUS, it also intelligently detects whatever device is plugged in and adjusts to whatever charging mode your gadget has. This means it shouldn’t shorten your device’s lifespan.

There’s even a flashlight on the ZenPower PD that lasts for five days — not that I’ve ever really used a flashlight on a power bank, but you never know!

This thing has been a great travel companion. I get more work done on long-haul flights because I can always just plug in my MacBook when I need more juice. However, be warned that it only really works with the really, really short USB-C to USB-C cord it came with; for some reason, my original Apple power cord refuses to work. Also know that it will charge (it got my MacBook to 30 percent in around 30 minutes), but won’t really charge enough while you’re using the laptop.

Nevertheless, it’s been pretty helpful. I’ve finished more than a few articles with this powering me. It’s also supposedly safe because ASUS’ PowerSafe tech controls voltage and even temperature so you shouldn’t have any trouble at all.

All in all, the ZenPower PD is a great backup that hardly takes up any space. Definitely something you should pack on your next trip.


PhoneSoap Go: A portable device that will sanitize your smartphone

It isn’t called PhoneSoap for nothing!



That smartphone in your purse can do so much but it also has 18 times more bacteria than the average public toilet. Before we continue, let that sink in.

Before you drop that phone you’re probably reading this article on, know that there’s a way to clean your handset and it doesn’t involve soap and water. Introducing: PhoneSoap.

PhoneSoap Go is the brand’s latest release. It’s a tiny chest that will literally clean your smartphone. It uses UV-C light to kill bacteria on your device. All you do is put your smartphone inside, tap the lightning button, wait 10 minutes for one cleaning cycle, and your phone should be germ-free.

The inside compartment can house your phone, no matter what size. It’s pretty spacious so it can even fit small everyday stuff like keys or wallets. Despite all that space, the PhoneSoap Go is designed for portability. This is PhoneSoap’s smallest device — something you can bring along on trips to make sure your handset is sanitized anywhere you go.

On the back of the chest is a USB-A and a USB-C port. This is because the PhoneSoap Go has a 7000mAh battery built into it. That’s enough for 45 cleaning cycles, or four phone charging cycles.

Yes, I said phone charging cycles. That’s because you can actually use it as a power bank. There’s even a slot for your charging cable so you can charge as you sanitize your phone. That means even if the whole cleaning cycle is just 10 minutes, you can leave your phone plugged in longer. There’s even “acoustic outlets” at the bottom so you can hear phone notifications.

Of course, unless I have a petri dish and some phone swabs, I won’t be able to say definitively that this thing can clean 99.99 percent of bacteria on your phone, as the brand claims. But, I will say that if it does end up sanitizing your phone in any capacity, that’s already a good enough deal considering how dirty these things supposedly are, and how much we’re holding on to them on a daily basis.

But really, more than phone cleaning, what you get is peace of mind. Honestly, my own (many, rotating) devices have been chilling a lot in my PhoneSoap ever since I got it.

The PhoneSoap Go retails for US$ 79.95 and you can get it from their website.

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This titanium strap elevates the way your Apple Watch looks

And doesn’t deplete your savings



Although Nomad is best known for its beautifully crafted Horween Leather accessories, that doesn’t stop the company from trying other things like the Tesla Model 3 wireless charger from six months ago. This time around, the company dabbles in something familiar but still different — its first metal Apple Watch bands.

The new straps come in silver and space gray, and fits the 42mm/44mm models. There’s no word yet on rose gold and gold bands, as well as straps compatible with the smaller 38mm/40mm models.

The company promises the metal bands to be as light as possible, while maintaining that premium feel and durability thanks to the use of high-grade titanium.

The straps come with Nomad’s custom lugs and over twenty titanium links — ten of them removable — that you can customize according to your wrist size, as Nomad is including the link removal tool in the package.

Nomad’s new titanium Apple Watch bands are available now for US$ 179.95 on the Nomad website; that’s half the price of Apple’s own metal link band.

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InvisaWear: Great-looking smart jewelry that doubles as a panic button

Protected and in style



Who knew that something this pretty can potentially save your life?

These beautiful pendants are not just accessories. Called InvisaWear, these trinkets also double as panic buttons.

Designed specifically to be discreet, this different type of jewelry is the product of a harrowing experience. Rajia, InvisaWear’s CEO, was leaving an event when she was catcalled by a group of men in a car. As she was walking, the car stopped and one of the catcallers started to get off. Thankfully, Rajia, was able to get to her car and drive off unharmed. But, that incident left a mark on her: She felt completely helpless in the moment. Thus, the idea of an easy-to-reach panic button for everyday wear was born.

All you need to do is install the InvisaWear app, choose up to five emergency contacts, pair your jewelry to your phone via Bluetooth, and you’re all set.

With a quick double-click on the back of the charm, this accessory will send an SOS message to five contacts which will include your GPS location. You can even enable 911 functionalities that will automatically connect your emergency contacts to 911, who’ll then be able to view your location.

The best part is that you can wear this every day without ruining your #OOTDs or tarnishing. These dainty and useful charms are made with brass and are plated with either 14K gold or rhodium with cubic zirconia.

Check them out here.

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