Plan for Black Friday early with these amazing deals

It’s time to ready your shopping list and wallet



We’re midway through November already, inching towards Thanksgiving and one of the most awaited dates for shopping — Black Friday. To help you get yourself and your wallet ready, we scoured through the internet to find some of the best tech deals that’ll be popping up next week. Here are some offers that you might want to take advantage of on November 23rd.

17.3-inch ASUS TUF gaming laptop (US$ 999)

This ASUS Gaming Laptop will be going down by US$ 400, so if you’ve been wanting a gaming laptop, this might be the time to cop one. And if you have a more limited budget, you could also check out the HP Pavilion CX0056WM Gaming Laptop for  under US$ 600 with over US$ 100 worth of extra gaming software at Walmart.

HyperDrive USB Type-C Hub for MacBooks (US$ 69.99)

This would make a perfect gift for that person you know who lives the #donglelife. Check out the deal at Best Buy.

Sony PS4 1TB Slim Spider‑Man Bundle (US$ 199) and Xbox One S 1TB Minecraft Creators Bundle (US$ 299)

The best console deals come out this time of year, and next week, both the Spider-Man PlayStation 4 bundle and the Minecraft Creators Xbox One S bundle will be up for grabs!

Nintendo Switch Super Mario Kart Deluxe Bundle (US$ 299)

Another console being featured this Black Friday is the Nintendo Switch. Why not get the Switch with an amazing party game for your holiday gatherings? You can check the deal out at Best Buy or Walmart.

Pac-Man or Galaga Retro Arcade Machine (US$ 249)

For retro gamers or those who want to reminisce about the arcade days, this would definitely be a great item to pick up. Check it out at Walmart.

Amazon Echo Dot (Gen 3) (US$ 25) and Google Home Mini (US$ 25)

Get in the smart home/speaker game with the Amazon Echo Dot at half the price! You can also go with the Google Home Mini, if Alexa’s not your jam.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 (128GB) with keyboard (US$ 599)

Why not get a powerful and portable device? The Surface Pro 6 will be US$ 360 cheaper on Friday, and it might be a good time to pick it up. The deal will be available at Best Buy.

65-inch 4K Smart Roku TV (US$ 398) and 40-inch Hisense 1080p TV (US$ 99)

This Walmart deal is probably one of the best TV deals we’ve ever seen. But if 65 inches is too big or you have a more limited budget, there’s also a 40-inch option that’s an incredible deal, as well.

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones (US$ 99)

It might be a great chance to pick up a pair of wireless buds from one of the best audio companies out there for under US$ 100. If that’s still a bit too steep though, the Skullcandy Method Wireless Earbuds will also be available at Best Buy for US$ 25, and they’re good quality too.

Anki’s Cozmo (US$ 139.99) and Vector (US$ 199.99) Robots

Anki has been making their rounds on the internet with these two adorable little robots. They would make for a great gift for children and adults alike, and will be marked down at Best Buy this Thanksgiving weekend.

There you have it! Just a few sneaky bits we found ahead of all the ads. We’re sure there’ll be loads more amazing stuff to check out, but this is a good place to start. We hope you enjoy your holidays, and be careful if you’re planning to face the Black Friday mobs. Happy Thanksgiving!


realme offers huge discounts at Lazada’s midyear sale

Up to 41% off on select products



Looking forward to buying realme’s newest devices? You might want to check out their Lazada store on July 15. realme is participating in Lazada’s midyear sale, where buyers can snag their favorite devices with 41% off their retail prices.

Students and work-at-home professionals can buy realme devices at their lowest price from 12am – 2am. Various smartphones are on discount during that period. Some of the smartphones to watch out for include the newly-launched realme 6 and X3 SuperZoom. Completing the smartphone discounts are a bunch of accessories on offer too.


  • realme 5 (4 + 128GB) — from PhP 9,990 to PhP 7,990
  • realme XT (8 + 128GB) — from PhP 16,990 to PhP 13,210
  • realme C2 (2 + 32GB) — from PhP 4,990 to PhP 4,590
  • realme C3 (3 + 32GB) — from PhP 5,990 to PhP 5,490
  • realme 5i (3 + 64GB) — from PhP 6,990 to PhP 6,590
  • realme 6i
    • (3 + 64GB) — from PhP 7,990 to PhP 7,390
    • (4 + 128GB) — from PhP 9,990 PhP 9,390
  • realme 6
    • (4 + 128GB) — from PhP 11,990 to PhP 11,490
    • (8 + 128GB) — from PhP 13,990 to PhP 13,490
  • realme 6 Pro (8 + 128GB) — from PhP 16,990 to PhP 16,590
  • realme X3 SuperZoom (12 + 256GB) — from PhP 24,990 to PhP 24,790


  • realme Buds 2 — from PhP 690 PhP 590
  • realme Buds Air — from PhP 3,990 to PhP 2,790
  • realme Band — from PhP 1,390 to PhP 990
  • realme Buds Air Neo — from PhP 1,990 to PhP 1,590
  • realme Powerbank — from PhP 1,690 to PhP 990
  • realme Powerbank 2 — from PhP 1,190 to PhP 990
  • realme Adventure Backpack — from PhP 1,490 to PhP 1,190

Whole-day sale

Those who might miss out on the brand’s mega offer sale may still avail of discounts the rest day sale happening on July 15. realme is offering up to 10% discounts on select smartphones and accessories. Plus, it is also discounting the newly-launched realme Watch for PhP 1,000.


  • realme C2 (2 + 32GB) — from PhP 4,990 to PhP 4,790
  • realme C3 (3 + 32GB) — from PhP 5,990 to PhP 5,690
  • realme 5i
    • (3 + 32GB) — from PhP 6,490 to PhP 6,290
    • (3 + 64GB) — from PhP 6,990 to PhP 6,790
  • realme 6i
    • (3 + 64GB) — from PhP 7,990 to PhP 7,690
    • (4 + 128GB) — from PhP 9,990 to PhP 9,690
  • realme 6
    • (4 + 128GB) — from PhP 11,990 to PhP 11,790
    • (8 + 128GB) — from PhP 13,990 to PhP 13,790
  • realme 6 Pro (8 + 128GB) — from PhP 16,990 to PhP 16,790


  • realme Buds 2 — from PhP 690 PhP 620
  • realme Buds Air — from PhP 3,990 to PhP 3,590
  • realme Band — from PhP 1,390 to PhP 1,250
  • realme Buds Air Neo — from PhP 1,990 to PhP 1,790
  • realme Powerbank 2 — from PhP 1,690 to PhP 1,520
  • realme Powerbank — from PhP 1,190 to PhP 1,070
  • realme Adventure Backpack — from PhP 1,490 to PhP 1,340
  • realme Watch – -from PhP 3,990 to PhP 2,990

Buyers may snag these great devices and accessories by heading to realme’s Lazada page. For more updates, visit their Facebook and Twitter, and Instagram page.

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XTREME TVs, appliances discounted for Lazada’s 7.15 sale

Great appliances with up to 50% discount



Lazada’s 7.15 sale is almost here. Many tech brands are participating in the sale, with many devices on discounts. One of the brands participating is XTREME. Buyers can get discounts of up to 50% on appliances this July 15.

Select appliances will receive temporary price reductions as part of the sale. Buyers may get discounted XTREME TVs, blenders, microwaves, and more at their Lazada online store.

XTREME TVs on discounts include their 40-inch and 32-inch TV models. These TVs cover all the basics with slim bezels, bundled remote controls, HDMI, VGA, and USB ports for convenience. The discounts are as follows:

  • 40-inch — from PhP 10,495 to PhP 9,995
  • 32-inch — from PhP 11,995 to PhP 5,975

These TV models are discounted only from 12am – 2am, 12nn – 2pm and 6pm – 8PM.

Various kitchen appliances are also on discount. These include blenders, electric kettles, multi-cookers, and induction cookers ready to serve your cooking needs. From 12am – 2am and 12nn to 2pm on July 15, these appliances will also participate in a brand mega offer sale.


  • 1.5L plastic jar blender (SRP: PhP 1,695)
    • PhP 1,595 (brand mega offer sale)
    • PhP 1,650 (whole day 7.15 sale)
  • 1.25L plastic jar blender (SRP: PhP 1,495)
    • PhP 1,395 (brand mega offer sale)
    • PhP 1,450 (whole day 7.15 sale)
  • 600ML personal blender (SRP: PhP 1,295)
    • PhP 1,195 (brand mega offer sale)
    • PhP 1,250 (whole day 7.15 sale)

Electric kettles

  • Stainless electric kettle (SRP: PhP 1,495)
    • PhP 1,395 (brand mega offer sale)
    • PhP 1,450 (whole day 7.15 sale)
  • Glass electric kettle (SRP: PhP 995)
    • PhP 895 (brand mega offer sale)
    • PhP 950 (whole day 7.15 dale)


  • 1L digital multi-cooker (SRP: PhP 2,495)
    • PhP 2,395 (brand mega offer sale)
    • PhP 2,420 (whole day 7.15 sale)
  • 1.8L digital multi-cooker (SRP: PhP 2,995)
    • PhP 2,895 (brand mega offer sale)
    • PhP 2,935 (whole day 7.15 sale)
  • 1.8L jar-type multi-cooker (SRP: PhP 1,995)
    • PhP 1,895 (brand mega offer sale)
    • PhP 1,950 (whole day 7.15 sale)

Induction cooker

  • Induction cooker (SRP: PhP 1,995)
    • PhP 1,895 (brand mega offer sale)
    • PhP 1,950 (whole day 7.15 sale)


  • Digital microwave oven — from PhP 3,995 to PhP 3,295 (whole day sale)

Bundle promos and free shipping

XTREME is also throwing a bundle promo on Lazada. Buyers can snag an automatic washing machine and get a microwave oven for free. To avail of the bundle, they should either buy a front-load condensing dryer or front-load washer both priced at PhP 24,995. Buying anyone of these will entitle them to a free XTREME manual control microwave.

Plus, some XTREME appliances are also eligible for free shipping. For a limited time, select LED TVs, washer, condensing dryer, and other appliances can be shipped for free with no minimum spending.

To see the full list of discounted products and products eligible for free shipping, visit XTREME’s website or Lazada page.

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Apple bundles free AirPods with every Mac, iPad purchase

Or get a US$ 159 credit for an AirPods Pro



Every year, Apple launches its back-to-school promos where students and educators can snag devices with great discounts or freebies. This year, every purchase of a Mac, Macbook, or an iPad will come with free AirPods.

Students on the lookout for discounted Apple devices should check out Apple’s education store right away. The company is giving away free AirPods with every purchase of eligible Mac and iPad models this July. The giveaway is available for eligible students and educators, and they can shop for discounted Macs and iPads on top of the giveaway.

Eligible Mac models include the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, and iMac Pro. Meanwhile, the only eligible iPad models are iPad Pro and iPad Air. Apple is bundling AirPods 2 with a wired charging case for every purchase of eligible models. However, those opting for a wireless charging case or an AirPods Pro can opt for a US$ 159 credit. As such, the AirPods Pro is only US$ 90 with this promo.

Apple’s offer is available for students and educators worldwide. Right now, it is live in the US, Mexico the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, and UAE. Students can also check their respective country pages for the offer and local prices.

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