Captain Tsubasa: Rise of Champions review

A fun anime game that feels more like versus fighting than football



Captain Tsubasa Rise of Champions encapsulates the concept of fun and dumb!

When I first opened up Captain Tsubasa: Rise of Champions I’ve been jaded with the same old football games that come out year after year. I have been playing other football games every year since 2010, I remember enjoying every novel idea those games had to offer. However, as the years went by I grew tired of a lack of proper game innovations that didn’t involve the word “lootbox”. In comes Captain Tsubasa.

Become a superstar

Although Captain Tsubasa: Rise of Champions is a soccer/football game, it’s core mechanics are anything but. The game feels more like an anime fighting game, in the same vein as jump force. There are combos, special moves, power meters to enjoy.

Every action feels involved, we are told to wittle down the opposing goalkeeper’s “spirit” by peppering him with shots, until his spirit is broken and he allows a goal. Other ways to secure a goal exist, such as the titular Captain’s “Drive Shot” —  a super kick from the half way mark, that when shot with a full super meter, will always secure a goal.

Attacking is incredibly fun, but, defending is another matter. Defending feels like you’re playing a henchman about to get beat by a superhero. When you try to steal a ball, it makes sense to aim for a ball, right? Wrong, you have to run towards the opposing player and to knock them back.

This lack of intuition is shared even with the AI, as the game will automatically switch your defending character without warning and with no sense, allowing your opponent to score an easy goal.

Experience the anime

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of Champions follows three major arcs of the 2018 Captain Tsubasa anime to a tee. I mean, they really follow those arcs.

In this game is a 30 hour story, complete with gameplay, romance, drama and everything a person might love from the anime and more.  This game has a rich story with characters you can root for. Instead of giving us a generic main character with a generic story, like some “journeys” out there, Captain Tsubasa gives us a whole roster of iconic characters to engage with.

Just when you might feel like you could just watch the anime to experience the story, the game also gives you the opportunity to affect the story, as Rise of Champions, gives you your own created character to rise through the ranks.

The game lets you increase his stats through training, playing well and forming bonds with both teammates and enemies alike, letting you choose how you play your own superpowered football star.

The issues with the game also start and end with the anime. The story is as cliché as it can get, and it doesn’t really you give you anything other than try your best and achieve your dreams. Don’t expect shakespeare coming into this story.

Test your skills around the world

Once you finish the story you can either play through the story again to make more football stars, or you can jump online. Online gameplay lets you use any of the teams you’ve encountered in Story Mode, and you can use them in any way you want. You can tweak formations, tactic. I used my team to mimic my favorite team Liverpool football club and it works wonders.

Then, when you really want to test everything the game has to offer, you can create your own custom team featuring the players you’ve made and completed the game with. You can take this team to online tournaments and battle it out to see who’s the next world champion superstar.

A beautiful rendition

The art style of game is incredible, and although Yoichi Takahashi’s art style may seem dated to modern anime fans, the game beautifully renders it with such stunning detail and dynamic particle effects you’ll feel like every kick feels like breath style from Demon Slayer or a Kamehameha from Dragon Ball.

The sound design is also well done, featuring soaring orchestral music to match the highs one can feel when achieving victory.

Does Captain Tsubasa: Rise of Champions soar?

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of Champions is one of the better anime games I’ve played in a while. It’s not to the level of Persona 5 but it definitely stands head and shoulders above its peers. As a football game I’d say it’s so different from the standard affair to even compare.

In the end if you like anime, and anime games you owe it to yourself to give it a go, this game is fun and ridiculous. If you’re a football fan looking for an alternate to PES and FIFA, I’d say give this game a hard pass.

This game was reviewed on a PlayStation 4 by David Martin. He is an avid anime and video game fan who loves to work hard and play harder.


Elden Ring ousts Call of Duty for best-selling game

On pace to take the year



Is it any surprise that the Call of Duty series is still a juggernaut today? Though not a barrier-breaking franchise, the first-person shooter series remains one of the most popular titles for gamers. However, once in a blue moon, a new title breaks through the ranks and unseats the gaming giant. Elden Ring, one of those rare titles, has done just that by snatching the top spot from Call of Duty.

Elden Ring’s popularity is undeniable. Initially starting as a must-have for Dark Souls aficionados, the FromSoftware title rapidly skyrocketed in popularity after its rage-inducing difficulty drummed up even more hype. The game is now the studio’s most popular title, eclipsing the cult following of Dark Souls.

Dark Souls isn’t the only thing it eclipsed, though. NPD’s Mat Piscatella recently tweeted that Elden Ring is now the top best-selling game in the past 12 months, beating Call of Duty: Vanguard. For reference, Vanguard was released in November 2021. Elden Ring, on the other hand, was released months later in February 2022. Despite having a significant head start, Vanguard lost, performing lower than expected.

Very technically, a game overtaking Call of Duty isn’t unheard of. Various games often take the spot from the franchise but only for a month. Call of Duty still grabs the top spot for the year overall. As for the yearly rankings, the shooter series has not lost a year since 2013, thanks to then-debuting Grand Theft Auto V.

Though the year isn’t done, Elden Ring certainly has the pace to beat the franchise, especially if a DLC is coming later this year. It’s already the 12-month leader after less than three months since release.

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Lightweight king: Razer unveils Viper V2 Pro

20 percent lighter than the Viper Ultimate



Viper V2 Pro

One of the world’s lightest gaming mice is now available in the Philippines. Razer has announced the release of the ultra-lightweight and wireless gaming mouse Viper V2 Pro.

The Razer V2 Pro sells for Php 8,990 via Razer’s official website, official Shopee and Lazada stores, and through its authorized sellers.

The package box will include additional grip tapes pre-cut to the mouse’s shape, a Razer Speedflex charging cable and 2.4GHz HyperSpeed USB dongle extender.

Peak performance at your fingertips

The Viper V2 Pro is 20 percent lighter than the Viper Ultimate, and comes with cutting-edge tech features, such as:

  • Razer Optical Mouse Switches Gen-3
  • better battery life
  • all-new Focus Pro 30K Optical Sensor

Determined to make the Viper V2 Pro the new standard for gaming mice, Razer designed it hand-in-hand with feedback from esports pros.

This includes 2022 VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) Grand Finals MVP Jimmy “Marved” Nguyen of OpTic Gaming.

For the pro

Viper V2 Pro

Razer’s new Focus Pro 30K Optical Sensor helps achieve a complete resolution accuracy of 99.8 percent.

The powerful new sensor is equipped with AI functionality such as Smart Tracking, Motion Sync and Asymmetric Cut-off for the ultimate performance at the highest levels of play.

The Viper V2 Pro also features the new Razer Optical Mouse Switches Gen-3 for absolutely zero double-clicking issues and no debounce delay.

These new switches are rated for a click lifecycle of up to 90 million clicks, an increase of 25 percent from the previous generation’s lifespan.

Other aspects that will benefit gamers include support for USB-C charging and DPI control button on the bottom of the mouse.

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This controller turns mobile gaming to a PC, console experience

Pair and play easily via GeForce NOW




SteelSeries has partnered with Starhub to deliver the full PC and console experience to mobile gamers by releasing the Stratus+ wireless controller.

Stratus+ gives instant access to top gaming titles on nearly any device through the cloud and is coupled by GeForce NOW.

The wireless controller upgrades mobile gamers’ control system from a standard mobile touchscreen to highly-precise buttons and joysticks, as if playing with a PC or console.

Key features


The Stratus+ wireless controller makes mobile gaming fluid as users can easily pair and play all supported PC and Console games via GeForce NOW.

It can be connected to any Android or Chromebook device with Bluetooth LE, or to any windows PC with USB.

The controller comes with a built-in lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 90 hours. It also has fast-charging to supply 12 hours of gameplay on a 15-minute charge.

Other key features include:

  • A unique detachable slim phone mount to fit any phone easily
  • ALPS Analog Thumbtacks and clickable L3/R3 buttons for maximum control and precision
  • New Hall Effect magnetic sensors for button sensitivity and smoothness

Pricing and availability


The Stratus+ wireless controller will sell for SG$ 119 and is also available at:

What’s even better is that customers who will purchase the Stratus+ from StarHub starting from May 9, 2022 will get a one-month free GeForce NOW subscription worth SG$19.99.

New and existing GeForce NOW subscribers can also enjoy discounts of up to 10 percent on selected SteelSeries products when making a purchase through StarHub’s GameHub+ platform for gamers.

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