Crash Bandicoot 4 adds customization, new play style and characters

New game, new mechanics, same old wacky bandicoot



PlayStation’s most recent State of Play revealed a ton of new and exciting titles for the PlayStation 4. Even with the PlayStation 5 in the horizon, Sony still focused on its efforts towards the current generation in expanding its game base. One of such new games on the list is the much anticipated Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time. It’s the orange marsupial’s all new adventure by Toys for Bob, and now brings more new features with it.

New game mode

The all-new Crash platforming game actually improves on the core mechanic of the remastered Crash Bandicoot: The N. Sane Trilogy. This time around, the developers are introducing a new way to play the platformer that resembles another successful Crash remaster.

After working with Beenox, Toys for Bob brought in the mirror mode aspect currently used in Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled to a platformer. They’ve dubbed this as the N. Verted Mode, and is ideally designed to add another aspect of replayability to the levels. Also, for this mode you will earn Bumpa-berries instead of the age-old staple of Wumpa fruits.

Customization and new playable characters

Another feature they’ve brought in from Nitro-Fueled is the customization option and reward system for Crash and Coco. Similar to CTR, you can customize Crash and Coco’s look through a variety of skins acquired by completing challenges and collecting gems in-game.

Also, for PlayStation players, they will be the first to receive two additional sets of skins upon release and purchase. These can be claimed once players clear the second level of the game and access the Dimensional Map.

Finally, for the new Crash platformer, it won’t just be Crash and Coco joining the fray. Earlier on, gameplay videos revealed that you can play as Dr. Neo Cortex in select levels — an ode to Crash Twinsanity. In addition to him, you can now also play as Dingodile who was a main boss in Crash Bandicoot: Warped. After the events of Crash Bandicoot 3, Dingodile retired from villainhood and decides to open a diner before it’s completely turned into rubble. or Crash Bandicoot 4, you will play full levels and even alternate timelines for the half dingo, half crocodile.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time will arrive on October 2, 2020 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Pre-orders are still currently live for a retail price of US$ 59.99.


BLACKPINK on PUBG in-game event will let you cheer for the members!

It’s happening from Sept 24 to Oct 8



So both the official social media accounts of BLACKPINK and PUBG Mobile shared this:

A report on Sports.V.Daum details that starting September 24, “How You Like That” by BLACKPINK will play on PUBG’s lobby music. It will then be replaced by the title track that will be released in October as the popular K-Pop girl group releases their first full album.

PUBG and BLACKPINK will also release a video and an in-game event to mark the collaboration. In addition, starting September 24 at 3PM (KST) to October 8, players will be able to watch BLACKPINK videos on the in-game event page. Whether your bias is Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, or Rosé, you’ll be able to cheer for and send My Room gifts to them.

Missions during the in-game event will earn you cheer points. There are six level rewards on cheering missions. Rewards include Bi-ping-bong — BLACKPINK’s official lightstick. Many more items and gifts will be able during the duration of the event.

Dowload PUBG now and don’t forget to stream “Ice Cream” for clear skin.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on September 17, 2020 but has been updated since to reflect new information.

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Metal Gear Solid Remake possibly coming to the PS5 and PC

If confirmed, this is already on top of the next-gen console’s insane lineup of games



Metal Gear Solid

A Metal Gear Solid Remake might be upon us! According to several sources, it’s possible that we will be getting a full remake of the PlayStation classic for both the PS5 and PC.

YouTube creator RedGamingTech touched on this in his recent video, confirming from his numerous sources. Essentially, it suggests that the remake will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive with an available PC version.

The same YouTube creator also mentions that Metal Gear Solid 2, 3, and 4 are reportedly getting PC ports — or remasters. Whether or not all of these are true remains to be seen. But, if it is true, this will definitely bolster the amount of titles that will be available to the PS5, whether that’s upon launch or within the first year of its release.

Metal Gear Solid was first released in September 1998 for the PlayStation and PC. It’s a stealth game that follows Solid Snake — a soldier tasked to neutralize the terror threat FOXHOUND. The game was well-received by fans and critics. It sold over six million copies.

Within weeks since the price and release date reveal, people went crazy over Sony’s PlayStation 5. Apart from this, several game developers announced that they already have titles ready for the next-gen console.

Are you excited for this possible remake? What PS5 game are you most looking forward to?

PS5 official pricing
Sony unveils more games coming to PS5

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Globe, AcadArena launch Esports merit scholarship

Who knew playing video games has its benefits to your education?




By this time, some students are already having online classes as a result of the pandemic. Even so, the younger generation still finds time to play video games to their hearts content. For others, while school hasn’t started yet, they use this time to hone their skills in otherwise competitive titles. Now, Globe and AcadArena have something very special planned that will provide more opportunities to college students.

As part of their student organization support system Alliance, Esports AcadArena is launching its first Esports merit scholarship. In partnership with Globe, this scholarship hopes to provide financial assistance through active participation in Esports activities. Essentially, student organizations from member universities may avail of this scholarship for select students.

The scholarships offers three types of merit depending on the student’s activities within their organization. There is the Family Good Game Grant which offers financial assistance to the student’s family provided he qualifies in AcadArena’s tournaments. Also, there are Competitve and Leadership Merits granted onto individuals with good chararcter and performance.

To know more about the Alliance Program or if your organization is interested in applying, visit AcadArena’s webiste.

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