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I tried to use a face mask for 5 straight days and this is what happened

Will this help my skin?



Imagine my surprise when I learned that there are women who do face masks as often as twice a day.

Yes, It’s true, and I’d normally dismiss this practice except this was top Korean skincare advice, and having quickly fallen in love with the Korean skincare ways, I was quick to give it a try. But, ain’t nobody got time for two daily face masks as that’s easily 30 minutes of the day without all the prep and cleanup that comes with it.

So, I planned to do one. And of course, since we live in the time of technology (and I still didn’t have an extra 15 minutes every day to do the actual face masks), I used the Foreo UFO to help me with this experiment — I’ll explain this later.

Time frame

What better time to try this out than the holiday season! I was basically running on little sleep (holiday deadlines and all) and a lot of stress. I was at the cusp of a breakout and tiny pimples had popped out on my forehead and chin. My face definitely needed the R&R.

I planned to do this for five straight days (a proper work week!) throughout the actual Christmas holidays because bad eating and staying up late is a sure eventuality at this time of year.

Also, I wanted my face to look fresh for the family photos. Duh.


Attempt one face mask a day integrated into my routine, wherever it would fit.

Learning the basics of skincare

For those clueless about #skincare, here's a routine you can try ✨

Posted by Her GadgetMatch on Sunday, December 23, 2018

And yes, I know that five days is such a tiny time frame to be able to see significant changes, but we’re doing this nonetheless because if it makes even a tiny difference, imagine what it could do long term.


We’re doing this the high-tech way. As mentioned, instead of boring, traditional face masks, I busted out the Foreo UFO which is an interesting little device that allows for the same face mask goodness in only a minute and a half.

Instead of a full face mask, you have these tiny masks circles that attach to the UFO

Yes, those mask circles are basically face masks in different sizes, also submerged in some face serum goodness.

Attach mask to the device like so

It also has a Foreo app and many different face mask options

The app will prescribe different treatments depending on the mask you use

This tiny puck vibrates (what people in the beauty world would call T-sonic pulsations), heats up (thermotherapy), or cools down (cryotherapy) for optimum mask absorption.

Additionally, the UFO adds LED light treatment that can help with acne, inflammation, or even collagen production — apparently, LED facials are a thing with celebs like Jessica Alba, and even the Kardashians are swearing by it.

Day 1

The whole thing seemed simple enough. Because these masks need not be on my face for 15 minutes (which is forever in precious before-bed minutes), it was an easy addition to my evening routine.

As with any device though, I needed a little time to get used to the Foreo UFO. First off, I didn’t realize it would be so messy. Adding the mask patch on the puck and squeezing out the extra serum (of course, we cannot let it go to waste!) meant my hands got goopy and some may or may not have ended up on the floor.

After initial apprehensions brought about by mess-making, the UFO was pretty straightforward to use: Pair the puck with your phone, pick the mask treatment, scan the mask barcode, and the app pretty much walks you through whatever it’s doing.

Immediately after a UFO session

The first mask I used is called the Matte Maniac which is designed for cleansing skin. I felt fully pampered before I went to bed that night as I wished the pimples forming on my forehead and chin away.

Day 2

Still at it and on this evening, I did Foreo’s Youth Junkie mask. If it wasn’t already obvious, Foreo has a whole line of masks for different skin issues. (I talk about these masks in a different article).

I’m feeling confident about the new addition to my routine now. Super easy! I could do this every time.

Day 3

I could feel my skin calming down, but this might also be a psychological reaction to knowing I’m spending more time pampering my face. Either way, it seems like the impending breakout was averted: My forehead and chin looked so much better compared to when I began the challenge.

I used the H20verdose mask because hydration is key, people!

Day 4

As with any challenge, there would always be a time when your resolve is tested.  This would be that time.

It was Christmas Eve and my poor scheduling skills ended with less than ideal time to get ready for a big family celebration dinner. I wanted to do a mask before said dinner so that I’d look great in photos (yes, it was happening on this day). Obviously, I was rushing and pissed that I had one extra step to do.

I attempted to do it, and failed miserably: My Foreo UFO had low battery, which was my fault — I did play with it a whole lot after I took photos for this feature and forgot to turn it off — so I had to charge. I plugged in the UFO and there it had to stay for at least an hour. I didn’t get to finish the minute and a half that was supposedly a whole cycle as I had to go to dinner; merrymaking was to be had mask or no mask treatment.

I was also pretty sad because I used the Shimmer Freak mask which was my favorite and it seemingly went to waste. This would never have happened with a normal mask. 😅

Day 5

Because I didn’t want to waste face mask sheets, I actually saved the one from the day before to use again (Ha!). I quickly learned that wasn’t possible as the mask dried up overnight. ☹️

On to the next mask, then! I used the pearl-infused Glow Addict mask. At this point, I was getting more and more tired — it was a late night for me — and more and more annoyed: Why do I even need to scan the mask barcode (which you have to do every time) when I can just choose the mask I’m using on the app? Why does it take 90 whole seconds and not faster? Why does the mask keep detaching? (I found out that the mask can sometimes detach from the UFO when you’re rushing and being careless.)

I have no photo because I was up late decking the halls with boughs of holly and even just getting the mask done took so much effort and willpower from me. I was so sleepy I couldn’t even. 🙄

Instead, enjoy this GIF of me, shot at another time, with the UFO:

Day 6

I know I said I’d do five days but despite the ups and downs of the last few days, my face actually felt nice so I decided to continue on.

No makeup!

It may not be as obvious in the photos but I had softer, more hydrated skin and no new pimples had popped up. I was rocking the no-foundation look by this time. What you see in this last photo is actual amusement at the end result.

My takeaway

I honestly don’t think I could’ve realistically done one face mask a day. Even with the gift that is the Foreo UFO, there were days when I just doubted why I was even attempting this (see Day 4 and 5). Then again, this extra hassle is the price I pay for better skin in 1.5 minutes, as opposed to 15.

Skincare takes so much effort, something I already knew. Adding one little thing to your routine can do a lot and although I cannot definitively say that it will improve your skin, I was happy with the results even after just a week. I felt fresher, skin looked less gray and dull, and I felt like the masks contributed to stopping my breakout in its tracks — if not via all the good ingredients it introduced to my face, via the calm minute or so the UFO sessions turned out to be. Honestly, I don’t think that vibrating puck would be as relaxing as it ended up being.

While I don’t think I’ll be keeping the one face mask a day rule, I’ll definitely keep on using the Foreo UFO — just not every day, to preserve my sanity and improving skin.


YouTube Original Series to feature TWICE

First K-Pop girl group to be featured



Image from JYPNation at Naver

K-Pop continues to be more popular than ever and it’s now making its way to YouTube Originals. TWICE, who constantly tops Korean charts, will be featured in a YouTube Original Series. They are the first K-Pop girl group to star in the award-winning series.

The series will feature the North American leg of their 2019 World Tour called TWICELIGHTS. This might prove to be an emotionally charged content from the group as one of the members — Mina — took a leave in the middle of the tour due to anxiety.

According to Billboard, the series is “unlike anything released by TWICE before. The series will showcase exclusives, in-depth interviews, as well as an “intimate and personal portrayal of all of TWICE’s members.” It will also dabble into the group’s four-year journey so far. The series will launch in the first half of 2020.

TWICE debuted in 2015 with nine members namely Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu. The group first hit their stride following their first comeback Cheer Up. The group has consistently released hit songs since and have been tapped as endorsers by multiple brands including tech-related ones like LG.

YouTube Originals and YouTube Premium

YouTube Originals had previously worked with K-Pop boy groups, most notably the one with BTS called BTS: Burn The Stage. It features various shows produced by YouTube itself. The show series was launched alongside YouTube Premium — a subscription based entertainment platform akin to Netflix, Hulu, et al.

YouTube Originals are currently only available to YouTube Premium subscribers but the content will soon be accessible for free but with ads starting September 24.

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Sights and sounds of summer in the Upper East Side

Capturing New York City on film



“You need to come back, New York is different in the summer,” a friend urged one absurdly cold day back in May. “It has a different energy to it; it’s more alive,” another friend noted with excitement about the magical effects of the impending warm weather on the city.

Living in a tropical country my whole life and enduring constant humidity year per year, I never really understood the hype. What could be so special about spending yet another summer in another city, I thought.  On the contrary, it’s lower temperatures that always excited me. The thought of layering with soft wool sweaters and thick coats, and wearing thigh-high boots on vacation was ideal. It was something I never get to do on the daily, so I longed for it — until I was forced to live out of a suitcase from winter to spring, that is.

Having gone through the chore of exactly that — wearing wool sweaters, thick coats, and boots just to get eggs at the nearest bodega or go for a coffee run next door — made me appreciate being able to wear just about anything I want in the summer including the potential sweating that goes along with it. After months of freezing weather, summer just feels so liberating that you’ll appreciate the heat even if it means smeared eyeliners and a face so oily you could fry two eggs on it.

That je ne sais quoi of summer in the city is not something anyone can describe with mere words or capture on Instagram without losing its essence. This article certainly doesn’t, but here are some vignettes I caught on film, complete with audio recordings, using the Instax Mini LiPlay, one Sunday morning stroll along Upper East Side.

One large cold brew to go

Like any other day, I start with a nice cup of cold brew. Cafes like Bluestone Lane usually gets packed for brunch. It’s especially nice when the sun is out that friends and families eat al fresco. Listen to the audio recording here.

Hotdogs and city performers

Hotdog stands can be found at every corner of the city. This one is outside the Guggenheim Museum, which tourists flock and buskers frequent. Listen to the audio recording here.

Honking yellow cabs

The sound of the train arriving or cabs honking is normally unbearable, but in New York it’s part of what makes the city full of character. Listen to the audio recording here. 

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir

This spot in Central Park is beautiful whether you’re there to see snow falling or flowers blooming; hear trees rustling or dried leaves crackling. Listen to the audio recording here.

Pick a spot at Central Park

Central Park is so big of an oasis that you can have your quiet little spot for reading and alone time, or watch kids and dogs play if you wanted to. Listen to the audio recording here.

Sun’s out, bikes out

Whether it’s for cardio, getting from one place to another, or just for leisure, everyone seems to be on their bikes during summer. Other locals take advantage of this and sell ice cold water for $2 in the middle of the park for anyone who needs to cool down. Listen to the audio recording here.

Grab something quick and cheap

For those who might want a quick bite after a long walk or bike ride, there are food trucks everywhere. Tacos? Check. Gyros? Check. Ice cream? Check. Listen to the audio recording here.

The Met

It can get too crowded for my taste, but The Met is quickly becoming my favorite place in the city. It’s where I can run to for shelter when it’s below freezing outside, or when temperatures get higher, walk around the vicinity for no reason or people watch on the steps. I can get trapped here for days and not feel like I’m wasting my time. Listen to the audio recording here.

Witnessing New York City transform from a dark, cold abyss in the winter, to a city with blossoming tress in spring, to the vibrant concrete jungle that it truly is in the summer, is special. If you live in this city, or travel here a lot, it’s something you will learn to cherish once you see and hear it for yourself.

WATCH: Winter in New York

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She implanted an RFID tag in her arm to operate a Tesla Model 3

A new way to never lose your keys again



A software engineer who goes by the name Amie DD on YouTube wanted to do an ultimate Tesla Model 3 hack — one that involves implanting an RFID tag in her own body so she could unlock and operate her vehicle with just a wave of her arm.

She released a short documentary on her thought process and how she began the project. According to her, she’s not new to playing with RFID tags and implanting them in her body. So when she got her new Model 3 and found out it uses RFID to unlock and start the vehicle, she immediately came up with the idea.

To make this possible, Amie DD reached out to a body modification place capable of performing such procedures. You may watch the implant process here but be warned that it’s a bit graphic and shows blood.

She didn’t actually show in her video that it actually works but she told The Verge that it does. Amie DD even tweeted Elon Musk jokingly (probably) that she could run Musk’s Body Hacking Division.

It may sound cool and all — and props to her for having the courage to do something like that — but as for me, I think I’m okay with using standard keys right now.


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