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Ride sharing app allowed people to book a Valentine



All the single ladies, put your hands up!

Valentines day is also known as “single awareness day” (aka S.A.D.)

The holiday of hearts brings out the best and worst in people, and for those without a valentine’s date, it’s usually the latter.

One ride sharing app took notice of the predicament this one particular day of the year. So, they decided they’d do something about it. From Feb 13 to 14, Grab Philippines offered an extra service to its users. Instead of just booking rides, users could book a #GrabBae.

One date, coming up!

I experienced this one-of-a-kind service firsthand when our Creative Director, Chay Lazaro, saw me slumping around in the office (I was never one to celebrate this awful day), and decided she was having none of me being a Valentine’s Grinch. She got on her phone and proceeded to book me a Bae.

A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door:

#GrabBae’s to my (Valentine’s) rescue!

Chocolate, flowers, and a Valentine’s serenade

My new Bae’s weren’t only pretty on the eyes, they were pretty on the ears, too! The Valentine’s starter pack was complete: flowers, chocolate, a serenade, throw in a pick-up line or two, and two lovely dates.

My small heart grew three sizes that day.

And I lived happily ever after

At least until the next Valentine’s Day.


How to hide from Instragram’s new Activity Status feature

It’s on by default!



Instagram silently rolled out a new feature of its app. If you don’t like your friends to know that you’re online (and also protect your privacy), you might want to take action. Why? Because it’s automatically turned on.

If you have the latest app, you probably noticed something new inside the Direct Messages section. This new feature dubbed “Activity Status” lets your Instagram buddies know if you’re online. If you happen to be scrolling through your timeline moments ago, the status will show that you’ve been available earlier.

This is switched on by default but the data is only shared with users that you follow and those you message privately. There’s no need to panic if you think a stalker will know that you’re online — unless you follow them, too.

How to turn it off?

You can easily switch it off inside the app. Just go to your profile page and tap the top-right icon for Options.

Next, scroll down until you see “Show Activity Status” and switch the toggle button beside.

That’s it! Now that it’s off on your end, your status will not show up to your buddies. Although, you won’t be able to see the status of other accounts as well.

Since the new feature was smoothly included in the recent updates from the Play Store or App Store, it’s not clear when Instagram introduced the function. Some might not have it yet, which could mean it’s still an experimental approach with a limited number of users.

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Pokémon Go will drop old iPhones that don’t support iOS 11

You must upgrade to play!



Bad news for Pokémon Go trainers out there with an old iPhone. If the “battery-gate” fiasco is not enough to make you upgrade, this announcement might force you if you want to keep on playing.

Niantic announced its plans to drop support for iOS devices that can’t be updated to iOS 11. Primarily, these are iPhones and even iPads released in or before 2013. They are the following:

  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5
  • iPad (4th generation)
  • iPad (3rd generation)
  • iPad mini (1st generation)
  • iPad 2

The anticipated update will take effect starting February 28, 2018. After that date, Trainers using Apple devices that can’t be updated to iOS 11 will no longer be able to log in, catch Pokémon, and use their PokéCoins or other items. They must switch to a supported device to continue playing.

Niantic stated that the change is a result of improvements to Pokémon Go which push the game ahead of the capabilities of old iPhones and iPads.

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6 free VPN apps for Android and iOS



If you’re connecting to a public Wi-Fi, it’s best to use a virtual private network or VPN to mask your IP address and avoid security risks. A VPN creates a secure, encrypted “tunnel” over the internet between your device and any website or app you are trying to access.


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