Honor MagicWatch 2 with smarter features now official

Updated look, more fitness features



The first iteration of this device just hit other markets recently but the Honor MagicWatch 2 is here and it’s ready to help you have a smart and active lifestyle.

It has a 1.39-inch AMOLED touch screen and its smart features are possible through the Kirin A1 chip. Honor claims the same chip helps regulate power allowing for up to 14 days of battery life.

The Honor MagicWatch 2’s design doesn’t depart too much from its predecessor. It still has that traditional watch look with two buttons on its right side. One is for accessing the pre-installed apps while the other takes you straight to the workouts.

Still about fitness and health

Speaking of workouts, this new smartwatch has 15 fitness modes. These include running, hiking, cycling and triathlons to indoor pool swimming, free training among others. Just like the first MagicWatch, it has professional fitness courses you can follow so you’re getting the most out of your workout sessions.

HyperFocal: 0

You also still get real-time heart rate monitoring — now called TruSeen and Huawei’s TruSleep feature but it’s been upgraded and can now precisely track and diagnose 6 common types of sleep disorders and provide over 200 corresponding suggestions tailored to your sleeping habit to improve your sleep quality. Other than that, there’s now the TruRelax which detects your stress levels and suggests breathing exercises to address it.

A smarter assistant

Unlike the first version, the Honor MagicWatch 2 now comes with a mic. This means you can take calls directly on the watch. But if that’s not your cup of tea, you can still accept the call from the watch but answer it with headphones. This is possible even if the phone is 150m from you.

Push notifications are still here and it’s up to you which apps’ notifications will show up on the watch. Other regular features like Timer, Alarm, and find my phone are also equipped. Watch faces and straps remain customizable.

Another new thing on the MagicWatch 2 though is its 4GB of internal storage. Half of which you can use to save up to 500 songs.

Pricing and availability

The Honor MagicWatch 2 42mm will start at EUR 179 (US$197), while the 46mm variant will start at EUR 189 (US$ 208) in the global market.

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Jack Dorsey steps down as Twitter CEO

Successors named



Twitter’s Jack Dorsey has been as much of a staple for the social media network as Mark Zuckerberg has for Facebook. However, as followers of Apple and Microsoft can attest to, long-standing figureheads of tech can change in an instant. Twitter is suddenly undergoing just that sort of shakeup. In a surprise announcement, Dorsey has announced that he is stepping down as Twitter CEO.

On-brand for his eccentric personality, Dorsey tweeted out the internal email detailing his resignation from his post. According to the email, Dorsey now feels that it is time to transition the company from a “founder-led” system to something potentially greater. He, along with other members of the board, has already appointed successors for his position.

First, now-former Twitter CTO Parag Agrawal will serve as the company’s CEO effective immediately. Agarwal was formerly an engineer with Twitter but has since led the company through several key decisions beside Dorsey.

Secondly, Bret Taylor, a member of Twitter’s board, will eventually serve as the new chairman. Dorsey will still serve the rest of this term until around May. Between now and the end of his term, Dorsey will help both new leaders transition into their new positions.

Though Dorsey’s announcement has a sense of intensity, this isn’t the first time that the Twitter founder exited his position. Back in 2008, he left his post for a time before returning to helm the company again in 2015. Only time will tell whether this current resignation will stick and what role he will transition into now. Regardless, it’s a new era for Twitter.

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Dimensity 9000 will reportedly cost double its predecessor

Same with Snapdragon, reportedly



The end of the year often means the latest generation of smartphone chipsets. Qualcomm and MediaTek, two of the world’s top chipset makers, launch the latest flagship series that will power the following year’s slate of smartphones. Qualcomm already teased a rebranding with their upcoming launch. Now, we have a few more details about MediaTek’s recently launched Dimensity 9000.

Recently, MediaTek launched its next flagship chipset series. The Dimensity 9000 promises impressive performance that can allegedly topple its predecessor’s performance, the Dimensity 1200. However, a promise like that can come with its drawbacks.

Via GizChina, the Dimensity 9000 will reportedly cost double of its predecessor. Though the report does not give actual specifics, it is likely that a more expensive price tag for the processor also comes with an increase in price for the flagship smartphones that it will come with. Next year’s smartphones might come a lot costlier because of the chipset.

If anything, the report also states that the upcoming Snapdragon flagship chipset will also have a higher price tag when it launches soon. As such, most flagships might indeed have higher price tags next year.

Both chipsets have not made their ways to an actual smartphone yet. However, the Snapdragon and Dimensity series do have the most ubiquitous brands for a chipset. If the report does come to pass, we might have to bid our wallets adieu next year.

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All MediaTek processors found with vulnerabilities

Thankfully patched now



Technology is imperfect. Though the tech world has a plethora of revolutionary features, it also has a handful of vulnerabilities that malicious parties can exploit with gusto. And, as long as that world keeps advancing, weaknesses will always be found. In a new report, a whopping 37 percent of all smartphones was found with a critical vulnerability.

Reported by Check Point Research, MediaTek’s processors apparently have a vulnerability embedded into their AI and audio components. Currently, MediaTek is one of the most popular processor brands in the world. The company’s lineup, including the Dimensity series, is found in around 37 percent of smartphones and devices around the world.

In their report, Check Point Research tried to reverse-engineer the processor’s audio components. Because of its architecture, a hacker can create a custom message that can access the feature remotely. As such, victimized devices can eavesdrop on their users without them knowing.

By the time that Check Point Research published the report, MediaTek already patched the vulnerability out from its current lineup. It was fixed in October and will be officially reported in the company’s December newsletter.

Of course, it all depends on whether users will keep their devices updated with the latest software releases. If you want to prevent your phones from getting victimized, always keep them updated with security updates pushed by your respective brand.

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