How Sony’s newest TV made me remember what matters most

And how to stay connected again



We live in an age wherein people watch movies on the go. Smartphones, laptops, tablets — these are great avenues for entertainment while in transit. We’re always rushing, always heading somewhere while fixated to our devices. When we hang out with people, we’re stuck to our gadgets taking photos for the ‘gram, showing off to social media that we’re having fun. Yes, I’m guilty of that.

These were my thoughts heading into Sony’s BRAVIA launch for Southeast Asia. I was thinking how a TV could change the way we hang out with people. Will we always choose to go outside and tell our stories over Instagram, or will we consider spending more time at home watching TV with the people we love?

It was in Singapore where Sony unveiled the latest lineup of its BRAVIA collection. Among all the new models, my eyes were glued to the event’s headliner, the A9G 4K HDR OLED TV. It looks slim and sexy (like yours truly), and it exudes a premium vibe.

I could imagine it hanging on my wall, beautifully blending in just like a picture frame. Being the creative person I am, I visualized how to redecorate my living room to accommodate this humongous, gorgeous TV without sacrificing aesthetics.

I walked past the people interested in the other TVs, and went to a room featuring the A9G OLED’s X-Wide Angle. It’s a super-wide viewing angle feature that allows you to see the content with clarity, eliminating the need to always be in front of the TV to see what’s playing.

I told myself, this TV is perfect for when my friends and family come over. We could watch sports and eat popcorn without clumping together… and then it hit me.

The A9G OLED made me remember the people who matter most. I realized that I haven’t sat down with my friends and family, watched something for hours, and had fun in a long time. Now that we have different schedules and priorities, even catching up at a coffee shop or watching at a movie theater seems so difficult.

It got me thinking: Maybe we don’t need to drive and get stuck in traffic jams and face long queues to watch the latest movie everyone is talking about. We can wait for it to be available online and stream it on a high-quality television.

Because BRAVIA offers a Netflix Calibrated Mode, I think it would be more fun to watch in the comforts of our own home. The TV is even IMAX-enhanced so we enjoy a masterpiece the way it’s meant to look on a living room TV.

Soon after marveling at the TV, I walked inside a closed room where a few people gathered. The room featured Sony’s Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology and TV Center speaker mode. It’s amazing how the sound is so immersive; I honestly thought I was inside the movie. To better explain, here’s what I saw and heard:

The experience inside the booth made me miss my friends and family. I’ve never had the quality time I’ve always wanted because technology started consuming us and the way we hang out. It’s time to use technology to bring us back together so we can be connected again. Maybe, I’ll get my own TV, particularly this A9G OLED I’m eyeing once it’s available in stores.


UNIQLO will let you shop from home through its upcoming online store

Shop your favorite LifeWear pieces!



Photo by MJ Jucutan | GadgetMatch

UNIQLO lovers, rejoice!

Our favorite and well-loved Japanese clothing brand is launching its e-commerce platform in the Philippines.

The online store will be available on UNIQLO’s website and mobile application, bringing the brand closer to its loyal customers. People will find a convenient way of purchasing their favorite LifeWear apparel at the comforts of their home.

Additionally, the new initiative will extend the brand’s reach to new customers around the country.

UNIQLO‘s apparel highlights Japanese values of simplicity, quality, and longevity. It’s also crafted with the best fit, best fabrics, and innovations to improve your life.

The e-commerce platform is expected to launch in the second half of 2020. For more updates, download UNIQLO’s mobile app, visit UNIQLO Philippines’ website or stay updated through their social media accounts.

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3 comedies you need to watch for good laughs

Keeping it inclusive and culturally diverse!



We can all use a good laugh every now and then. But now that our society and culture has become more progressive, popular comedies that people used to love — mostly from the 90s — aren’t really that funny anymore.

As the world gets more connected, our awareness of  global, socio-political issues increases. Nowadays, the comedies worth watching are the shows with subtle messages that raise issues reflecting our reality.

Here, we listed down three comedies that are worth checking out, especially if you want a good laugh while staying woke.


I was late to Community party but was very glad I made it. When Netflix dropped its six seasons last April 2020, I found myself sneaking in an episode or two in my daily quarantine life. Having spent three months on lockdown, we can all use a comedy to lift our spirits (other than a psychological evaluation right after the crisis).

Community is a popular sitcom that’s (forgive me for saying this) streets ahead. First aired in 2009, it had a pretty diverse cast. There’s a classic white alpha guy and two white women; one atheist who’s also an activist and a Jewish obsessed with competing.

There are African-Americans, too! One of them is a highly-religious Christian mom, the other is played by Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino. There’s also a half-Arab, half-Polish Muslim, a senior citizen who practices a Buddhist-like cult, and a Chinese-American teacher turned student.

Together, they formed a storyline of misfits turned friends, turned families.

Britta Perry (Gillian Jacobs) performing her awkward song on a Christmas episode

Watching Community heightened my awareness of issues regarding race, gender, nationalities, ages, and cultures. While most of these issues are brought out for comic relief, the characters worked together to find a solution and come into realizations.

Personally, I found it interesting how I can learn life lessons after watching a show that’s supposed to just make me laugh. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone: getting entertained and educated!

The Good Place

I first heard about The Good Place through my best friend who loved watching tellies and was instantly hooked. I honestly believe when pilot episodes make you laugh so hard, the series is going to be extremely good. And that’s what happened when I watched The Good Place.

It’s a story about four deceased individuals who end up in a heavenly utopia called The Good Place. The cast comprise of a white, selfish saleswoman from Arizona, an indecisive black Ethics professor, a hot rich fraud British philanthropist with legs for days, and a Filipino DJ and drug dealer from Florida.

Jason Mendoza (Manny Jacinto) acting as the Taiwanese monk Jianyu to prevent his cover from being blown

What I love about The Good Place is how it tackled ethics and philosophy creatively, bringing up morals through the concept of heaven and hell. Moreover, diversity and representation are on point in this show, with ethnically appropriate actors and actresses. (And they don’t even make a big deal out of it!)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Last but not the least, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a must-watch comedy for everyone. As usual, I was late to the party but I’ve fallen in love with it.

The show didn’t tackle pressing topics such as racism, sexism, and homophobia through specific episodes. Rather, it’s intertwined in the storyline along with a racially mixed group of cops.

The precinct’s captain is a happily married, openly gay cop. Being in the police force since the 80s, he shared his many disadvantages and struggles due to his sexuality.

Gina Linetti (Chelsea Peretti) being sarcastically frustrated during her mother’s wedding

There are topics mirroring our reality in each and every episode: a bisexual cop’s coming out and her parent’s refusal to accept it, the horrors and fear that black people endure in their daily lives (even if they’re in a position of power), struggles of motherhood, pursuing your passion, and a lot more.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the most inclusive, diverse, and progressive comedy we all need to watch. It’s open-minded, lighthearted, and ridiculously funny. I still re-watch it to this day when I need a good laugh. It’s guaranteed to have me in tears while laughing out loud.

March on, progressive and inclusive comedies!

I still find myself at odds with my friends, especially with the types of comedies they enjoy. However, I believe that we just need to help our friends explore comedies that don’t use transphobia, homophobia, sexism, fat-shaming, white supremacy, and plain racism as a way to deliver ‘funny’ lines.

How about you? Do you have a go-to comedy you enjoy? Share it with us!

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vivo introduces TWS Earphone Neo

Joining the TWS party!



Another one has joined the TWS party!

vivo is launching its TWS Earphone Neo — a companion to the upcoming X50 series. It’s built to provide a stellar audio experience for everyday music lovers. It also features voice-activated smart controls and AI noise cancelling for clearer phone calls.

Neo runs Qualcomm’s 4th-generation TWS platform named QCC3046, offering low latency, high precision, and stable listening experience. Moreover, it’s equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.2 technology, reaching a maximum of 10-meter range.

This pair of wireless earphones carries a design-centric compact body. It has a 14.2mm ultra-large driver unit and a bio-fiber composite diaphragm, promising to deliver enhanced audio and powerful sound.

In 2012, vivo pioneered the Hi-Fi chip technology, being the first smartphone to incorporate the chip to deliver unparalleled audio experience. Together with the X50 series, the TWS Earphone Neo is the realization of vivo’s decade-long investments and commitment to improving consumers’ lives with their devices.

Pricing and availability of the TWS Earphone are yet to be announced.

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