How to incorporate “Sierra Blue” in your daily life

Look neat, polished, and well-groomed



You would’ve thought having earth tones and warm colors would blaze your feeds by Autumn. But Apple’s latest event has instituted a new color people are raving on.

Meet Sierra Blue — definitely not a color of the year but a statement to consider and incorporate into your looks and style in the months to come.

If you’re like most of us who’ve been crushing hard on the new colorway, we’re certain you’re looking for ways on how to style yourself using Sierra Blue. And perhaps, justify more reason to buy the latest iPhone in this charming color.

Get the latest iPhone in Sierra Blue

First and foremost, place your orders and get the latest iPhone in this shade of blue. Sierra Blue certainly is charming, looking sophisticated with a subtle yet chic finish similar to the Gold and Silver colorways.

We’ve unboxed it so take a peek at the video to see more on what you’re getting into. And we’ve thrown in a hands-on experience to share with you, so you can crush more on that Sierra Blue iPhone.

The color is available in the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Have a smart, fast charger dressed in a similar shade

We know it: Apple doesn’t come with a bundled charger and they offer bricks and adapters in their stores at a reasonable price tag.

But if you’re going to shell out some cash, why not get something that marries your lofty goal of styling up with Sierra Blue? The Anker Nano Pro comes in a Glacier Blue colorway so you can have a smaller yet smarter and faster-charging adapter.

Pair white and blue in your clothing

Mango Light Denim, H&M Twill Shorts, H&M Oxford Blue Men, Adidas Originals Superstar Sky

It doesn’t need a nautical-themed occasion to arrive at a scene wearing a combination of white and blue. There are various linens, fabrics, and clothing styles that you can wear even if you use a lighter shade of blue — that would certainly help you look neat, polished, and well-groomed.

Even washed-out denim works especially when paired with white bottoms and sneakers. So go and shop for those pieces of denim, tops, bottoms, and white kicks. We know you’re dying to check it out of your cart.

Wrap your wrists on a light-colored strap

If you already wear an Apple Watch, you’re probably thinking of using Apple’s rich-toned Royal Blue straps. Don’t.

Assuming you’re already dressed in a combination of white and blue, you don’t want to put it off with an accessory that’s a little too intense e.g. dark- and rich-colored bands. Opt for a lighter color that’s in a similar tone to blend with your overall style. For instance, Barton Bands’ Silicone Soft Blue strap for the Apple Watch.

Wear a Sky Blue AirPods Max

Last but not the least, cap it off with an AirPods Max in Sky Blue to make everything match — from head to toe to your tech and accessories.

And to make it more stylish, pair it up with a mask in a similar shade so you can look mysterious and of course, observing proper safety protocols. Because hello, we’re still in a pandemic. But that shouldn’t stop you from dressing up to feel good about yourself.


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GUNNAR Intercept, Assassin’s Creed Mirage Edition review

Perfect protection against blue light



Blue light is one of the biggest detriments to a good night’s rest today. However, it’s almost impossible to skip starting at a screen during the day and before bed. If you want to protect your eyes from the effect of prolonged blue light exposure, GUNNAR has you (and your eyes) covered. Plus, if you’re a fan of the Assassin’s Creed franchise, the brand has the perfect pair of glasses for you.

GUNNAR is known for releasing an extensive lineup of eyewear built to protect against the effects of blue light. Now, the brand offers tie-ups with different franchises in pop culture. The Intercept Assassin’s Creed: Mirage Edition is just the latest in a long string of options you can choose from.

Covert and overt design

In essence, the new edition is identical to the regular Intercept glasses. If you’re used to the Intercept, you should have no problem with the Assassin’s Creed Edition. The Intercept is one of the brand’s classic styles: large, squarish lens with a minimalistic keyhole bridge. The style should fit well and comfortably with most face shapes. I had no problems with wearing the glasses for prolonged periods of time.

Now, for design, the Intercept Assassin’s Creed: Mirage Edition balances well between overt and covert. On the outside, the black frame comes with a simple geometric pattern reminiscent of the Middle Eastern design found in 9th-century Baghdad, the game’s setting. It also has the Assassin’s Creed logo on both hinges.

Meanwhile, on the inside, the frame is a more overt orange. On the right, it has an emblem of an eagle. And, on the left, it has the usual Intercept logo beside the logo for Mirage.

Fight against blue light

For blue light protection, the special edition only comes with a single option: Amber, GUNNAR’s default. If you need clearer or more protective glasses, you’ll need to go for other styles. But if you’re really obsessed with the Assassin’s Creed tie-up, the prescription variant offers much more lens variety, albeit for a significantly higher price tag.

As for use, the glasses do a good job filtering out blue light when you’re starting at a screen. Whether you’re in a sunlit environment or gaming in the dark, you won’t have to worry about blue light seeping in.

The lens also comes with GUNNAR-Focus. It is slightly tweaked at 0.2 for sharper vision at closer ranges. If you don’t need a prescription, the change isn’t that apparent. It does, however, feel easier to read white text on a dark background, partly thanks to the contrast created by the yellow tint.

Durable against most

For durability, the glasses feel durable enough to withstand a few dings. GUNNAR also promises that the lens are treated to protect against reflections, smudges, and water marks. To help with cleaning, the package comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth and pouch.

Unfortunately, the lens aren’t as durable against scratches. If you don’t handle them well, they are prone to scratches. Thankfully, the pair comes with a hard case if you need to travel with them.

Price and availability

The Intercept Assassin’s Creed: Mirage Edition is out now. It retails for US$ 84.99.

For this caliber, the glasses are only a small notch above the regular Intercept. It’s still a fairly good price if you’re looking for protection against blue light while adding a bit of flair to your eyewear.

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Her GadgetMatch

Review: The Flyaway Attachment for the Dyson Supersonic

Is it time to upgrade?



I’ve had my Dyson Supersonic since 2019 which means I’ve been using the same hairdryer for almost three years now. This is quite a feat for someone whose work also involves the intersection of the tech and beauty industries. This hairdryer has been a mainstay in my vanity and an essential part of wash days. As someone who has depended on the Dyson Supersonic since I got my unit in late 2018, I always kept an eye out for the new attachments they release. Their latest–the Flyaway Smoother–truly piqued my interest. 

I have curly hair, which I love but every now and then, I get the urge to style it straight. While it’s doable, getting a sleek, shiny look can be a challenge at times. You’ll get some flyaways here and there along with shorter ends from my layers sticking out. This attachment, however, has proven to be a true game-changer for me. 

The Flyaway Smoother

As the Supersonic’s first brush attachment, The Flyaway Smoother combines two modes, allowing me to style my hair from damp to polished in no time. The Smoothing mode effectively dries, aligns, and smooths the hair, while the Flyaway mode takes advantage of the Coanda effect (the same technology employed by the AirWrap’s curling barrels) to tuck in and hide flyaways, creating a shiny, flawless finish.

This technology replicates the techniques used by professionals in salons, giving users the ability to achieve salon-worthy results at home. It’s mostly done with two hands by salon professionals–one hand holding a hairdryer and the other, a brush.

What makes it so difficult to replicate at home, especially for long hair, is the angle and tension needed to really introduce volume. With bristles attached to the Flyaway Smoother, it’s now possible to do this with one hand and a powerful motor too. The ability to achieve a sleek, polished look without the fuss and frizz is remarkable.

Dyson digital V9 motor

One of the standout features of the Dyson Supersonic is its powerful Dyson digital V9 motor. It spins at a speed of up to 110,000rpm. This motor’s size also allows for optimum balance in the hand. This makes the dryer easy to handle during styling sessions.

Additionally, the intelligent heat control system ensures that the air temperature is regulated over 40 times a second. This prevents extreme heat damage and protecting the hair’s natural shine.

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is designed for all hair types. It’s a versatile tool for anyone looking to style their hair with ease. With four heat settings, three airflow settings, and a cold shot function, users have complete control over the drying and styling process.

The additional magnetic attachments, including the Gentle Air attachment for fine hair and sensitive scalps, the Smoothing Nozzle for removing frizz, and the Styling Concentrator for precision styling, provide even more options to achieve various hairstyles effortlessly.

Time for an upgrade?

If you already own a Supersonic hairdryer, is now the time to upgrade? The Flyaway Smoother attachment comes bundled with new machines purchased from June 30, 2023, making it the perfect excuse to get one in a new colorway. However, it is also fully compatible with existing models of the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, making it accessible to both new and existing users.

You don’t really have to buy a full set if your older one is still working fine. Mine, after four years of use, still works amazing. It will now be passed on to a family member who’s been good this year–so far. If yours is starting to show signs of wear, then this might be a good time to get an upgrade. The new colorways are divine with my favorite–Bright Nickel and Copper–and Prussian Blue can definitely make any dresser or bathroom look more luxe. My older set will find its way to our guest bathroom soon but I’ll definitely retain my diffuser attachment. 

The newer set comes with four attachments: the Flyaway Smoother, the Smoothing Nozzle, the Styling Concentrator, and the Gentle Air Attachment. If you have curly hair, know that the current set does not come with a diffuser, but the one that came with the older model will work with the new Dyson Supersonic just fine. 

Should you get the Flyaway Smoother attachment?

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer with the Flyaway Smoother attachment is a fantastic addition to any hair care routine, especially for those with curly hair like myself who wish to go for straight styles without losing the volume. It delivers fast, smooth, and salon-quality results from damp to polished hair, making it a true gamechanger in the world of hair styling.

With its powerful motor, intelligent heat control, and versatile attachments, it caters to all hair types and ensures that your hair remains protected while achieving the desired look.

If you’re looking for a high-performance hair dryer that delivers professional results at home, the Dyson Supersonic™ Hair Dryer with the Flyaway Smoother attachment is an excellent investment.


– Flyaway Smoother attachment effectively tucks away flyaways and creates a polished, shiny finish.

– Powerful Dyson digital motor V9 and intelligent heat control protect hair from extreme heat damage.

– Versatile settings and attachments cater to all hair types and styling preferences.

– Available for direct purchase from the manufacturer, ensuring authenticity and quality.


– The initial price of PHP31,500 may be a bit steep for some users. However, if you’re someone who regularly uses a hairdryer or is willing to commit to styling at home, you’ll get your money’s worth as the performance and results can justify the investment.

For more information or to experience the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer with the Flyaway Smoother attachment, visit Dyson demo stores or the website

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Hi, these Samsung-exclusive accessories are soooo cute

Pair it with your latest Samsung devices, stat!



Samsung exclusive accessories

ICYMI, Samsung unpacked (pun intended) their latest devices during the Unpacked event. The annual tradition among tech journos, nerds, and Samsung fanboys was held earlier than usual at their home court.

Yes, the South Korean company launched a bunch of devices in Seoul, along with cute and exclusive accessories to pair with.

Pick your foldable phone and dress it up!

Meet the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5!

Samsung exclusive accessories

Wrap your wrist with something that’s more you~

Samsung exclusive accessories

Which smartwatch is your GadgetMatch? The Galaxy Watch6 or Watch6 Classic?

Samsung exclusive accessories

Samsung exclusive accessories


Samsung exclusive accessories

Protect your tablet but add some of your flair!

Meet the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series!

Samsung exclusive accessories

Samsung exclusive accessories

The hype is real when it comes to Samsung’s latest devices. Watch our Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 hands-on and psyche yourself up with the latest foldables!

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