IFA 2020

IFA 2020 will be an in-person event with limited access

Things are gradually getting back to normal?



CES 2020 is the only tech tradeshow we witnessed this year. Soon, Coronavirus spread like wildfire across the world and events like MWC 2020 were canceled. Brands also shifted to online-only launches for the time being to avoid gatherings. However, there’s some good news as well as bad news for tech enthusiasts.

The good news is, IFA 2020 will be an in-person event. Scheduled for September 3 to 5, it will run for three days as opposed to its usual six-day duration. The organizers believe that “immediacy, hands-on experience and human connections” cannot be delivered via live streams.

However, the bad news is, it’ll be an invite-only event. On a normal day, hundreds of thousands of visitors would flock the tradeshow, most of whom are enthusiasts. This year, the focus is on letting brands display their new offerings while journalists can cover them physically.

The organizers of Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA), have ensured they’ll take sufficient precautions to prevent crowding and maintain social distancing norms. The usual venue, Berlin’s Messe conference center, will be divided into four distinct events. These shall include IFA NEXT meets IFA SHIFT Mobility, IFA Global Markets and IFA Business, Retail & Meeting Lounges, and Virtual IFA Experience.

Each of these sub-events will be limited to a maximum of 1,000 people per day. A small space will enable interview and demonstration opportunities for the media. In April, the organizers had teased they’re considering a new innovative concept to continue functioning and tackle the fatal virus.

Obviously, the current planning is based on the present trajectory of Coronavirus spread in Germany. There could be any last-moment or intermittent changes based on the ground situation.

IFA 2020

Samsung reportedly pulls out of IFA 2020

It begins once again



Here we go again. After an abysmal first quarter for in-person events, the tech industry is once again migrating out of big conventions for the foreseeable future. This time, a major company has reportedly pulled out from one of the last remaining big events of the year, IFA 2020.

According to The Korea Herald, Samsung has decided to cancel its appearance at the upcoming Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA) in September. Though the company has not made an official announcement yet, the swirl of reports all conclude that Samsung is currently reassessing its plans for in-person events in the future.

Currently, IFA 2020 is still one of the remaining stalwarts in 2020’s diminishing slate of tech showcases. Since the advent of the coronavirus crisis, major events have decided to cancel their cornerstone dates for the interest of public safety. Though some have migrated to online or limited conferences, 2020 is essentially a write-off for in-person events.

While IFA 2020 is still currently pushing through with in-person plans at the time of writing, the latest one to bite the dust is Computex 2020, settling for a safer 2021 date instead. Similarly, other events have decided to restart operations in 2021, pending any further developments in the ongoing pandemic.

Samsung’s expected announcement is major, however. Back in February, companies very quickly dropped out of events one after the other. Will Samsung restart an unfortunate trend this time around?

Recently, Apple successfully held its annual WWDC 2020 online, proving the efficacy of online-only events for the short term. If Samsung migrates to an online-only platform, it will be in good company.

Samsung is expected to launch three major devices between August and October this year. Safe to say, the company won’t launch any of those products at IFA 2020 anymore.

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IFA 2020

IFA 2020 to adopt an ‘innovative’ form of conferencing

Don’t worry, it’s not getting canceled



The Coronavirus spread has already led to the cancellation of the world’s most important tradeshow for mobile technology — Mobile World Congress (MWC). However, IFA 2020 may not face the same fate. Instead of completely calling off the event, the organizers are working on “innovative” forms of conferencing.

IFA is held every year in Berlin and organizers have decided to cancel the physical event in accordance with Germany’s decision to bar events with more than 5,000 participants. But, it’s not getting canceled completely. It will go forward in a somewhat intriguing “innovative new concept.”

The organizers haven’t revealed what exactly will be the new “innovative” format for IFA Berlin.


“We expected this development given the constantly evolving pandemic and appreciate that we have now a clear regulatory framework that enables us, our partner Messe Berlin, and our exhibitors to make detailed plans for IFA 2020,” said Hans-Joachim Kamp, chairman of the Supervisory Board of GFU Consumer and Home Electronics.

This year’s IFA is scheduled to start on September 4 and will consist of thousands of companies showing off new gadgets. We’re most likely to see a slew of online-only announcements.

Companies across the world have suspended physical launch events in favor of online-launches to maintain social distancing. Unfortunately, this has also led to the cancellation of multiple sports as well as e-sport events. A plethora of countries have blocked their borders and air travel is at an all-time low.

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