Inspiring quotes from Dell Women Entrepreneur Network Summit 2019

Motivation you need to get through the week



The annual Dell Women Entrepreneur Network Summit happened this week in Singapore, and the last three days has been nothing short of inspiring. It’s all about women learning from women and empowering women, so if you were not there to hear them yourself then we are here to spread the word.

I don’t know who needs to hear these right now, but here are quotes from some of the amazing women at the summit to help get you through the week.

On being a woman entrepreneur and #girlboss

“Make sure you are purposeful in where you devote your energy; it is not an infinite resource.” Sabrina Tan, Founder and CEO, Skin Inc

“Not everyone of your employees will like you and those who do will not like you all the time.” Meghan E. Butler, Contributing Writer, Fast Company

“We don’t want our women to have to choose between career and family.” Grace Fu, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Singapore

“One of the most difficult responsibilities of a founder is giving your team hope when you have none.” Roz Chow Koo, Founder and CEO, CXA Group

“Still function like a startup even when you are a corporate so you remain nimble.” Sabrina Tan, Founder and CEO, Skin Inc

On failure, growth, and realizing your potential

“We aren’t so much human beings as we are human becomings, because we are always working on what we will be.” Margie Warrell, Author, Train The Brave

“Failure is simply the opportunity to try again.” Dr. Jemma Green, Co-founder and Chairman, Power Ledger

“You wouldn’t be where you are today if everything had gone to plan. It’s the hardships and the failures that makes the successes so much more meaningful.” Margie Warrell, Author, Train The Brave

On empowering women

“The generation before mine thought that women did not need to be educated much, just enough to look after the children.” Grace Fu, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Singapore

“Under-qualified men are getting jobs that women won’t even apply for. Women are just as smart, talented, and committed but we second guess ourselves we hold ourselves back. We need opportunities to dream big, believe in ourselves, and turn thoughts into action.” Sherry Boger, Infrastructure and Platform Solutions Group Vice President and General Manager, Intel

“Surround yourself with those who lift you up. We can do far more together than we can ever do on our own.” Margie Warrell, Author, Train The Brave

“When we invest in women, we invest in the future; communities prosper, economies thrive and the next generation leads with purpose.” Karen Quintos, EVP and Chief Customer Officer, Dell Technologies

“With women still traveling miles to collect clean water, women empowerment can’t take place. When women can’t feel safe on the streets, women empowerment come.” Grace Fu, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Singapore

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Biden wants to make US tech ‘China-free’

Will affect chipsets and EV batteries



For the past four years, the Trump administration has tried to severely impede the rapid expansion of Chinese companies on American soil. For the most part, Trump was largely successful in firing a horrific warning shot especially with Huawei as an example. Now that Trump is finally out of office, Chinese tech companies are hopeful that the Biden administration will be more lenient. Unfortunately, that might not be the case. According to a report, Biden is making the American tech industry “China-free.”

According to Nikkei, Biden is in the process of signing an executive order which will jumpstart a supply chain without China’s help. Instead, the United States will tap into partners in Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea.

Currently, the plan will include semiconductors and EV batteries. Though the plan doesn’t include everything related to smartphones, it will ensure China-free chipsets going forward especially for Apple and Google. With enough resources and ties, the China-free goal should be feasible enough for the biggest American companies. However, for those without such resources, China might already be way too ingrained in how certain companies operate their business.

No one knows how the supposed deal will impact any Chinese companies already trying to succeed on American soil. However, a China-free supply chain might ruin business for Chinese suppliers.

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OPPO will share VOOC technology with other companies

Named the Flash Initiative



The ongoing charging wars is one of the (sometime, literally) hottest races to follow in the technology industry. Particularly, Chinese tech companies are rushing to build the fastest wired and wireless charging solutions for consumers. Because a war is a war, most brands are keeping their solutions for themselves without sharing. However, confirmed through a new initiative, OPPO is sharing its VOOC technology with other companies.

Today, OPPO has launched the Flash Initiative, which licenses the proprietary technology to other brands for third-party chargers. Currently, the initiative is available for Anker, FAW-Volkswagen, and NXP Semiconductors. Naturally, the most exciting among the three is Anker. The company is already known for making third-party, consumer-friendly chargers. Meanwhile, FAW-Volkswagen can potentially bring the super-fast charging solution to vehicles.

Besides the three companies, OPPO has not revealed whether other companies will eventually join the initiative. At the moment, the Chinese company is still keeping its precious charging technology close to its heart.

As of now, the VOOC technology can go up to 125W of wired charging speeds. According to past tests, the technology can reportedly fill up an empty smartphone in just a few minutes. Recently, OPPO also unveiled a 65W wireless charging solution to the public during MWC C.

Once accessible to other companies, charging might not be an issue for the everyday consumer anymore.

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Converge launches 4 new business-focused products

Improving connectivity for business customers



A fast and reliable internet connection has proven to be an indispensable need, especially during these times. In line with this, Converge is launching four new products aimed at businesses. These products aim to improve connectivity for all enterprise users, improving efficiency as well as reducing any downtime.

The first of this product is Converge FASTER. With this, enterprises can send and receive files securely through their own networks. It also offers private WAN connectivity between a company’s headquarters, branches, satellite offices, or remote sites through a pure fiber GPON Network and Layer 3 networking service.

Meanwhile, business customers subscribed to the Direct Internet Access service can leverage Converge Time of Day. Through this, customers can double their subscribed bandwidth based on their chosen preset period, allowing them to maximize their budget.

Converge UPLOAD, on the other hand, focuses on boosting upload speeds to supplement IT services. As part of the Direct Internet Access service, it enables businesses to have reliable connectivity especially those relying heavily on sending intensive outbound requirements.

Finally, there is the Converge Connect. Customers can leverage a state-of-the-art MPLS backbone to deliver a high-capacity network-to-network interface for specific data service requirements. They can also customize and combine products and resources in one circuit to address vast and multiple connectivity needs for their businesses.

Interested business customers can visit Converge’s website for more information on these products.

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