Intel announces gaming GPU series, the Intel Arc

Coming next year



Stemming from last year’s shortages, Nvidia is still having a hard time shipping off their latest drivers to hopeful gamers. A lot of gamers are waiting for their GTX 3080. With the flagship series’ hype still at an al-time high, Nvidia has a firm grasp on the GPU market. Intel, desiring a chunk of that lucrative market, has officially announced the debut of its upcoming GPU, the Intel Arc.

Announced through an official tweet, Intel’s upcoming GPUs will make their debut sometime in the first quarter of 2022. The Arc series will start off with an entry currently codenamed Alchemist. The company included a teaser video including the usual benchmark games available today including PUBG, Subnautica, and Metro Exodus.

The series will sport the industry’s usual slate of feature. However, it will also add in an AI-powered super sampling feature, much like Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling feature.

Since it’s still just a teaser, Nvidia has not released a lot of technical details about the series yet. However, the company has teased that upcoming generations will have an alphabetical codename. After Alchemist, the others will use Battlemage, Celestial, and Druid. Of course, the series’ official names might end up being different from the codenames.

Prior to the Intel Arc series, Intel never really had a presence in the GPU industry. The company did launch an Iris series but never really competed with gaming GPUs.

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Apple M2 Mac mini Review

More Affordable, More Powerful



Apple silently revealed the 2023 M2 Mac mini to the world.

Back in 2005, the Mac mini G4 was the cheapest Mac you can buy for US$ 499.

Almost 18 years after, the Mac mini still is the cheapest Mac at just US$ 599.

That’s still a lot of savings versus buying a US$ 1299 iMac.

The biggest difference? The newest Mac mini runs two of the most powerful chips right now — the M2 and M2 Pro.

But is it actually the right Mac for you?

Watch our Apple M2 Mac mini review now!

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2023 Minimal Desk Setup

With Logitech’s newest keyboard and mouse



Last week, Apple launched the new Mac mini, a BYODKM device — bring your own display keyboard and mouse.

Paired with Apple’s Studio Display, this is the perfect time to pair it with a keyboard and mouse from Logitech!

But how will Michael Josh’s revamp his 2023 desk setup?

Watch our special Logitech desk setup and styling video now to know more!

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ZTE announces 5 new G5 series servers

More power



ZTE has released its latest G5 series servers which run on the 4th-generation Intel Xeon scalable processors to deliver more powerful computing abilities.

There are a total of five new server types announced, which will all support liquid cooling heat dissipation, high-density computing power, mass storage, and better flexibility and reliability:

  • 5200 G5 high-density server
  • R5300 G5 full-scenario universal server
  • R5500 G5 mass storage server
  • R6500 G5 heterogenous computing power server
  • R8500 G5 high-performance server

Extreme performance

The G5 series servers have the latest Intel Xeon 4th gen scalable processors which have up to 120 cores in 2 sockets. They will also support Intel Optane persistent memory 300 series (Crow Pass).

The R6500, in particular, has a built-in 10-to-20 computing intelligent acceleration engine which tries to achieve the best combination of computing power for various scenarios.

The servers may also be flexibly expanded. The R5300, for instance, provides many disk positions and high-speed I/O interfaces.

Additionally, the servers have a bandwidth design of 32 DDR5 memory slots. PCIe 5.0 improves bandwidth by 150% while bandwidth performance is also boosted by 50%.

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