Remember when Michael Josh took a ride on a self-driving tractor? Well, it’s not a mere concept anymore.

Freshly unveiled this CES 2022, the John Deere 8R is an autonomous tractor that can be controlled through your phone. You’ll even get notified when there are obstacles in the field or just when your tractor’s tire pressure isn’t enough.

Watch our first look at John Deere’s Fully Autonomous Tractor to learn more.


BMW reveals an awesome color-changing car



Back in the day, cars on television could do so much more than their real-life counterparts. From the gadget-filled sports cars in James Bond to a reforming car with memory metal in CSI, the human imagination has created a lot of impressive cars that haven’t made it to mass production yet. Of course, with technology progressing far beyond what we previously imagined, cars that were formerly just figments of our imagination can now be realized. During CES 2022, we saw one of these cars come to life through BMW’s amazing color-changing car.

A concept version of a known BMW line, the BMW iX Flow uses E Ink technology to change how the car’s exterior looks. The car contains millions of microcapsules as thin as a strand of hair. Much like the E Ink you’ll find inside a Kindle, electricity causes the microcapsules to shift between black or white.



♬ original sound – The Kilowatts

Since E Ink is relatively limited, the BMW iX Flow can shift only between three colors: black, gray, and white. Drivers can change this with a press of a button.

Now, besides the general badass-ery of having a color-changing car, BMW claims that cycling through the different colors can also help interior temperature. Since white reflects more sunlight, using the color might help cool the vehicle more in sunny situations. Alternatively, using black can help heat the car for passengers.

Unfortunately, BMW can’t promise a timeline for such a vehicle. It’s still just an “advanced research and design” project, even if they already have an actual car with the technology (as shown in this TikTok video).

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John Deere unveils a fully autonomous tractor

Controlled all on your phone



The world’s population isn’t getting any smaller. According to estimates, the world might reach nearly 10 billion people by 2050. As such, the ongoing food shortages might get worse as the decades pass. The intersection between technology and food is now an essential pressure point for the world to address. John Deere, one of the proponents for this intersection, has revealed a fully autonomous tractor to help farmers all over the world.

The new machine, which was revealed during the company’s CES 2022 presentation, combines Deere’s 8R tractor with a set of smart technologies to supplement the company’s power in the field. The new features include a TruSet-enabled chisel plow and a GPS guiding system, among others.

The new tractor will have six pairs of stereo cameras. With the cameras, the vehicle can detect obstacles with a 360-degree field of view. A deep neural network analyzes images and detects whether the vehicle will run into problematic obstacles and can adjust accordingly. The tractor can also operate according to a manually set geofence.

The tractor is easily configurable using Deere’s John Deere Operations Center Mobile app. Farmers can just drop the tractor onto their fields and configure the tractor with simple swipes. They can then leave the field to focus on other tasks while the tractor works. With the app, farmers can change settings, access the tractor’s cameras, and check the vehicle’s status.

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Ford Everest Sport: Ideal companion for out-of-town reunions

Spacious enough to carry laughter, tears, and new memories



2021 Ford Everest Sport

The beauty of being an adult is you can make a new family with new traditions.

Words from Captain Raymond Holt from the iconic comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Words I held dear these past few years when I built a family through friends I met along the way.

It’s been two years since we’ve seen each other with the pandemic separating us. My friends-turned-family decided to plan a holiday reunion and celebrate all occasions we can squeeze in a few days. Unlike when we were younger, we can’t throw ourselves in different cars and commute by bus whenever we have a trip.

What changed is that one of my dearest brothers had an adorable son on the onset of a pandemic — which led us to find a suitable car that can bring us all together safe and sound.

Luckily, Ford Philippines responded to my request and lent me the Ford Everest 2.0L Sport 4×2 Automatic. I was about to sacrifice my dignity and ask one of my suitors to drive us around. That or we’ll be renting a car. Thank god, I didn’t. Whew!

So handsome, I could kiss you

2021 Ford Everest Sport

When the Everest Sport arrived, I was stunned by its size, color, and overall vibe. It looked handsome and reliable, especially with that Deep Crystal Blue color. Somehow, it made me want to cradle my fingers across its body.

2021 Ford Everest Sport

If I would personify the car, the Everest Sport would be the guy in reunions who wore dark, neutral clothes, seemingly unusual and brooding with mystery as he kept quiet in the corner. He’s totally reserved, but we know he can totally punch above his weight class.

2021 Ford Everest Sport

Both the exterior and interior were designed smart and sleek, hosting features that everyone would rave about — not just techies, geeks, and drivers alike.

2021 Ford Everest Sport

Everything is so damn reachable through the vast number of buttons that you can find on the steering wheel.

2021 Ford Everest Sport

It’s a learning curve especially for the old-school drivers, but the youngsters appreciate modernity since it prioritizes safety, convenience, and ease.

Before we hop on a long trip up north to Pampanga, we decided to drive it around Alabang, so we can test it and stroll together with my godson.

2021 Ford Everest Sport

Big space for the big boys

The Ford Everest 2.0L Sport 4×2 Automatic is a 7-seater SUV. If you’re going to occupy the third row, there’s barely space left for the compartment.

Since we’re only five adults and our adorable toddler refuses to sit in a booster seat, we folded the backseat flat so we can have a bigger cargo area.

2021 Ford Everest Sport

It was roomy enough to place the baby stroller, along with our backpacks carrying our essentials: Laptops, extra clothes, care packages for the baby, and drinks.

2021 Ford Everest Sport

I had to sit in the second row this time so I can take a few photos. I had one of my best friends, Oliver, take the wheel while my other best friend, Mark, is in charge of navigation and DJ-ing.

2021 Ford Everest Sport

From afternoon to dusk, and even in the evening, the Everest Sport made us feel safe while driving around — especially with its bright LED headlamps. Some find it blinding and annoying, but it was quite helpful to us when driving in dimly-lit streets around the metro.

L-R: Oliver, MJ, JM, Mark, Matthew (Solo)

Excellent off-road capability

2021 Ford Everest Sport

One of my best friends, Mark, took the steering wheel at some point due to his better grasp of driving at night. Blessed be his excellent eyesight 🤲🏻

Off the road, here we go!

Throughout the long drive to Pampanga, I had put my faith in my best friend, Oliver (and Jesus, somehow) who took the steering wheel.

My other best friend, Mark, took the family through a Manual Transmission Mitsubishi Mirage for an exhausting drive to get to the venue on time. (It was old and creaking, I pity my friend’s knees and feet throughout the trip.)

2021 Ford Everest Sport

L-R: Oliver, JM, MJ

The Everest Sport became a storage solution, loading most of our suitcases and heavier baggage (bags, not feelings). By evening, we took the Stage 3 Skyway to reach North Luzon Expressway so we can enjoy a smooth, quick ride.

Just when I thought we’d be set for the rest of the night, we stumbled upon a muddy, uneven road full of craters on the way to the resort. While I commend my friend for crossing the off-road smoothly, the Everest Sport proved that it can take a beating — rocks and all.

2021 Ford Everest Sport

Aside from the strength of its alloy wheels, the Terrain Management System and smart driving assistance features, together with the Everest Sport’s excellent suspension system, contributed to our victory in overcoming our sudden obstacle.

All things considered, the Everest Sport felt like an off-road truck but with a veneer of a family car.

Do you like it reverse or parallel?

We were the last car to arrive at the resort. Luckily, parking is a breeze with Everest Sport’s Enhanced Active Parking System. Whether you do reverse or parallel parking, the car can help you with its rear view camera.

Though, in a way, the vehicle knows how to park on its own. You just need to maneuver and assist the vehicle as it does the heavy lifting.

2021 Ford Everest Sport

After unloading our baggage (again, literal bags and not feelings), we were delighted to set our sights on a Korean-inspired table to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

Lots of lettuce, grilled meat, side dishes, and Soju filled our tummies. It was a night to remember.

Like home but on the road

The next day, we drove around Angeles to pick up a cake for a baby shower, have lunch, and head to San Fernando, Pampanga for our annual Christmas reunion.

We don’t have the luxury to celebrate around December, what with all the flights abroad and going our separate ways to grow our own families. It was the season to squeeze in all the celebrations that we can.

This time around, we had more passengers. If there’s one thing that everyone keeps muttering: It’s so comfortable. The leather seat felt premium and kept us warm even if it was wintry inside.

2021 Ford Everest Sport

There was enough legroom for both the power-adjustable driver seat and the passenger seat. Even the rear seat on the second row has enough space, except for the middle part. Whoever sits there might find it close-fitting since the driveshaft tunnel passes through with a hump.

In our case, it was Lorraine — the group’s mom who kept her toddler in place, playing around with the car’s temperature through a knob he discovered as he was snugged tightly in the middle.

2021 Ford Everest Sport

Nevertheless, we were all eager to go around Pampanga. I’m still astounded with how safe and cozy everything was when riding the Everest Sport. Road trips are exhausting for most people, but the experience made us want to be on the road for several days.

We were rollicking while listening to Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, and Bruno Mars through Ford’s musical soundstages and SYNC technology: a system that controls the vehicle’s temperature, music playback, and other safety features through a single tap or via voice commands.

2021 Ford Everest Sport

Kind of like a tablet placed in front. It also connects with any smartphone through Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. There are no Android versus iPhone here — we’re all welcome to enjoy the vehicle.

Four celebrations and a wedding

It wasn’t just us and our bags that were inside the Everest Sport. Throughout our get-togethers, we were planning a surprise wedding to recreate a ceremony that we weren’t able to attend, due to the sudden lockdown a few months back.

We brought cakes, cookware, and kitchen equipment to a contemporary villa in San Fernando. That’s on top of props to be used for the gender reveal, baby shower, late birthday celebration, and Christmas party.

On some occasions, I had to use the Everest Sport to do errands, such as buying fresh flowers to be used for the wedding. It was cozier than any other car in our garage, and of course, the car looks handsome like yours truly. If I’m going to parade myself, I’ll pick a car that’s worth showing off.

2021 Ford Everest Sport

The nights we spent together felt like Taylor Swift’s latest re-recorded album Red (Taylor’s Version). There was a myriad of emotions felt.

Everything was just all over the place, like a fractured mosaic of feelings that somehow fit together in the end. We were happy, free, confused, euphoric, wild, nostalgic, elated, and fondly remembering the past while we create new memories.

Holidays just got merrier, and our bonds — thicker than blood — got tighter after our reunion. Distance may have made our hearts grow fonder, but feeling each other’s presence made them beat faster.

We were able to share love, laughter, tears, and sorrow. And everything we’ve been carrying for two years in the week we all spent together. Thanks to the Everest Sport, we were able to come together and get home safe and sound — ushering bittersweet memories that we’ll fondly recall in the coming months.

Pricing and availability

2021 Ford Everest Sport

The Ford Everest 2.0L Sport 4×2 Automatic is available at a starting price of PhP 1,928,000. It comes in various colorways: Aluminum Metallic, Absolute Black, Deep Crystal Blue, and Snowflake White Pearl which can set you back by an additional PhP 15,000.

To know more about the latest offers, visit or any Ford dealership nearest you.

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