CES 2020

Lenovo Smart Home upgrades for your cozy cribs

For smart and cozy homes



Lenovo isn’t done with their new releases for CES 2020. From line-ups dedicated for productivity, creative work, and entertainment, they’ve got a little something fresh and new for our homes this year. Yuhp, they’ve got two new shiny smart home additions for our cozy cribs. 

Lenovo Smart Tab M10

Following up last year’s release, Lenovo improved on the Smart Tab M8: the Lenovo Smart Tab M10 FHD Plus 2nd Gen with Google Assistant. Don’t come at them for the mouthful and maybe skipping the M9 because this Smart Tab has seen significant improvements.

The Smart Tab M10 is decked out with a 10.3-inch full HD screen with narrow screen bezels measuring a shy 0.18 inch, two Dolby Atmos tuned speakers, and hands-free Google Assist–of course. All that makes for a pretty sweet immersive experience doubling up on quick and easy smart home use, binge-watching series, and playing games.

On top of all that, the Smart Tab M10 comes with a Smart Charging Station that keeps your tablet charging and listening. It’s got mid-field voice recognition on dual mics so it can pick up your voice from across the room with little to no problem.  

Since this is a smart home device we’re talking about, the Smart Tab M10 has been designed for multiple user accounts and face unlock. All of the features can be customized for each member in your household so you don’t get into each other’s digital spaces. They even have a Kid’s Mode perfect with kid-friendly content, parental controls, and specialized eye-protecting features so your little ones don’t miss out on their good fun! And, there’s more. 

The Smart Tab M10 has Posture Alerts that detects the user’s posture and alerts them to sit up. The M10 even tries to blend into your home because when the device isn’t in use, the screen switches into a digital photo frame liked to your personal Google Photos account.

The Lenovo Smart Tab M10 FHD Plus 2nd Gen with Google Assistant will be out in North America with a US$ 1,893 price tag in April 2020.

Lenovo Smart Frame

Lenovo’s got a fresh innovative addition to this year’s line-up and it’s the Lenovo Smart Frame. It’s essentially what its name is: a smart frame. The Lenovo Smart Frame seamlessly connects to your Google Photos, curates high-quality footage, and displays them on its stylish matte screen and anti-glare finish. 

The Smart Frame has color tone and brightness sensors so, it adapts to the ambient lighting in your room or wherever it’s set up. You can play, skip and pause photo slides or videos through a range of hand gestures. And, if you don’t feel like displaying your personal shots, the device comes with a free app with hundreds of art pieces to choose from.

Setting up is pretty simple. The Lenovo Smart Frame has a snap-on mounting system that lets you rotate the frame 90 degrees so you can switch between landscape and portrait with ease. It even comes with a gallery of frame colors and materials to pick and choose from so you don’t have to worry about it matching the rest of your home’s interiors. 

The Lenovo Smart Frame will cost US$ 399 and is expected to be available by August 2020.

CES 2020

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook now available on Best Buy

Best of Galaxy tech and Chrome OS



Working and learning from home has now become the norm for a lot of people around the world. If you’re looking for a flexible workstation, or even just to stay entertained during self-isolation, the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is now available for purchase.

The new Galaxy Chromebook combines the best of Samsung’s Galaxy tech such as an AMOLED display and built-in-pen support, with the simple and fast Chrome OS.

Its AMOLED display is the first ever featured on a Chromebook and delivers 4K UHD resolution for a more immersive Netflix and chill experience.

It’s also packed with productivity tools, such as the built-in pen for note taking, drawing, or signing documents. Internally it’s powered by the latest 10th Gen Intel Core i5 processor.

It’s also equipped with Intel Wi-Fi 6, so your next Zoom meeting (or party) would go as seamlessly as possible. There’s a good helping of ports available — two USB-C ports, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a UFS/MicroSD slot. RAM can go up as high as 16GB while storage is up to 1TB SSD.

Those who have shifted to digital learning for the time being can enjoy a more collaborative experience through Chrome OS features like Google Drive functionality.

There’s also Click-to-Call and Messaging apps along with other Samsung smartphone features that you can access directly on the laptop.

Google Assistant is also readily available whenever you need it.

The Galaxy Chromebook is available in Fiesta Red and Mercury Gray on Samsung.com and Best Buy for US$ 999.99.

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CES 2020

Sex tech is for everyone, not just for men

CES 2020 encourages sex positivity



Startup Lora DiCarlo graced the headlines last year for having its award revoked by the committee behind the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The startup believes it was unjust and fought for its right to be part of the annual show.

This year, Lora DiCarlo is the talk of the town once again, not because of an issue, but for being in the spotlight of CES 2020. Lora DiCarlo paved the way for sex tech to be out in the open, particularly companies with devices geared for women’s sex, health, and wellness.

Sex tech isn’t new, but sex being taboo in this modern yet surprisingly conservative society took the spotlight away from their devices. In case you’re wondering, sex technology mostly ventures on innovations to enhance our sexuality and sexual experience.

Breaking barriers

In 2017, men enjoyed VR porn as if it was that revolutionary, while sex toys and vibrators that offer solutions to enhance our experiences and relationships aren’t getting the splash they deserve. Thankfully, CES 2020 is taking a step forward in ending sexism and encourage sex-positivity. After all, sex is part of human nature.

Ever since Lora Haddock DiCarlo — the founder of Lora DiCarlo — fought for their right to be at CES, I was astounded and followed her journey. I’m all ears for women speaking up, especially with the goal of making a change in our society.

Lora DiCarlo’s Osé won an innovative award and was later revoked by CES. Eventually, Lora DiCarlo got the award reinstated while fighting for sex tech to be recognized in a separate category.

Now that DiCarlo and her company sparked a controversy, sex tech are now in the spotlight of the annual show held at Las Vegas. DiCarlo didn’t expect herself to be at the forefront of change, but it elevated her profile and grew her business.

Pleasure is at the forefront

At CES 2020, Lora DiCarlo showcased their first device once again — the Osé — is a personal massager which produces blended orgasm by mimicking movements of a human partner. It’s that revolutionary, hence, gaining an innovation award. I mean, just imagine a device pleasuring you the way a human partner does — It’s astonishing!

Lora DiCarlo’s Baci

Additionally, Lora DiCarlo unveiled two more devices: Baci and Onda. Baci is a micro-robotic device which stimulates the feel and motion of human lips and tongue, while Onda mimics the motion of human fingers. Even though it’s meant for women, I can’t wait to actually try one!

Lora DiCarlo’s Onda

More sex technology to solve our needs

DiCarlo’s fight enabled other companies and devices to get noticed and join the spotlight. Satisfyer showed-off Satisyfer Connect, an app that can be used remotely with a long-distance partner. Lioness delivered its second-generation vibrator tracking data to improve orgasms.


Furthermore, Womanizer exhibited their products and Pleasure Air Technology — a combination of suction and pressure waves — which brings a mindblowing, orgasmic experience. While all of these talk about pleasure, Morari introduced a “band-aid” that withholds pleasure, solving the premature ejaculation issue prevalent with men.

2020 might just be the beginning, but CES showcasing sex technology is a huge step forward in encouraging a sex-positive society. If you’re still iffy about this technology, remember that you’re not the target audience and that you were born because your parents had sex.

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CES 2020

LG at CES 2020

Anywhere is home



At CES 2020, they’re offering not just one, but many smart home appliances — such as washer, dryer, refrigerator, and more.

LG’s ThinQ, InstaView, and Signature series all make life easier at the comfort of your home.

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