Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 8th Gen now available for pre-order in Singapore

More business-oriented features than ever



Lenovo’s ThinkPad line is known for robust business laptops that can withstand the test of time. One of the popular laptops from the ThinkPad lineup is the X1 Carbon, which is now in its 8th generation. Now, Lenovo is bringing this latest iteration of the X1 Carbon to Singapore.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Carbon 8th-gen has more business-oriented features than ever. Performance gets a huge bump with the addition of 10th-gen Intel Core processors with Pro. Those who wanted high-speed Internet access can get it with the inclusion of WiFi 6 on this laptop.

Remote work is all the trend nowadays. Thankfully, the X1 Carbon has a one-touch video calling button. Those who always participate in a teleconference will appreciate this inclusion within the function button. The keyboard remains the same with this generation, featuring excellent key travel and feedback for professionals on the go. Meanwhile, the carbon fiber chassis keeps the laptop light and compact.

The selection of ports in ThinkPad X1 Carbon remains unchanged. Two Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports flank the left side along with 1 x USB-A 3.1, an HDMI 1.4 port, and an audio jack. Meanwhile, the right side only has a lone USB-A 3.1 port. All configurations also get a MicroSD card reader.

The battery life from this laptop remains at 51Wh, which is enough for a day’s usage. Business-minded professionals who are conscious of their privacy and security can also make use of the ThinkShutter webcam cover and ThinkShield solutions present on this laptop. It is also certified with MIL-STD spec rating, so it can survive moderate drops and liquid spills.

Pricing and availability

Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Carbon 8th-gen starts at SG$ 3,449 with a Core i5-10210U processor. Buyers can configure the laptop up to a six-core Core i7 processor. Display options range from touchscreen FHD to 4K IPS with HDR400. Memory maxes out at 16GB, while storage caps at 2TB of SSD. The laptop can be had on a 12-month installment plan for Citibank cardholders.

Pre-ordering the ThinkPad X1 Carbon also entitles the buyers to 75% discount on select accessories such as X1 Noise Cancelling headphones and 3-year Premier Support.

All Lenovo buyers who spend a minimum of SG$ 2,000 and above on the official online store are also entitled to an exclusive Lenovo-Tealive Bubble Tea Kit worth SG$ 80. This offer is available only for the first 150 buyers.


Apple bundles free AirPods with every Mac, iPad purchase

Or get a US$ 159 credit for an AirPods Pro



Every year, Apple launches its back-to-school promos where students and educators can snag devices with great discounts or freebies. This year, every purchase of a Mac, Macbook, or an iPad will come with free AirPods.

Students on the lookout for discounted Apple devices should check out Apple’s education store right away. The company is giving away free AirPods with every purchase of eligible Mac and iPad models this July. The giveaway is available for eligible students and educators, and they can shop for discounted Macs and iPads on top of the giveaway.

Eligible Mac models include the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, and iMac Pro. Meanwhile, the only eligible iPad models are iPad Pro and iPad Air. Apple is bundling AirPods 2 with a wired charging case for every purchase of eligible models. However, those opting for a wireless charging case or an AirPods Pro can opt for a US$ 159 credit. As such, the AirPods Pro is only US$ 90 with this promo.

Apple’s offer is available for students and educators worldwide. Right now, it is live in the US, Mexico the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, and UAE. Students can also check their respective country pages for the offer and local prices.

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ASUS ROG laptops will come with freebies

Plus up to PhP 25,000 discount on some models



Buying a new laptop can be frustrating at times. Luckily, ASUS’ new promo for ROG laptops will make deciding easier. With every purchase of ROG laptops, customers can snag big discounts and great freebies.

This July, select ROG laptops will come with ASUS gaming monitors as a freebie bundle. On top of that, some of these laptops will come with up to PhP 25,000 discount. Laptops that will join the promo include the top-of-the-line ROG Zephrus S and Strix Scar.

Zephyrus S

  • GX531GX (15-inch 144Hz FHD, i7-8750, 1TB SSD, RTX 2080) — from PhP 189,995 to PhP 164,995 + free VA326H gaming monitor, ROG Impact gaming mouse and ultra slim sleeve
  • GX701GV (17-inch 144Hz FHD, i7-8750H, 512GB SSD, RTX 2060) — from PhP 139,995 to PhP 129,995 + free VG258Q gaming monitor and ROG Gladius gaming mouse
  • GX531GW (15-inch 144Hz FHD, i7-8750, 512GB SSD, RTX 2070) — from PhP 149,995 to PhP 139,995 + free ROG Impact gaming mouse and ultra slim sleeve
  • GX501GI (15-inch 144Hz FHD, i7-8750, 1TB SSD, GTX 1080 Max-Q) — from PhP 149,995 to PhP 129,995 + free ROG Impact gaming mouse
  • GX531GM (15-inch 144Hz FHD, i7-8750, 512GB SSD, GTX 1060) — from PhP 104,995 to PhP 89,995 + free ROG Impact gaming mouse and ultra slim sleeve

Strix Scar

  • GL704GW (17-inch 144Hz FHD, i7-8750H, 1TB SSHD + 256GB SSD, RTX 2070) — from PhP 134,995 to PhP 129,995 + free VG248Q gaming monitor, ROG Gladius gaming mouse, and ROG backpack
  • GL504GW (15-inch 144Hz FHD, i7-8750H, 1TB SSHD + 256GB SSD, RTX 2070) — from PhP 129,995 to PhP 119,995 + free VG248Q gaming monitor, ROG Gladius gaming mouse, and ROG backpack

Individuals who need a work and gaming laptop in one should really look no further than ASUS’ ROG laptops, especially with the big discounts and freebies. Hurry though, since the discounts and freebies are available only on all ASUS stores nationwide until supplies last.

For more information about ASUS ROG’s latest promo, visit their Facebook and Twitter page.

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Apple: Don’t cover your MacBook webcams

Might damage your screen



Lately, the conversation surround cybersecurity has ramped up. Users are making sure that no one is spying on them through their favorite devices. One of the most popular ways of doing so is placing a cover on a laptop’s built-in webcam. However, Apple has issued an official warning against the obscuring method.

Reported by MacRumors, Apple has posted a new support page on its official website about closing a MacBook with a cover attached. Apparently, doing so can severely damage your screen. The laptop wasn’t designed for such use, Apple says. Further, covering your webcam can affect the different sensors on the device.

In lieu of a physical cover, Apple is asking users to trust the green indicator light instead. According to the page, “the camera is engineered so that it can’t activate without the camera indicator light also turning on.”

Of course, trusting a device’s hardware isn’t always the best option. If absolutely needed, Apple has issued a few criteria for appropriate covers: thinner than 0.1mm (or about the thickness of a piece of printer paper), no adhesive residue, and removing the cover whenever closing the device.

With camera covers becoming all the rage, issuing some safety tips might be the best course of action for the MacBook maker. Certainly, people will still cover their devices despite warnings. And more certainly, people will still remain wary about malicious parties spying on their cameras.

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