Making TWICE art with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

Best Android tablet for artists?



For years, Apple’s iPad has been uncontested as the best tablet in the market especially for artists. But Android — specifically Samsung — has taken steps to close the gap. What better way to demonstrate this than with TWICE art and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+.

We tapped three artists for this exercise. The goal is to show that no matter your art style, the Galaxy Tab S7+ is equipped with and has access to the tools to help you create.

The artists: Our very own Associate Creative Director, MJ. The other two have been making TWICE art for a while now with their very distinct styles — Gwen with her chibi art style and Toni who’s made some notable TWICExAnimé crossovers.

Note: Some answers were edited for brevity

TWICE’s Momo by @marcusjaie

Was it difficult moving from your usual tools/workflow to the Galaxy Tab S7+? What made it easy/difficult? 

MJ: It was both easy and difficult. Easy because I don’t have to be limited to a desk when drawing with my pen tablet while connected to my laptop. Difficult because there’s always a learning curve required regarding a new interface in every app.

Gwen: What made it easy was that I’m familiar with android devices so working with the galaxy tab was fairly easy

Toni: At first it was hard to use it because I’m not used to drawing with big gadgets but as the time goes by, it’s really easy to get used to it. The pen made it easier for me because its size is like an actual pencil or pen, and the screen of the Galaxy Tab S7+ is pretty convenient to use.

TWICE’s Chaeyoung by @gwen.arts423

TWICE’s Mina by @t0nidoodles

What apps did you use to accomplish these images? Were they any different from the ones you regularly use? 

MJ: Originally, I wanted to use AutoDesk’s Sketchbook which I recently used on the Huawei MatePad Pro. I already had it installed. But to get out of my comfort zone, I used Clip Studio Paint to do my usual style for editorial illustrations albeit a little bit raw and hand-drawn this time around. I’ve tried the software before on my laptop, but I was a little bit slow in grasping the interface on the tablet. I certainly don’t have the time to tinker a little bit more to experiment.

Gwen: I used Clip Studio Paint which I also purchased for my PC just recently, so it wasn’t any different from what I usually use.

Toni: I downloaded Ibis paint X because I always draw using that app. The app is pretty easy to use and the tablet made it even easier.

TWICE’s Jeongyeon by @gwen.arts423

TWICE’s Dahyun by @t0nidoodles

As vividly as you can, how would you describe the feeling of using the S Pen on the tablet? 

MJ: It’s like painting on an actual canvas. The pen’s latency is a bit similar to my experience with the Apple Pencil.

Gwen: In all honesty, I fell in love with the S Pen and how it glides on the screen of the tablet. It has a rubber tip that makes it so comfortable since it’s softer than what I usually use. The pressure sensitivity is good too! The S Pen is quite thin so it’s pretty easy to grab and use though it might depend on your preference and hand size. I think it’s perfect for me overall.

Toni: The pen is really soft and easy to use. It has a smooth edge that makes it easy to draw on the tablet. It also suits my hand.

TWICE’s Tzuyu by @gwen.arts423

TWICE’s Jihyo by @t0nidoodles

In your opinion, do you think the Galaxy Tab S7+ would be a good gadget for artists like yourself to aspire to get? Would you recommend it to other artists? Why or why not?

MJ: Yes. I consider it a great tool for artists since the tablet is powerful enough to handle most apps and even heavy illustrations, presumably. It can also run graphics-intensive games like Genshin Impact. There are also a lot of choices — free and paid apps — on the Galaxy Store and Google’s Play Store. And if you need inspiration, you can easily switch between apps, use a split-screen view, or pop-up mode so you can multitask freely. It’s an all-in-one machine for your art and other needs.

Gwen: I think it’s all based on preference. If you’re an artist, I think you might get frustrated with the palm rejection feature of this tablet. I found ways around it but since the screen is big it’s just impossible not to rest your hand on its edge, possibly ruining your work with lines your palm accidentally made.

Toni: Yes! While using the tablet, I thought that maybe I should get one instead of a regular drawing tablet that we connect to computers. The tablet has a big screen and I think artists like me will really like it too. The specs are so great!

TWICE’s Sana by @gwen.arts423

TWICE’s Nayeon by @t0nidoodles

If money were no object, would you prefer the Galaxy Tab S7+ over other tablets? Why or why not?

MJ: Hell yeah. As much as I want the Apple iPad Pro mostly for Procreate alone, I’m also in love with the Galaxy Tab S7+, maybe because I love Samsung’s ecosystem. Everything’s just easy on the user’s part. I’d even say the Galaxy Tab S7+ can rival the Apple iPad Pro in almost everything, but the choice will really depend on the apps you’re using and the operating system you prefer.

Gwen: The screen is really bright and striking, the art totally looks gorgeous on it, and I fell in love with the S Pen and how comfortable it is to use. If the palm rejection feature improves, I don’t see why not. It’s the only reason that would hold me back from getting this tab. Other than that, it’s perfect for me.

Toni: Yes! I would love to buy a Galaxy Tab S7+. I really like the quality, design and the specs. A college student like me usually brings a few things when going to the campus and I really like to bring stuff that aren’t bulky. If I have a Galaxy Tab S7+, I would opt to bring it with me instead of a laptop.

Follow the artists:
MJ — @marcusjaie on IG
Gwen — @gwen.arts423 on IG
Toni — @t0nidoodles on IG, @tonidoodles on Twitter

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moto g 5G plus: Fast in more ways than one

Should this be YOUR 5G smartphone?



Things aren’t slowing down any time soon. To keep up with the pace, Motorola gives us the moto g 5G plus — a phone that’s fast in more ways than one.

Next-gen 5G connectivity

It’s no secret that the primary draw of this phone is its 5G capability. If you find yourself suddenly needing to buy a phone, it’s best to get one that’s future-proof in terms of connectivity.

A faster connection means faster downloads both for media and for your usual browsing. It also improves latency for your online mobile games.

To make things easier for you, snapping up the moto g 5G plus gets you a free GOMO 5G sim with 25GB of data that DOES NOT EXPIRE as part of an ongoing promo that lasts up to January 31, 2021. How fast you consume that 25GB of data allocation depends entirely on your usage, but when you’re near a 5G area, this is the kind of speed you’ll get.

Take note, this particular test was done indoors and normally plays between the 90mbps to 150mbps range. 5G is real, it’s here, and it’s pretty awesome.

A smooth, speedy display

The moto g 5G plus sports a tall 6.7-inch FHD+ display with support for a 90Hz refresh rate. We can’t gush enough about how when you go to 90Hz, it’s a little hard to go back to 60Hz.

Not only is it a smoother and faster experience overall, it’s also better for your eyes. Plus, it’s extra satisfying rummaging through your crush’s Instagram posts when the screen looks and feels this smooth.

My UX is satisfyingly clean

As far as Android skins go, we think My UX is grossly underrated. There’s not a lot of bloat and it certainly feels just as snappy as vanilla Android.

The animations don’t stutter, everything feels seamless, and overall interaction with the UI and the phone just feels like an uninterrupted flow. You also get to make it your own with a few customizations here and there.

The Snapdragon 765G is no slouch

Qualcomm has managed to deliver midrange chips that can go toe-to-toe with and perhaps be even better than flagships from years past. The Snapdragon 765G housed inside the moto g 5G plus is a testament to that.

This chip won’t leave you wanting whether you’re using it to answer work emails, a quick gaming session to take a break, or browsing through Netflix’s library until you find the title you want to watch.

For a lot of people, this level of power and productivity will more than suffice.

Long-lasting battery

Here’s an aspect that you’re thankful isn’t fast — this phone promises up to two days of battery life with its 5,000mAh battery. Naturally, this will vary with your usage. In our experience, it’s a phone that won’t have you panicking in case you forget to juice it up before hitting the sack.

For filling up, the phone supports 20W TurboPower charging. That’s enough to give you a few hours of extra usage despite only charging for minutes.

Pricing and availability

The moto g 5G plus retails for PhP 16,995. As of writing, it’s the most affordable 5G-capable smartphone in the Philippines. You can snap one up at any authorized reseller nationwide. It’s also available in the Lenovo Mobile Official store in Lazada. As mentioned earlier, there’s an ongoing promo up to January 31, 2021 wherein buyers can get the moto g 5G plus bundled together with a free GOMO 5G sim with 25GB of data that DOES NOT EXPIRE. If you avail of the promo quick enough, you may also get a free Lenovo Smartwatch S2! Visit http://lenovoph.com/motog5gpluslazada for more info.

This feature is collaboration between GadgetMatch and Lenovo Mobile Philippines

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First Look

ASUS ZenBook S (UX393): Unboxing and First Impressions

Sleek, gorgeous, and sexy!



There’s a premium laptop in town, and it’s worth your every attention. Meet the ZenBook S (UX393) — one of ASUS’s most premium headliner laptop.

In case you didn’t know, ZenBooks got all the coolest features that you can find on a laptop today. While looking fancy.

Without further ado, let’s unbox this beaut!

Bringing that sexy black

The ASUS ZenBook S UX393 landed in my home in a black box. You’ll know it’s not the usual laptop seeing how most laptops use a brown box made with sustainable materials.

Taking a peek inside, you’ll see two black boxes: one that carries the laptop and one that contains the peripherals.

There’s also a sleek, laptop sleeve!

But first, let’s take the smaller, rectangular box out. Inside, you can find a long, 65W fast charger in USB-C.

There’s also a USB-C to 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter. Yes, you read that right. This gorgeous notebook doesn’t have a headphone jack anymore.

Moving on, the bigger box carries the ever-gracious ZenBook S. But first, let’s admire how sleek and sexy the box is — in and out. With its minimal Zen-like pattern, it’s easy to be astonished at first sight. It also looks posh with its sexy black and copper-red combination, the same colors utilized by the beautiful ZenBook S.

Upon opening, you’ll find ASUS’s stamp regarding its commitment to sustainability, honoring its promise to using environment-friendly materials despite using a different color for its packaging.

Underneath the laptop, you can find the usual product guide and warranty card tucked inside a discreet envelope.

Gorgeous and stunning

Looking at the ZenBook S is like staring at a Valentino coat and Burberry underwear. You’re not sure if you need it, but you know you want it.

It maintained the iconic, off-centered logo on its lid, with a spun-metal finish, embellished with its prominent Zen-like concentric circular patterns.

Its luxurious Jade Black finish is accentuated with subtle Red-Copper diamond-cut edges, certainly leaving quite an impression — whether it’s you looking or the one showing it off.

On its sides, the ZenBook S demonstrated a design made for people on-the-go. It has a full-size HDMI, USB Type-A ports, MicroSD card reader, and Thunderbolt 4 USB-C ports.

These Thunderbolt ports support fast charging, 4K UHD external displays, and up to 40Gbps of data transfers.

First impressions

The ZenBook S embodies ASUS’s philosophy when it comes to premium laptops. Just the way it looks, it’s pretty clear that it’s meant to be fancy, smart, and glamorous.

ASUS also brings in innovative features — an ergonomic backlit keyboard design, function keys that make navigating easier, and the NumberPad 2.0 which makes the touchpad work as an LED numeric keypad, too.

For the price it commands, it’s certainly convenient and secure to use. With Windows Hello, your face is your password! The front infrared (IR) camera recognizes your face in seconds and lets you log in instantly and securely.

The ZenBook S also sports ASUS’s proprietary NanoEdge display albeit with a taller 3:2 aspect ratio and a 3300×2200 resolution touchscreen.

Its screen has a Pantone-validated color accuracy, as well, making it an excellent choice for budding creatives. Coupled with Intel’s Evo platform powered by an Intel Core i7 processor, it runs any software seamlessly while you multitask for an efficient workflow.

Price and availability

The ASUS ZenBook S (UX393) is like meeting someone and falling in love at first sight. There’s so much to explore, and you can’t keep your hands off it. That’s what the experience with the ZenBook S felt like.

And for a flagship headliner, we know this laptop still has a lot of surprises on its sleeves. It currently retails for PhP 99,990.

More details on the ZenBook S here.

This feature is a collaboration between GadgetMatch and ASUS Philippines.

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ASUS ZenBook Flip S (UX371EA) Unboxing & First Look

Premium 2-in-1



ZenBook Flip S

ASUS is always coming out with head-turning devices, but the ASUS ZenBook Flip S might just be the one that really grabs your attention. Let’s take a look at it!

There’s nothing particularly striking about the box. 

And this one’s pretty beat up when we got it, but that happens. Everything on the inside is fine.

Jumping straight to the contents — here’s the power brick.

It’s USB-C so it can also charge your smartphone — so long as it also has a USB-C port.

You also get a USB to LAN cable and a USB-C to 3.5mm audio jack cable. 

ZenBook Flip S

Opening the inner box reveals the laptop plus some product information. 

ZenBook Flip S

Digging in a little further, you’ll see it comes with a pen. 

It’s worth noting that there’s no holster on the laptop for the stylus. You’re gonna have to keep it safe at all times and store it somewhere in your bag or your pocket to make sure you don’t lose it.

And the usual manual and warranty card. 

ZenBook Flip S

Ta-dah! Here’s the ASUS ZenBook Flip S. 

With that patented concentric circle design originating from the ASUS logo. Nice and sleek.

Like plenty of ASUS laptops, the screenpad also doubles as the numpad. 

ZenBook Flip S

Over on the right side are the power button and the USB-A port. 

And on the left, an HDMI port along with two USB-C ports. 

The fun thing about 2-in-1s is that you can spread it out like this. 

ZenBook Flip S

It’s a bending ability that we recently realize can come in handy.

You can, of course, use it as a regular laptop. 

ZenBook Flip S

But there’s also this tent mode perfect for consuming media.

ZenBook Flip S

Then, there’s tablet mode which works nicely for something like this that’s relatively light. 

Shin Ryujin 💗

You are working with an OLED touch screen so that’s fantastic for your eyes. 

ZenBook Flip S

Not Shy about stalking ITZY’s IG page.

The keys on the keyboard though are a tad smaller than we’d like. 

ZenBook Flip S

It might take a few hours to a few days to really get used to the keys. They just seem off by a fraction of a millimeter but it does make a difference. No complaints on key travel though, just the size of the keys.

Inside it is the latest 11th Generation Intel Core i7 processor and Intel Iris X graphics, combined with up to 16GB of RAM and up to a 1TB PCIe 3.0 x4 SSD. That means it can practically handle most regular office tasks. It’s actually overpowered for that kind of work.

After about a week of usage, we can say this can power through a regular workday and then some. You’ll have enough juice to watch an episode or two as you wind down for the day.

It retails for PhP 94,995 and could possibly be the sexiest piece of tech you can own.

More details on the ZenBook Flip S here.

This feature is a collaboration between GadgetMatch and ASUS Philippines

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