Moshi Arcus: The perfect travel bag for creatives

A bag match made in heaven



Finding the perfect laptop bag these days is a horrid modern matchmaking story. Each person, depending on their needs, interests, and preferences wants specific things for their packs. It’s then a matter of scoping out what’s available for you. Bag finding, like dating, is easier said than done.

Also in bag shopping (and in dating, but I digress), when an opportunity presents itself, you take it. When Moshi promoted a line of products designed for creatives which included a spacious multi-function backpack, I took the opportunity to test it out.

The Moshi Arcus backpack is one serious-looking bag. It comes in a responsible black (or a more laid-back gray) and is made out of textured cloth, a material that feels soft but sturdy. It’s structured and seemingly engineered for support (unlike your lazy ex) so it’s always in shape (also unlike your ex).

It’s a big bag so there’s space for choices in this thing. Yes, you can fit all your excess baggage in this pack (and I’m not talking about your dating history here). It’s so spacious that I have, in fact, fit three days’ worth of clothes plus my laptop and vlog gear in it.

The Arcus’ best trait, however, is compartmentalization (which is a good treat to have too, girl). It’s “spaciousness” is owed to the bag’s many pockets. I kid you not, there’s a compartment for everything.

There’s a side pocket that allows for easy stuff-grabbing. Also available is a camera insert which makes this the ultimate shooter’s bag — anyone who’s ever covered an event would tell you it’s a pain to keep grabbing the camera from your pack.

Sunglasses and easy-to-break materials? Those have a spot, too! This top pocket ensures none of your fragile stuff ever gets crushed (your heart is an exception) in your backpack.

There are also a host of other smaller zipped pockets for other random things…

… and an open pocket on one side for your water bottles, or even a tripod.

A hidden pocket on the back is a feature I love, especially for when I travel and I need to keep documents like my passport somewhere reachable but safe.

My favorite feature, however, remains to be the separate laptop compartment found on the bag’s back side. Think of it as a computer bag that’s stuck onto your pack. It’s pretty convenient, especially for trips, as you don’t have to rummage through your packed bag just to get to your laptop, which is something I do a lot because I work on the go. There are also a number of other pockets in the laptop compartment itself which ensure your life is always organized (at least, in that context).

As serious-looking as it is, it’s also something that’s built with comfort in mind. The cushioned back and padded straps will make sure you’re never hurt (which isn’t something I can say about the boys you’ve dated).

All in all, the Moshi Arcus bag is a winner. It’s built for business and utility, in a serious-looking package. Its many compartments make for an optimized bag-toting experience without compromising user comfort.

Now that I think about it, seeing as I actually love the Arcus, backpack-matchmaking isn’t so hard. I wish I could say the same for people.


Rock Space formally launches in the Philippines, brings plenty of accessories

More accessories to choose from



There’s a new brand that just entered the Philippine market and it’s Rock Space. You might have seen Rock Space as a freebie for OPPO phones, but the company has already expanded to be a full-fledged digital life brand that’ll cater to the ever-growing fast-paced lifestyle of modern and trendy Filipinos.

Rock Space has been around since 2009, so they’re not a new entry to the competitive accessories market. With a decade of presence in the market, the company already has a number of accessories that’ll suit almost anyone. Not only that, but Rock Space is also backed up by recognition from international product design awards.

One of the main products Rock Space is offering in the Philippines is the new EB 70 True Wireless Stereo Earphones. It’s a pair of Bluetooth 5.0-equipped wireless earphones with Hi-Fi speakers and a Digital Signal Processor for clearer sound transmission.

It has a promised continuous battery life of 4 hours, and up to 17 hours using the carrying case that also doubles as a battery pack and a charger. It has a retail price of PhP 3,999.

Rock Space also has power banks in different sizes and capacities. Take the Rock Space P66 for example. It’s a compact 10000mAh power bank with an LED display. It’s priced at PhP 1,299.

Additionally, Rock Space sells phone cables for both iPhone and Android devices, wireless chargers, fast-charging bricks, earphones, and even accessories for your car that can wirelessly charge your phone while you drive.

Also, they cut and apply their own screen protectors for various phone models. They use a special cutting machine that accurately cut the screen protector and they’ll install it for you.

Rock Space is now available in kiosks and partner stores nationwide. Those who prefer to shop online, they are also selling on Lazada and Shopee. Moreover, you can check out Rock Space products at OPPO concept stores.

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These noise-cancelling headphones are Filipino-designed

Three stars and a sun!



Three stars and a sun. That’s a quick way to describe the Philippine flag and those exact elements are present on the PH3 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones.

Of course there’s the red and blue colors as well. Those have been carefully integrated as highlights along the earcups of the headphones making for one of the more minimalist approaches to adapting the Philippine flag.

The PH3 is more than just it’s looks. These headphones made by H-Audio Technologies promises to mask out background noise of up to 15-20 dB between 50-500 Hz. Can’t confirm as of publishing how good exactly that is but we’ll let you know when we get a review unit. It has a 20-meter range and has 20-hour maximum battery life.

The PH3 headphones is now available at select The Loop by Power Mac Center branches for PhP 7,480 (US$ 144).

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Singaporean designer brand UNIQ brings its stylish accessories to the Philippines

No, it’s not UNIQLO



Yet another designer brand has entered the Philippine market. Originally from Singapore, UNIQ has launched in the Philippines, introducing its product lineup as well as its plans for expansion.

UNIQ produces elegantly designed cases for iPhones, Apple Watches, iPads, AirPods, and even MacBooks. Non-iPhone users don’t have to worry as the brand has Android cases for Samsung, and cases for Huawei is in the works.

Aside from dressing up your gadgets, UNIQ has something for those who want to stay connected and organized. For instance, they have a sleek, smart cable organizer for Lightning and USB-C cables. Additionally, they offer wireless charging pads, power banks, and charging stations equipped with USB-C which supports quick charging, as well.

Furthermore, UNIQ has power adapters and travel chargers compatible with over 150 countries. They also have beautifully crafted pouches, sleeves, and bags to protect your devices while you travel.

Officially distributed by Macpower, a distributor for Globe, Power Mac Centers, and Lazada, the products will become available when they open their first kiosk on June 22 at 4F Cyberzone, The Annex Building, SM City North EDSA. Suggested retail prices range from PhP 1,000 to PhP 5,000.

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