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Useful and stylish

Illustration by Adrienne Louis Flores



Three bags, for three needs. In this quick feature, we’re looking at Moshi bags that handle the various needs of members of the team.

Vacanza Travel Bag (Charcoal Black) | Rodneil

Moshi bag

While browsing through Moshi’s website looking for the kind of everyday bag I need, I didn’t even think to look at their weekender series. My first choice was the Carta Compact Messenger Bag. But good thing our Associate Creative Director pointed me in the right direction. 

Moshi bag

You see, I bring A LOT of stuff so I need a bag with plenty of room. But I also didn’t want it to be a backpack. I already look like an adult mutant ninja turtle as it is. A bulky backpack will only solidify that image. Naturally, I don’t want that. Thankfully, we spotted the Vacanza Travel Bag and I kid you not, it is EVERYTHING I have always wanted. 

Moshi bag

I like to just grab and go. That’s why my default way of carrying it is with the handles. It’s easy to lug around despite the number of items inside. 

Moshi bag

It does have a strap so you can carry it like a shoulder bag. I always have it handy with me but in the few weeks that I’ve had the bag, I haven’t exactly needed it so far. 

Carries everything I need

On the daily I carry my camera, a pouch-like thing for my cables, power banks, and my WF-1000XM4 earbuds. Then of course a laptop, whether that’s my trusty 13” M1 MacBook Pro, or whatever laptop I’m reviewing which can range from really compact ones to the bulky gaming types. 

Beyond what’s mentioned, I carry any number of devices that we’ll shoot. That can be up to four smartphones, or a variety of smart accessories and wearables. They all fit in nicely since the bag is super spacious. 

Moshi bag

There are also quick access pockets where I usually put my hand sanitizer, vaccination card, and bluelight glasses. 

Moshi bag

I haven’t been able to go on a vacation with it yet, but when I do, I’ll make sure to bring the extra bags and pouches inside which can be used for used clothes. 

Overall, it’s been EXACTLY everything I need.

Urbana Navi Travel Briefcase (Herringbone Gray) | MJ

Moshi bag

Having the liberty of working literally anywhere, I’m always on the lookout for a stylish bag that can carry all my essentials, without looking like a native urban dweller. Think: dark, bulky briefcases and heavy backpacks. Moshi’s Urbana Navi Travel Briefcase in Herringbone Gray perfectly suited my style and preferences.

Moshi bag

It’s lightweight and easy to carry using its handles. If you’re the sling type, it comes with a removable strap that you can easily store in one of its discreet compartments. (Surely, I’m not.)

Stylish briefcase

Moshi bag

On the outside, this Moshi briefcase looks small but it’s spacious enough to fit a 13-inch Macbook Air. Its padded sleeve inside comes with small compartments that perfectly snugs your power bank, extra phone, pen, and a few, small essentials.

There’s also an RFID pocket where I store the cards I need. I feel assured knowing my important cards are protected in a separate pocket, and it’s conveniently placed where I can easily reach them to enable my cashless lifestyle.

Ever since I had my hands on the Urbana Navi, I haven’t let go of it. It’s become an everyday companion — for work meetings and even errands on the bank and school. I’m certain it’s an ideal space for my gadgets when I travel on a plane soon. 

Carta Compact Messenger Bag (Vintage Brown) | Vincenz

Being always that indecisive person in the team, it took me some time before I decided to choose Moshi’s Carta Compact Messenger Bag in its Vintage Brown colorway. I almost withdrew my pick after knowing MJ made first dibs on this bag but I thought this is best suited for my needs.

Moshi bag

I’ve always wanted a bag that feels light when worn yet looks stylish and can still fit my essentials whenever I go outside for a work shoot. Unlike other offerings from Moshi that look too serious or curated for the business-minded, I’m looking for that bag where I can pair it to my completely casual attire — and the Carta Compact is the best candidate for this.

Moshi bag

This may be a hard color to pair on with  #OOTDs, but my wardrobe mostly consists of shirts and button-downs ranging from black to orange and definitely the “earth tone palette” in either dark brown, khaki, tan, green, and even cream.

I also thought this would be the perfect addition to my tan-colored bag collection. And while the brand is totally different, I like how it’s also made with the same Daily Vegan Leather material such as my satchel, tote bag, and a smaller sling bag. This means it’s weather-resistant and I don’t have to worry about sudden splashes of water or rain when I’m outdoors.

Compact but spacious

With more pockets inside this Moshi bag, I can easily separate my belongings. I carry my sharp home keys, vaccination card, and coin purse. I separate them from the devices I bring such as a pair of wireless earbuds, an external SSD, and the four phones I’m currently holding. 

Moshi bag

Storing items in different pockets will also help me locate the items easier without mixing up everything inside. And just like in MJ’s Urbana Briefcase, this one also has a pocket with an RFID shield in it so it blocks out unwanted card taps from our wallets.

Moreover, the Carta Compact was also able to fit my other usual belongings such as a 10,000mAh powerbank for the phones, a larger 26800mAh powerbank for my laptop, a 100W GaN charger with two USB-C to USB-C cables plus one USB-C to Lightning cable, and even an extra shirt.

If there’s one downside, it’s the fact that it can only fit a smaller 13-inch laptop. I’m currently using a 15-inch MacBook Pro so I haven’t really tried to use it with my laptop inside. But judging by  the sleeve opening, the latest M1 Pro 14-inch MacBook Pro can actually fit inside – and I hope I can have mine soon so I can try and finally see if it really fits. 🥺👉🏼👈🏼



OPPO Reno8 T: Ultra Night Portrait

Taking the Reno8 T on date night




OPPO Reno8 T
@gadgetmatch OPPO has a new phone and we’re lovin’ it 😉 #OPPOReno8T #ThePortraitExpert #OPPOGoldenHour ♬ Pebbles – Official Sound Studio

We’re taking a closer look at the latest OPPO Reno8 T. A modern and sleek-designed smartphone that’s sure to turn heads. 

OPPO Reno8 series has been making waves in the market for its impressive camera capabilities. So I wanted to see for myself how well it performs in different light situations.

We went to a rooftop cafe that I’ve been wanting to visit, where we watched the sunset and spent a lovely night out.

We chose a spot with minimal light since I really wanted to see how the Reno 8T would handle shooting portraits in low-light conditions.

I took a few shots on the same spot trying out the portrait, photo, and the night mode. 

I was totally impressed but not surprised by the results. The background was well-lit, giving out a more professional look. 

Even in these busy surroundings, I’m still amazed by the clarity and popping color of these photos. Of course, foodie shot for my instagram updates. 

Aside from the outstanding camera performance, I’m loving the upgraded orbit light and fiberglass-leather design finish plus the new leather stitching. And oh, look at that dazzling sunset orange color which adds a bit of personality to the phone. it feels comfortable to hold this since it’s also lightweight.

Another night well spent captured by the ultra night portrait feature of the oppo reno 8T—really a game-changer.

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Logitech Valentine’s accessory gift guide

POP series, Aurora Collection, more



Logitech Valentine's

Logitech has just released its Valentine’s season gift guide for Singapore.

The list includes a great range of gaming peripherals they are known for, including the POP series, Aurora collection, and MX mechanical keyboards.

POP Series

Logitech Valentine's


For a minimalist and beautifully retro-themed setup, the POP Keys and POP Mouse are perfect additions.

The keyboard resembles a typewriter with its scooped mechanical keys, but also comes with 8 swappable emoji keys. The mouse features a top button that opens emoji menus for one-tap convenience.

These products are available in 5 fun and vibrant colors, giving playful aesthetic to users.

  • POP Keys: SG$ 169
  • POP Mouse: SG$ 54

Aurora Collection

Logitech Valentine's

Wanting a drift away from usual RGB gaming products? The Aurora Collection has a softer aesthetic with its dreamy take on headsets, keyboards, and mice.

Products under this line include the wireless gaming mouse designed for players with smaller hands, thanks to its compact form and sculpted thumb rest, and wireless gaming headset with rotatable ear cups.

The gaming keyboards, meanwhile, have a compact, tenkeyless layout, and adjustable height for comfortable all-day long gaming.

  • Logitech G735 gaming headset: SG$ 329
  • Logitech G715 gaming keyboard: SG$ 299
  • Logitech G713 gaming keyboard: SG$ 269
  • Logitech G705 gaming mouse: SG$ 162

MX Mechanical keyboards

Mechanical keyboards from the MX range deliver high-performance mechanical typing to boost productivity in the workplace.

The MX Mechanical, specifically, features the Tactile Quiet key switch to make it one of the quietest keyboards, while the MX Master 3S has an 8,000 DPI optical sensor.

  • MX Master 3S: SG$ 189
  • MX Mechanical: SG$ 339
  • MX Mechanical Mini: SG$ 289

Lastly, customers may also want to check the following devices:

Logitech G502 X PLUS – SG$ 255

Coming from the G502X series, this gaming mouse has some of the most advanced gaming technologies all rolled into an iconic form factor to help users achieve an unrivaled experience.

ERGO K860 wireless split keyboard – SG$ 229

Designed to improve typing posture, the ERGO K860 has an ergonomic design which showcases a curved, split keyframe. It includes a pillowed integrated palm rest.

Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse – SG$ 119

With a unique 57-degree vertical design, this mouse is a great fit for small and medium-sized palms as it takes the pressure off the wrist for a more relaxing grip.

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Apple Music launches ‘Rihanna’s Road to Halftime’

In anticipation of Super Bowl 2023



Apple Music Rihanna

After succeeding Pepsi as NFL’s official Super Bowl Halftime Show partner, Apple Music is pulling all the stops as it braces for its first ever show in the sports event, which features music icon Rihanna.

In anticipation of her upcoming Super Bowl LVII halftime performance in Glendale, Arizona on February 13, Apple Music has launched Rihanna’s Road to Halftime”, letting streamers experience the superstar’s music catalogue in deeply-enriched multidimensional sound.

Apple Music Radio will also be holding a Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show press conference on February 10, with Nadeska Alexis interviewing Rihanna herself ahead of her highly-awaited performance in United States’ annual sports spectacle.

An 8-episode “Rihanna Revisited Radio” will also keep fans engaged as the countdown to Super Bowl LVII continues ticking.

Even after the performance itself, Apple Music will have people covered with its Halftime Recap Radio” to wrap everything up.

Meanwhile, the new Apple Music Sing feature will also allow subscribers to take the mic and reenact Rhianna’s hits on compatible iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV 4K models.

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