OPPO announces the Ace2, its first phone with wireless charging

Officially launching on April 20



Image source: OPPO

Last year, the OPPO Reno Ace boasted the company’s first use of the SuperVOOC 2.0. The superfast 65W charging solution powered the smartphone from zero to full in just 30 short minutes, a still-standing world record. Naturally, the new feature was just one in the Reno Ace’s package of flagship features. Since then, OPPO’s Reno series of phones has grown quickly, branching out into different strands and markets. Now, the OPPO Reno Ace series is finally spreading its wings as well.

Recently, OPPO has launched the sequel to last year’s Reno Ace. However, this time, the series is dropping the Reno branding. The new smartphone is now simply named the OPPO Ace2.

Like the Reno Ace, the Ace2 is boasting an all-new battery feature. Carrying a 4000mAh battery, the smartphone will sport the company’s first wireless charging option, the 40W AirVOOC charging system. The cable-free charging joins the Huawei P40 Pro (which touts a similar 40W charging system) in wireless charging leadership.

More traditionally, the Ace2 will also feature its predecessor’s SuperVOOC 65W wired charging system. The phone is completely covered in both wired and wireless charging systems.

Inside, the phone carries a slightly updated portfolio from its yesteryear version: a 6.5-inch (2400 x 1080 resolution) OLED screen with a 90Hz refresh rate, the Snapdragon 865 chipset, up to 12GB of RAM, and up to 256GB of internal storage.

For its cameras, the phone has a quad rear combination: 48-megapixel main sensor + 8-megapixel ultrawide sensor + 2-megapixel macro sensor + 2-megapixel depth sensor. The front-facing camera is a capable 16-megapixel selfie shooter.

The OPPO Ace2 will first launch in China on April 20. The starting 8GB/128GB variant will retail for CNY 3,999 (around US$ 567). The 8GB/256GB variant will retail for CNY 4,399 (around US$ 624). The 12GB/256GB variant will retail for CNY 4,599 (around US$ 652).

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Gaming introduces exclusively-local DOTA 2 tournament

Paving the way for the future DOTA 2 legends in the Philippines



Esports in the Philippines has been on a steady rise, with almost no end in sight. Filipino teams and players strive to compete at the highest level, proving their worth against international foes. From TNC Predator’s consistent participation in The International to the country’s DOTA 2 gold medal finish in the 2019 SEA Games, there’s nowhere to go but up!, an online Esports platform, is offering an opportunity for more people to take part in its rise. With over 13,000 registered Filipino players, it has continuosly provided avenues for amateurs to hone their skills such as tournaments. This time around, they’ve began scouting for more players seeking to be the best in the country in their new DOTA 2 Leagues.

The idea is simple: form a team, register and compete with others, earn your ranking, and win the prize pool. In partnership with JBL, the DOTA 2 Leagues offer a tier-system style tournament. For aspiring teams, they will begin their quest for supremacy in the Open Series, a set of weekly tournaments.

Through these tournaments, team earn Meta Rank points which will factor in with their promotion into the Junior and Senior Divisions. A prize pool of over Php 255,000 awaits the winners, along with a chance to receive coaching sessions with players from TNC Predator.

Interested teams can still register until August 5, 2020 through the website. The Open Series kicks off on August 6, and will run for six months.

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Nearby Share which is ‘Google’s AirDrop’ now rolling out

Now supporting Pixel and Samsung phones



After a long time in development, Google’s Nearby Share feature is now available on some Pixel and Samsung phones. The file-sharing feature enables direct transfer of files locally, improving speed as well as ease-of-use.

Apple’s iOS and macOS have a feature called AirDrop for a very long time now. Using local WiFi protocol, any large file can be swiftly transferred within the ecosystem. Android users have long been asking for a similar feature and it’s now available on a few phones.

If you want to share a file, just tap share, and wait for the nearby device to show-up. Select the device and the file will be off within a few seconds. This eliminates the need to upload the file on a cloud and later download it on another device. Bluetooth connection is radically slower than WiFi protocol and hence cannot be used for larger files.

The concept is on the same lines as third-party apps like Xender or Me Share. But, with a direct app from Google, Nearby Share can become a deeply rooted part of the operating system, much like the Play Store.

The receiving device will always have the option to “accept” or “decline” the file, so files are never transferred without explicit confirmation. However, the best part about Nearby Share is its cross-platform compatibility. It’ll work with Chromebooks, Windows, and Chrome browser. iOS support isn’t mentioned yet.

Nearby Share leverages Bluetooth and location, along with WebRTC, or peer-to-peer WiFi sharing. Lastly, the feature is backed by Google Play Services, so Huawei phones will again miss out on a simple app.

Although, Chinese tech giants like OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi, realme, and more have created a consortium that shall support a similar file sharing app seamlessly across all their devices. Google is quite late to the game and these Android phone makers were kind of tired of waiting.

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Apple is not interested in TikTok

TikTok is still up for grabs



With TikTok virtually up for auction, everyone is getting in on the discussion for an acquisition. Last weekend, President Donald Trump announced a definitive ban against the popular video-sharing platform unless an acquisition deal is done before September 15. Around the same time, Microsoft rose to the fore as the likeliest suitor for the Chinese company. That said, other companies are still popping up in the discussion, one way or another. Today, for example, a source confirms that Apple is not interested in TikTok.

The strange confirmation isn’t unprecedented. Earlier, an Axios report hinted at Apple’s interest in TikTok, citing sources from outside Apple. Naturally, everyone wanted to know whether the American company genuinely wanted TikTok or not.

However, in response to the report, various spokespersons have taken to the media to express their company’s opinion on the matter. It’s definitive. Apple is not discussing a TikTok acquisition. The company doesn’t show interest in one either.

Compared to Microsoft, Apple doesn’t exactly have a lot of stake in the matter. The company has not entered the social media industry, making a TikTok-inspired entry unlikely. On the other hand, Microsoft owns LinkedIn, a comparatively smaller social media platform beside giants like Facebook and Twitter. The company can gain from a company of TikTok’s size.

Currently, the TikTok conundrum has a lot of moving parts. Outside of Trump and Microsoft, ByteDance, TikTok’s owner, has expressed interest in moving the platform’s headquarters to the UK, rather than the US. Also, China has weighed in, calling any plan “an open robbery.”

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