Power Mac Center offers new STEM and creativity courses for kids

Enter the Design Trail



Encouraging children today to delve into STEM and creative endeavors is important to develop their identity for the future. While there are a wealth of ways to do so, Power Mac Center (PMC) is making it easy for children to use today’s tools to work on their creativity.

Starting today, Power Mac Center and Basecamp have started a new series of workshops tailored towards animation, game design, video editing, and app development. The two workshops, named Design Trail and Vision Hub will cater to young children, teenagers, and young adults.

Encouraging STEM and creativity

Thanks to its affiliation with Apple, PMC will help inspire creativity using Apple’s devices. For example, the Design Trail offers courses, such as “The Art of Comics” and “2D Animation using iPad,” with focus towards the company’s products. Meanwhile, young adults up to the age of 21 can enroll in Vision Hub’s “3D Creation and Animation for Beginners” to hone their skills in the digital space.

Melding creativity with STEM, the workshops also offer training courses featuring popular creativity-focused games like Roblox and Minecraft. Enrollees can learn the tools of web design and app development.

It’s not just about the digital space, either. The workshop series also includes courses for more traditional arts and crafts like drawing, painting, printmaking, and manga. Since these skills are more analog-based, PMC will offer these courses through the Basecamp training center located in Glorietta 5.

Price and availability

Design Trail workshops last for four days with 1.5 hours per session. Digital courses will cost PhP 2,500 per student per course. Face-to-face courses will cost PhP 3,000 per student per course.

Meanwhile, Vision Hub will offer courses for PhP 5,500 per person for every course. Workshops will last for five days.

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Fans created an amazing remake of Final Fantasy IX

It’s the best game you won’t be able to play



Remakes are popular in the world of gaming these days. Three Japanese studios — Square Enix, Capcom, and Konami — all have released or upcoming remakes of their popular titles. However, the most impressive remake right now comes from somewhere other than these three giants. A group of fans have successfully recreated Final Fantasy IX with modern graphics.

Initially released way back in 2000, Final Fantasy IX remains one of the most endearing entries in the decades-long franchise. It was released for the original PlayStation. Of course, because of the hardware limitations back then, the original game looks dated.

Now, more than two decades after the original game’s release, a team of over fifty fans worked hard since 2021 to create a short demo of Final Fantasy IX using modern technology. The team does have a storied resume, though. It included individuals with experience from big companies like Sony, Blizzard, Riot Games, and Sucker Punch.

Unfortunately, if you want to play the remade game, you’re out of luck. The Memoria Project, as the collective is known, has no intentions of releasing a finished game — unless Square Enix gives them explicit permission to do so. Given how accurate the project is to the original game, copyright infringement is a legitimate concern.

As such, all fans have right now is a 25-minute gameplay video showcasing the opening Alexandria section of the game. It’s an impressive showcase, though. If you were a fan of the original, check out the video.

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Diablo IV will get two expansions

Hell is expanding



In today’s gaming landscape, live-service games often come with a veneer of controversy. While the format ensures content continuously pouring through the gate, a lot of players equate it to the plagued world of microtransactions. Eager to break out of the stereotype, the newly released Diablo IV, itself a live-service game, is already promising a wealth of content coming in the future — including two expansion packs.

In an interview with Kinda Funny Games on YouTube, the franchise’s general manager Rod Fergusson has confirmed that the newly released entry in the popular series is getting at least two expansions down the line. With the live-service format, the studio can focus on polishing the content, rather than rushing them through the gate, according to Fergusson.

Though the expansions are already confirmed, neither Fergusson nor Blizzard have confirmed where the expansions will take players next. Both expansions will include unnamed narrative storylines, rather than focusing on introducing new mechanics.

Also, it will likely take a while before either expansion is announced. After all, Diablo IV just released a few days ago. Plus, the developers are working on putting out the first season of the title’s battle pass.

Two expansions are quite impressive for the new title. Both Diablo II and Diablo III only had one expansion.

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Instagram is building an AI chatbot

Follows TikTok in doing so



Do you need an AI chatbot to hold a conversation? Instagram seems to think so. As the world rapidly experiments with developments in AI technology, the platform is reportedly working on a chatbot for its users.

According to Alessandro Paluzzi, a reverse engineer who usually digs up future plans for popular apps, Instagram is working on the AI chatbot feature for a future iteration of the app. Much like other chatbots out in the market today, Instagram’s unnamed bot will enable users to interact with it in casually flowing conversation.

The screenshots obtained by the engineer read that it “answers questions, gives advice.” Additionally, it helps users “find the best way to express [themselves] … [through] writing messages.” From a usability standpoint, the feature can help users craft replies to direct messages. They can also bring the bot into human-to-human conversations by mentioning the bot in the conversation.

To add to the quirkiness, Instagram will supposedly add 30 different personalities to the chatbot. Users can pick and choose which one they like the best. The sneak peek does not reveal any personalities included in the feature. (We’re hoping for a snarky one that judges and critiques posts.)

The feature has no timetable as to its release. However, since TikTok already released its own chatbot for testing, it should stand that Instagram’s feature will come out soon.

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