RAKK launches the Haribon, Sinag 98

More mechanical keyboard options



RAKK Haribon, Sinag 98

tRAKK Gears isn’t slowing down any time soon. They are greeting 2023 by introducing two new mechanical keyboards — the Haribon and the Sinag 98.


RAKK Haribon is named after the Haribon or Haring Ibon — one of the rarest birds in the world. Haribon is RAKK’s first first full aluminum keyboard — aluminum 6063 to be specific. It has 67-keys with a layout that resembles the wings of a bird.

RAKK Haribon also has 5-pin universal hot-swap sockets, including screw-in stabilizers for secure installation and less movement making it stable and customizable. It also comes with a polycarbonate plate and foam dampeners to lessen the vibration and ping sound and a knob to adjust your desired volume how you want it.

It retails for PhP 7,995 and is available on the EASYPC official website as well as RAKK’s official stores in Shopee and Lazada.

Sinag 98

Sinag means gleam of light in Tagalog. RAKK Sinag 98 is a 98-key layout mechanical keyboard that has an aluminum knob that gives users easy access and full control of their settings.

The keyboard comes with software named Spectrograph that allows users to control the brightness of their RGB lights. Each detail was considered to give users maximum switch compatibility and the best smooth-typing experience along with south-facing PCBs.

With Tri-mode, it supports a wide range of devices. Everything from Windows and Android to macOS and iOS will work with this keyboard.

The Sinag 98 retails for PhP 3,495. I is available in the usual channels: RAKK official stores in Lazada, Shopee, and EASYPC website.


TWICE x CASETiFY collection officially dropping on Feb 9

‘Full of love to ONCE’



TWICE really knows how to make ONCEs (they’re fandom) feel special. The global superstar K-Pop group is teaming up with tech lifestyle brand CASETiFY for a special collection. The waitlist for their first ever collaboration has begun. The official release is set on February 9, 2023.


The collection was made to celebrate TWICE entering their 8th year. There’s a huge focus on ONCE as well as artworks inspired by the world of TWICE.

The TWICE-ful Love Grippy Case is the highlight of the collection. It’s decorated with a cushion designed with the TWICE Logo. It’s the first 3D phone case from CASETiFY with this kind of design. The case, however, is only available for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

But cheer up since the collection does include many other designs made for different smartphone models and gadgets. The lineup is filled with TWICE’s history and ONCE’s memories.

There’s a sticker case highlighting the tracks from the past seven years, a signature case with the members’ signatures, a Heart case with the members’ names, and lastly, an artwork featuring one of their top songs, “What is Love?”

For Apple-loving TWICE fans, there are also AirPod cases, Apple Watch bands, MacBook Sleeves, and a bead strap with the original heart color stones of all the members. There’s also a phone strap with TWICE logo metal charm.

Win a phone case signed by your TWICE bias


Whichever member is your favorite: Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, or Tzuyu, you’ll have a chance to win a case autographed by one of the members. CASETiFY STUDIO Shibuya Parco in Japan will have special wall displays with autographed cases and artwork from the collection. More details on the campaign coming soon.

The TWICE x CASETiFY collection launches worldwide on, available for purchase online, in the CASETiFY Co-Lab app (available now in the App Store), and at CASETiFY Studio locations.

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2023 Minimal Desk Setup

With Logitech’s newest keyboard and mouse



Last week, Apple launched the new Mac mini, a BYODKM device — bring your own display keyboard and mouse.

Paired with Apple’s Studio Display, this is the perfect time to pair it with a keyboard and mouse from Logitech!

But how will Michael Josh’s revamp his 2023 desk setup?

Watch our special Logitech desk setup and styling video now to know more!

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Google is working on an AirTag competitor

Codenamed “grogu”



Since its launch, the AirTag has created a whirlwind of controversy because of how the tracking device was used (or misused). Today, the general consensus is that the AirTag offers more benefits than potential drawbacks. Everyone now wants in. Google, according to a recent finding, is reportedly working on its own AirTag competitor.

Via Kuba Wojciechowski and Mishaal Rahman on Twitter, Google is developing quite a bit in the tracking device segment. The developers are currently expanding the lineup of Fast Pair to include support for more locator tags like the AirTag. However, besides support for other devices, the development also includes references to a first-party tracking device.

The device, “grogu” as it’s currently called, is under development by the Nest team. It will include on-board speakers and Bluetooth LE support.

Google has not hinted at any developments to confirm any upcoming tracking device. With the currently available information, it’s impossible to check what the final product will be called or what features it will come with.

A Google-based tracking device will still be a godsend for users, though. Currently, only Tile offers an alternative to the Apple-based AirTag. Besides allowing users to keep track of their misplaced devices, a tracking device is now an essential must-have for travelers to make sure airlines don’t accidentally misplace pieces of luggage.

SEE ALSO: Android is working on a built-in detector for AirTags

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