Realme XT review: Gorgeous and fabulous

It’s more than just a 64-megapixel camera phone



I always pride myself on having an impeccable taste when it comes to aesthetic and style. I have extremely high standards; not just in my everyday choices in life, but also in the little things I encounter. Such examples are food, coffee, the type of vehicle I want to ride on, and gadgets I’d love to try.

Yes, you read that right. I’m a picky person in everything and I’m only captivated by things that are beautiful. While it’s true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there are a few cases where what I found beautiful was perceived the same way by the people around me.

Case in point: The Realme XT.

Brims with beauty and elegance

I got my hands on the Pearl White Realme XT. Seeing this beaut brings me the feeling and sense of wonder. It’s beautiful to look at, like a fairytale that came to life. The Realme XT is gorgeous, magical, wonderful, and exciting to flaunt in front of everyone.

Using a classic, timeless shade combined with the radiant glow of shifting colors, Realme outdid itself. This phone is just majestic to look at.

Designed with form and function

Realme didn’t forget function, despite trying to achieve perfection through this smartphone. It has soft buttons which made the volume rockers and power button lovely to press every now and then.

Even though it’s tall like every phone of 2019, its curves are crafted with the user in mind. However, its grip isn’t perfect for my tiny hands. Thankfully, the phone isn’t as slippery as any other glass phone.

On the other hand, everything we need at is here. There’s a card tray for your SIM card and a dedicated MicroSD slot that supports up to 256GB of storage. You can also find a 3.5mm headphone jack, a microphone, a USB Type-C port, and its speaker grilles supported by Dolby Atmos.

There’s always a deal breaker

Humans are never contented. We always find the something lacking or we reject the thing that doesn’t suit our preferences. Admittedly, I fell in love at first sight with the Realme XT when I first saw it in person. It’s glamorous and it made me want to use and own it. However, flipping the phone gave me a horrendous sight.

While this sounds dramatic, I hate the notch no matter what form or style it is. It’s appalling to look at, and I’m still wondering until when I’m going to see this trend on smartphones this year. However, this deal breaker is something that can’t be helped.

It’s like seeing someone with a full set of toned abs and muscles, only to find his nose annoying. Genetically speaking, it’s something that you can’t fix unless you undergo surgery. But let’s be real: No one in the right mind would fix his natural-born appearance just to please someone with unattainable standards. Same goes with this smartphone, you just need to live with it.

Red flags that are difficult to ignore

Apart from its awful notch, I had trouble with its screen. The Realme XT has a 6.4″ Super AMOLED full HD+ display with a Gorilla Glass 5 protection. Yes, it sounds and looks pretty good. Its display is bright, filled with vibrant and well-saturated icons. Underneath the screen is an in-display fingerprint scanner, which authenticates quickly.

However, I had a hard time viewing the screen under extreme sunlight while I was in Boracay Island. I find this confusing since most AMOLED panels have excellent sunlight legibility and this one can’t handle being used outdoors. My only solution is to use the phone under a shade so I can still play games, watch videos, chat, and surf.

A little bit tacky

On top of my problem with sunlight, I’m disappointed with the UI design that ColorOS 6 has. Originally not fond of its skin, I opted to find ways to change its theme.

Changing the theme is easy peasy. There are a variety of free themes to choose from, so I can guarantee you can find something that resonates with your personality and style.

Sweet and smooth

The Realme XT runs ColorOS 6 based on Android 9 Pie. This phone also packs 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. Additionally, it runs an Adreno 616 for its graphics card, and it’s powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 712. I haven’t experienced any hiccups during my entire usage, and I find it easy to switch between apps and multitask.

I even played Mobile Legends on the highest setting possible and it didn’t lag one bit. Navigating the game is a piece of cake since it runs smoothly. Given that I have no interest in gaming smartphones, I don’t have the authority to tell whether this phone is a beast in this department or not. But one thing’s for sure: It definitely can play any game you’d like.

Lasts longer than it should be

My entire day includes communicating through messaging apps, scrolling through social media, reading news, and stalking my crush on Instagram. As people know, I’m a heavy, power user which runs multiple apps and loves to switch between apps every now and then.

This only means one thing: I’m on my phone a lot. Back then, I used to only care for cameras when choosing a smartphone. Seeing how my behavior and the way I use my smartphone changed, I realized how important it is to find a smartphone that packs a lot of power and the battery you need for an entire day.

The Realme XT has a 4000mAh battery and can be charged with the fast 20W VOOC charging. On standby, the phone can last two to three days. Even when you use it fairly or abusively, the Realme XT can really last for an entire day.

Recently, I attended a wedding and I only had the Realme XT with me throughout the day. Fear crept in my body after realizing that I left my power bank and the phone might not last until the evening. To my surprise, the Realme XT lasted even when I used Waze to navigate while driving, watch videos on YouTube, chat with friends on Messenger, browse on Instagram, upload my stories, and take lots of photos and videos.

I was able to do a lot, and I didn’t expect the phone to last longer than it did. It was at this moment that I found a better appreciation of Realme’s phones, which has been bragged to me as a budget phone that has a lot of juice and power.

Shining and sparkling bright cameras

The Realme XT is equipped with a quad-camera setup, which includes the following: 64-megapixel main camera, 8-megapixel wide angle lens, 2-megapixel meant for macro and 2-megapixel depth sensor cameras. On its front, the Realme XT houses a 16-megapixel selfie camera. Additionally, it can take high-quality videos up to 4K at 30 fps.

At first, I wondered who would need a megapixel number this high? Smartphone manufacturers keep chasing numbers yet what they’re doing translates to me as an attempt to capture more markets who are blinded with the thought that a higher megapixel count means better photos.

My argument is somewhat true since some phones and even cameras are equipped with a lower megapixel count yet still produce stunning imagery. But I gave the Realme XT a try, like a person giving someone a chance.

Then I realized, the Realme XT does wonders. These 64-megapixel photos captivated me. It felt like I was being brought to another world, delving into a life of picture-perfect moments and stunning clarity so clear — your fuzzy relationship can’t even.

Even with photos shot on auto mode, it’s hard not to fall in love with its cameras.

The only downside is the quality of photos you can take at night. It’s not that bad, but it’s not that good either. Even with nightscape on, I struggled and I decided not to use the Realme XT during my dinners and parties. After all, some nights are worth living the moment instead of documenting everything on a smartphone.

But of course, here are a few samples I took during the blue hour.

The quality downgrades, so if you prefer stunning night shots without resorting to nightscape, you might want to opt using the 64-megapixel camera.

Is this your GadgetMatch?

The Realme XT is one gorgeous and fabulous phone. No doubt, it’s one of the prettiest this year. Sure, there are pretty phones out there like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. However, it’s the type of beauty that comes with a price. I’m a firm believer that beauty shouldn’t come with too steep a price. It should be something that everyone can enjoy.

Apart from its beauty, the Realme XT is a capable smartphone. While it may have its shortcomings, these red flags are easy to gloss over since the phone has a lot to offer such as its wonderful cameras, its trusty battery life, and power that lets you do more even on an affordable smartphone. Like in love, there’s always something a person can bring to the table. It’s up to us to see the bad side or choose to see their worth.

The Realme XT costs PhP 16,990 (US$ 333) in the Philippines. It’s already available on Lazada today. If you pre-order now, you will also get the Realme Youth Buds that’s worth PhP 3,990 for free.


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Hot Wheels Unleashed review: A childhood dream realized

It’s action-packed and rather nostalgic



Hot Wheels Unleashed

As a kid, I wanted all kinds of toys whenever we went to toy stores in the city. One of the very first toys I had an obsession over was Hot Wheels. From collecting cars to building tracks in the living room, it became the quintessential set of toys that got me into racing games all this time.

When Hot Wheels Unleashed was released, I instantly knew that this was a game I didn’t want to miss. As someone who plays a ton of racing games, this one felt right at home next to Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled. Unlike CTR:NF, the nostalgia I felt for this game was more on the side of “playing my toys on a virtual screen” type of thing.

However, if you’re looking for another game to help you pass the time, is this a game worth considering?

A racing game at its core

As with most games involving toy cars, Hot Wheels Unleashed feels right at home as a racing game. It even comes with some of the most standard game modes you can think of for any racing game, so you won’t necessarily miss out if you’re a racing game fan. Where this game sets itself apart is in its easy-to-grasp game mechanics.

Usually, all you have to do is drive around the course and win 1st Place by outspeeding and outsmarting (in some situations) your opponents. You still do that but with some key differences, particularly towards boosting. Honestly, I like the fact that boosts are activated by button pushes and accumulated by drifting. To me, it’s friendly even to new players getting into racing games.

Hot Wheels Unleashed

The other thing I like is the fact that each Hot Wheels toy car comes with its own cart stats, and not just a general one all throughout. This also gives you an incentive to try and get every available model in the game and try them out for yourself. Furthermore, you can even upgrade these stats using Gears, and customize their Livery to however you like.

Creativity and originality in track design

Every racing game needs some interesting tracks to race around, especially with something like Hot Wheels. In Hot Wheels Unleashed, you have access to 5 main backdrops, each with about 8-9 different tracks that come with their own surprises. From high-arching loops to acid pits, each track will have you doing things a bit differently each time you race.

In fact, the first thing I noticed was that the elements in the tracks are quite similar to the actual models in those track builder sets. The designers did an incredible job with maximizing the entire backdrop to produce tracks with enough twists and turns along the way. Also, I would even argue that these tracks let you play around with the driving mechanics.

Now, I have some good news and bad news for you on these tracks. The bad news is that when you start the game, most of the tracks are locked as in-game transactions. If you wanted to unlock them the easy way, just pay a few bucks to get in-game currency and buy them.

However, the good news is you can unlock them by completing the Hot Wheels City Rumble mode. Although it will be an immense grind on your part, but I honestly think it’s worth it!

Wait, you can make your own tracks?!

Yes, you read that right: Hot Wheels Unleashed also allows you to create your own tracks to race on with your friends online. See, one unique mode to the game is the Track Builder, and I guess the name is self-explanatory. To be honest, this game mode was the best and it actually brings me back to my childhood.

Once you start the game mode, you basically have a blank canvas to work with, depending on the main backdrop you choose. After choosing your desired backdrop, you have a variety of track builder pieces to choose from and customize. Also, it even comes with your set of obstacles and boost pads to add some flavor to your tracks.

I absolutely enjoyed going on Track Builder as someone who collected Hot Wheels track sets before. Basically, you can create some of the most death-defying tracks that your younger self could not afford to before. Seriously, Hot Wheels track builder sets are expensive, and this game basically lets you experience this without spending a hefty amount.

Some low points

Much like most racing games, this one doesn’t come with its own set of shortcomings. To no one’s surprise, this game comes with a Hot Pass that allows you to earn more cars, tracks, and track builder sets. The good thing about it is, well, it’s more content at your disposal. At the time of writing, they’re currently running one with Batman vehicles as the main rewards,

The thing I don’t like about it is that you have to pay for it. I genuinely feel that this is something that would have been better off as a Battle Pass-type of package instead of paid DLC. I mean, it’s additional content that people also want to try out but with a rather hefty price tag. Maybe if they did it this way, people would continue to grind out the game.

Another thing that felt lacking in my eyes was the Basement, particularly the customization aspect.

I get it, it’s another main backdrop for your tracks and you can work with a ton of elements when creating your own. However, I didn’t like that the customization was limited to just the exterior design. Honestly,  I was looking for more customization options like moving the furniture around.

A roaring good time

Hot Wheels Unleashed is a racing game that feels right at home with the best of them. From a vast selection of carts to creative and unique track design, it feels fresh to anybody trying to get into racing games. Also, if you grew up playing your Hot Wheels car collection, this takes you back to simpler times.

Again, it’s not perfect and hopefully with upcoming patches, the game does get better. However, they missed out on some opportunities to make it a worthwhile game to play for any occasion. Sure, if you had money to burn, this wouldn’t be an issue; for others, however, they want a lot more without spending too much.

Overall, this game will give you a roaring good time, especially when you just need some down time from all the stress. What made it even more special for me was that this game pretty much made one of my childhood dreams a reality!

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