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Samsung Galaxy Watch hands-on: Still a looker

Great for your health and #OOTDs



Aside from the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung also announced their newest smartwatch at their Unpacked event in New York.

Of course, I was excited. The Samsung Gear Sport (their previous release) stayed on my wrist for a while because I liked Samsung’s smartwatch aesthetic, despite issues I had with its battery life.

A well-designed watch with smart capabilities is the dream. When I look at wearables, my main consideration is how they look. The newly unveiled Galaxy Watch ticks this box.

It’s something that will look good even if you’re not in athleisurewear; something you can wear straight from the office to the gym, as this quick video demonstrates:

The Galaxy Watch comes in two sizes: 42mm, for those with tinier wrists like yours truly, and 46mm for those who like it bigger. The one I got to play with is the 46mm in silver, which seems a little oversized for my hands, but still looks pretty good considering.

The watch runs on Samsung’s Tizen OS, and if you’re familiar with their past smartwatches, you’d feel right at home with this device. There’s still that rotating bezel for control and two buttons are found on the right side of the watch.

Admittedly, the Galaxy watch still looks and feels a little thick, but this may be because it has improved battery life; seven days on standby as Samsung claims. That should mean more than the one-day battery life like their previous watch releases had.

What blew me away with this wearable is how great the screen looks — it’s bright and crisp. I honestly thought it was just a hybrid smartwatch at first because of the watch face.

For those who want a less traditional look, there are different faces to choose from.

Of course, the Galaxy Watch works best with Samsung devices, but you can still use it with other smartphones.

The best part are all the different watch strap options! For the picky, there are also different watch colors: black and rose gold, which I am freaking out about because it’s so pretty! (I’m just sad I didn’t get a chance to try it.)

This smartwatch pretty much does the same things. It tracks steps, calories burned, floors climbed, and your heart rate.

It also gives you notifications from your smartphone.

But, of course, that’s not all.

There are now more than 39 different exercises and this smartwatch is also supposed to recognize back-to-back exercises, meaning it should know that you did a 15-minute run before you jumped into the pool for those five laps, without you having to tell it.

Additionally, there’s now a stress test on this thing, which tells me that I’m not as stressed as I believe I am.

A built-in breathing guide also allows you to do a mini-meditation routine anytime.

What I’m also excited about are features I didn’t get to try: There will be a Morning Briefing and Evening Briefing function that’s supposed to act like the personal assistant you never had that’ll remind you of daily tasks and wrap up your day.

There’s even a Goodnight Mode which means your watch will be set to let you sleep, and a Theater Mode to ensure full-on movie viewing without alerts.

Right now, the Galaxy Watch is looking good, figuratively and literally. I can’t wait to get my hands on one to see if it really delivers. I’d have to say, though, that this new smartwatch is one of the prettiest out there right now — I assure you, it’ll match most of your outfits. Isn’t that already a battle half won in the smartwatch arena?

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Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: YouTubers React

Is the Note line back to its glory?



Michael Fisher, Danny Winget, Joshua Vergara, Jaime Rivera of Pocketnow, David Imel and Lanh Nguyen of Android Authority, Ricky Vilcrez of GSM Arena, and Faisal Alsaif tell us what they think about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Aside from a reimagined S Pen, there are other new things about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9: a larger battery, top of the line internals, and some heft in the pocket — both literally and figuratively. But are these improvements compelling enough for Note users to upgrade? And for non-Note users out there, is now the time to switch?

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Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 live unboxing

Fresh and brand new!



Samsung’s newest flagship smartphone is finally here and we’re taking it out of the box just for you! In this Galaxy Note 9 live unboxing, we check out what’s inside the box and answer some of the questions of live viewers.

The Galaxy Note 9 looks a lot like its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 8, but it has some pretty nifty upgrades. The S Pen is now equipped with Bluetooth and functions as a remote so you can use it for presentations, taking remote selfies, cycling through your photos in your gallery, and more!

The camera is the same as the one on the Samsung Galaxy S9+ but with some software improvements. The Galaxy Note 9 has what Samsung is calling an intelligent camera which automatically detects scenes and adjusts settings so there’s little to no editing required on your end. Just post right away! There’s also flaw detection that tells you if you need to retake the photo. That’s pretty neat!

For more details, check out all our Note 9 stories in this link.

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Galaxy Note 9

Fortnite arrives on Android as direct download on Samsung’s Game Launcher

Rumors about Fortnite and Galaxy Note 9 were partially false



While Epic Games made it clear that Fortnite isn’t coming to the Google Play Store — instead becoming a direct download from the developer’s official website — rumors brewed about the popular battle royale game becoming a timed exclusive to the newly released Galaxy Note 9.

As it turns out, it’s partially true. The following Galaxy phones will get first dibs on Android’s own Fortnite:

  • Note 9
  • Note 8
  • Tab S4
  • Tab S3
  • S9 and S9+
  • S8 and S8+
  • S7 and S7 Edge

Samsung says these phones and tablets can download the game beginning today through the Game Launcher app. The company claims this exclusivity will last for the next few days only.

Although the game will come to more Android devices in waves, Galaxy Note 9 and Tab S4 users will get special access to — you guessed it — a Galaxy skin for their in-game character.

Here’s the official trailer to get you pumped up:

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