Stranger Things 3: Breaking stereotypes and empowering women

There’s more than just killing the Mind Flayer



Fans know that all seasons of the Stranger Things were set during the 1980s. It’s also a time period where women were rarely given the chance to stand up and speak for themselves.

Fast forward today, some people still think it’s a privilege rather than a basic human right — but the latest season proves otherwise.

This article contains spoilers so it’s better to stay away if you haven’t seen Stranger Things 3 yet.

El (Eleven)

Although Eleven is quite literally the most powerful woman on this list, younger El was timid and socially inept in the first two seasons due to all the traumatizing experiments performed on her by Hawkins Lab. This season, she’s all about discovering her other powers — that she’s someone who knows and believes in herself. She’s more than just “dumping your ass!” She’s bitchin’ more than ever!

Max Mayfield

Aside from being exasperated and having issues with her stepbrother Billy Hargrove from last season, Eleven and Max also had an awkward relationship, especially because they were introduced to each other unintentionally.

This season changed her a lot. She’s instrumental to El finding her own style and voice. After discovering what happened between El and Mike, Max took her out of her comfort zone, took her shopping, and introduced her to Wonder Woman. She started teaching her to do things on her own — that girls should not always rely on their lousy (ex) boyfriends just to feel better. The boys’ friendship is great, but showing female characters develop as friends, and not just as love interests to the boys is important, too.

Nancy Wheeler

We’ve seen Nancy gradually grow into a brave young woman for the last two seasons of Stranger Things — from someone who’s hesitant to party on a Tuesday night to someone who’s brave enough to face the Demogorgon.

In Season 3 we find Nancy working at the Hawkins Post as an intern. The workplace being full of men, which includes her boyfriend Jonathan Byers, she was expected to have a minor role of serving co-workers coffee or lunch.

She was humiliated for not remembering what an employee wanted in his sandwich. She was also pranked toy rat by her co-workers for trying to pursue a story of an old woman who complained about the unusual rat in her house eating fertilizers and other chemicals.

Unfazed by her colleagues’ misogyny and her boyfriend’s disapproval, she pursued the story that helped unravel and solve more mysteries in Hawkins. In the end, her dedication paid off and helped the gang defeat the monsters that haunted them. If only the men listened to her much earlier.

Karen Wheeler

Also known as Mrs. Wheeler, she is the mother of Mike, Nancy, and Holly, her youngest daughter. Her character was pretty questionable at the start of the season when she started flirting with Billy Hargrove.

The motel meet-up did not push through — Billy was “flayed” while she felt resentful about her actions. She chose to keep her family’s reputation in tact.

One of the most powerful scenes this season was when she gave Nancy a pep talk:

It’s not easy out there Nancy. People are always saying you can’t and you shouldn’t; that you’re not smart enough, not good enough. This world it beats you up again and again until eventually most people they just stop trying. But you’re not like that. You’re a fighter. You always have been.

I felt that.


Robin’s character was introduced this season as Steve Harrington’s co-worker at Scoops Ahoy. She started as a seemingly anti-social who can’t be bothered, but as the story progressed, she showed us her true side — a funny and smart language whiz who can crack Russian codes instead of a lame dingus.

Throughout the season, Steve saw how fun and witty Robin is that confessed his feelings for her. While they were high from Russian medication, they talked about how obsessed Robin was with him in high school. Robin then admitted it’s not because she had a huge crush on her, but because she envied him as her high school crush — a girl — always stared at him in class.

Although Steve was dumbfounded that she’s gay, it just goes to show that there’s no place for homophobia in this season, as Steve and Robin continued to be friends, closer than ever, even after they defeated the Mind Flayer. 🌈

Erica Sinclair

Saving the best for last, Erica talks and acts as if she’s not 10. Even if she made a short appearance last season as Lucas’ bratty younger sister, she got all the spotlight she deserved this season.

Being young does not stop her from being mature and sassy at the same time. Asked if she loves the country, she responds, “Well you can’t spell America without Erica.”

She accomplished tasks assigned to her with ease for an unlimited supply of Scoops Ahoy. Although she never liked being called a nerd, her intellect proves that young girls are just as smart, if not smarter than their male counterparts.

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I’m missing the Olympics because I don’t have cable

And it sucks



It’s 2021. The Tokyo 2020 Olympics, which was delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, is in full swing as of writing. However, as someone whose primary source of media entertainment all comes from streaming, there’s no easy and convenient way for me to watch the games. Major bummer.

I like to enjoy my media a certain way; I prefer to stream them on my TV. Which is why majority of the content I consume come from YouTube, Netflix, and the occasional Amazon Prime, HBO Go (Yep, not even HBO Max), and Apple TV.

I find it incredibly baffling that the stakeholders involved in bringing the games to the people failed to come to an agreement to make it easily accessible on the aforementioned platforms. It’s 2021. Why on earth am I not able to watch the greatest sporting event on the planet the way I want to?

Believe me, I hear the privilege in my words. Regardless, I still feel marginalized.

So how can you watch the Olympics right now?

I asked a friend who’s been covering the games. He watches through cable and had to pay a PhP 150 fee (around US$ 3/ SG$ 4) to avail of the Tokyo 2020 Premium from a particular cable provider.

Thing is, the whole Olympic coverage in the Philippines is locked to the MVP group of companies. You wanna follow the games, you’re gonna have to do it on one of their platforms.

Here’s an excerpt from their press release on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic coverage:

“Sports fans will have comprehensive access to the Olympic Games — from the Opening Ceremonies all the way to when the games conclude — on free to air via TV5 and One Sports. One Sports+ on Cignal TV will also dedicate a significant amount of their daily hours to broadcast the events, with Cignal also opening up two exclusive channels dedicated to broadcast the games 24/7. Cignal Play, in addition to live channels TV5, One Sports & One Sports+, will be offering exclusive channels broadcasting live updates to its subscribers, along with exclusive content not available on the TV broadcast. Cignal TV’s One News leads the group’s round-the-clock news coverage, featuring results, updates, and highlights.”

Comprehensive? Maybe. For platforms within the MVP group of companies. If you’re not subscribed to any of these, well, that’s just too bad. It’s good for business and I completely understand how the whole thing works. Doesn’t mean I have to like it.

The coverage also missed to televise or showcase Hidilyn Diaz’s historic gold medal win in the Weightlifting competition. If you’ve been following sports news, the Philippines was expected to get a medal in this event. Sadly, the moment was only known following updates from reporters on the ground.

How I wish it was handled

I’m sure there’s a lot more that goes into it in terms of TV and broadcasting rights, but we’re literally at an age where plenty of folks have decided to cut the cord and rely on streaming for content.

On YouTube, you can buy and/or rent movies and shows. The platform and structure exists for pay-to-watch content. They could have even made tiers or packages like charge a certain amount to gain access to all the games, a different and lower amount if you just want to follow a certain sport and/or a certain event.

Maybe the potential earnings to do so didn’t justify the costs to implement it. Whatever the case, it’s still incredibly frustrating.

Sure, I can go through the hoopla of setting up a VPN and look for streaming sites. But that’s more even more cumbersome. I don’t mind paying a convenience fee if it means that after a long day of work I can kick back, relax, and watch some damn sports.

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Netflix is reportedly producing a live-action Pokémon series

With Lucifer showrunner Joe Henderson



Pokémon remains one of the most popular franchises today. From the ever-popular video game series to the still-ongoing anime series, the creature collector franchise still going strong. Even then, the franchise is reportedly working on another addition to its repertoire: a live-action Netflix series.

According to Variety, Netflix is in the early stages of an upcoming Pokémon series on the platform. Much like the widely successful film Detective Pikachu starring Ryan Reynolds, the series will star actual humans in a live-action format. Beyond that, the report does not go into detail into how the creatures will look like for the series.

Likewise, the report does not indicate when the series will launch.

Lucifer’s Joe Henderson is reportedly helming the series. He is also known for adapting Stephen King’s 11.22.63 for Hulu.

Over the past few years, Pokémon has tapped various segments besides gaming and anime fans. The company has tapped lifestyle with branded accessories and lifestyle-oriented apps. Adding a live-action series will tap into the thriving Netflix market.

For Netflix’s part, the popular streaming platform has considerably increased the variety of genres it is producing. Besides the live-action Pokémon series, Netflix is also releasing an anime version of its popular original, The Witcher.

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Netflix’s first games will be mobile-only first

Including Stranger Things titles



Since the rise of its popularity years ago, Netflix has dominated the streaming services industry. Since then, the company has moved past just hosting content on its platform. They have also produced their own content including hit shows like Stranger Things. Now, they are going further than just films and TV series. Netflix is expanding to mobile games first.

Days ago, Netflix announced development towards gaming content. However, in their earnings report for the second quarter of this year, Netflix announced focus on mobile games first. To do so, the company has hired former EA official Mike Verdu for the project.

The company has also listed some properties that it is working on. The first game titles will include ones for Stranger Things. Further, Netflix subscribers will have free access to the games with their subscription. However, since the focus is still on mobile, only mobile users can access them when they come out.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Netflix tried interactive content. Recently, they released a special choose-your-own-adventure version of Black Mirror called Bandersnatch. Viewers were able to steer the film according to prompts on their screen, effectively making their own version of the film. Though the film never kickstarted the interactive film genre, it redefined how Netflix content can be enjoyed digitally.

Now, with whatever Netflix is planning, the company is likely continuing that trend.

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