World Cup 2018: 4 apps to download

Keep tabs on your favorite teams!



The 2018 World Cup is upon us and if like me, you’ve been having sleepless nights due to severe excitement, I suggest you use that time to get on your phone and download apps. Here are four of the most useful ones to keep you up to date before, during, and after the world’s biggest sporting event.

1. FIFA 

The official FIFA app has been updated to focus on the 2018 World Cup, providing exclusive content and features surrounding the month-long event. When setting up, it will ask you to choose your favorite team, notifications you want to receive, and other teams you want to track. You also get match schedules, standings, live scores, news, and analysis.

2. FOX Sports

FOX Sports won broadcasting rights in the United States this year, making it the exclusive English-language home of the 2018 World Cup. With that comes a special section on the FOX Sports app dedicated to this summer’s hottest event. You won’t run out of content to watch as the network prepared a ton of them including highlights from previous World Cups, predictions, and profiles on players. There is also a dedicated tab for replays in case you can’t catch the games live.

3. Twitter

If you haven’t yet, now is the time to download Twitter and create an account. Not only does seeing live reactions from fans add to all the action happening in the next four weeks, together with FOX Sports, Twitter is also streaming a live show hosted by Rachel Bonnetta straight from Moscow’s Red Square in Russia each match day. That’s 27 shows in total that will provide match previews, recaps, and of course Twitter reactions. Aside from #WorldCup, you can keep tabs on specific matches by using the official hashtags compiled by Twitter here.

4. Bleacher Report

Last but not the least, it may not be an official partner or have exclusive rights to any World Cup content, but Bleacher Report is my go-to for bite-sized, sharable content. Like on the FIFA app, you can select your favorite teams to get curated content, but there’s also a special feed for anything and everything World Cup. You get the epic tweets from @brfootball and other relevant accounts, links to articles, and videos not only from Bleacher Report but from other publications as well.

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YouTube Music and YouTube Premium roll out in the Philippines

There are more options besides Spotify



Music streaming just heated up in the Philippines — YouTube Music is now available in the country.

Google silently launched YouTube Music along with YouTube Premium. The former is a separate app from YouTube which functions exactly like its rivals Spotify and Apple Music. Its greatest strength is in its tight integration with the video streaming app itself. Listeners can watch music videos right from the app to complement their streams.

To subscribe, simply sign in with your Google account on For those who want more, YouTube Premium allows for ad-free and uninterrupted watching experience and offline watching. It comes at a monthly price of PhP 159. With this price, you’re getting more for what you’re paying with YouTube Premium + Music bundled all in.

Family subscription plans starts PhP 239 per month, for both YouTube Music and YouTube Premium for up to five family members. All plans come with a one-month free trial.

YouTube Music launched last year hoping to compete against heavy-hitters like Apple and Spotify. While it is a newcomer, it has already launched in many countries, including the Philippines.

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Adobe Photoshop Camera will do all the editing for you

Artificial Intelligence has you covered!



Photoshop synonymously means “editing” in today’s world. The powerful software by Adobe has been a huge part of the industry due to its extensive editing tools and support from other apps like Illustrator. However, the smartphone game is different.

Which app do you use to edit your pictures on the go? There’s a possibility you’re thinking of Instagram or Snapchat with their built-in filters. There are also plenty of mobile photo editing apps, but Adobe wants to grab this chunk of the market and even though the Photoshop mobile app has been available for years, it never really took off. So the company is now taking a different approach.

Adobe’s Photoshop Camera is an AI-driven picture editing app for iOS and Android. All you need to do is take a picture and Photoshop Camera will instantaneously analyze it and offer up a drawer full of potential enhancements.

While looking through the viewfinder, Photoshop Camera will recognize what’s happening in the scene and highlight appropriate effects in a menu below the shutter button. Because Adobe’s AI can recognize what’s going on in the photo, it can apply separate lighting and color effects to different parts of the frame.

At the heart of the app is Adobe’s Sensei technology that deploys artificial intelligence to automatically enhance photo quality. There will be time-limited, branded camera lenses from the likes of Billie Eilish and other “well-known artists and influencers.” Of course, you’ll be able to share your photos to apps like Instagram from within Photoshop Camera.

Flagship phones like the Pixel 4 and iPhone 11 series have drastically pushed the boundaries of onboard AI-processing and Adobe intends to leverage this hardware as much as possible.

The full version of the app won’t be available until early 2020, however, a preview is available that you can try out.

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Facebook reveals its new company logo amidst controversy

It will roll out over the coming weeks



Facebook is launching a new company logo for all its apps and services.

The new logo packs a simple, minimalist style. The word “Facebook” is capitalized and uses a custom font. It adapts to whatever app is using it. For the Facebook app, it uses a blue color; for Instagram, a pinkish gradient color; and for WhatsApp, a green color.

The reason for the new logo is to differentiate Facebook as a mother company from the social media app that we know today. The company has diversified through the years, acquiring Instagram, WhatsApp, as well as Oculus. The new logo consolidates all the products under the Facebook brand.

The old Facebook icon is here to stay for the main Facebook app, but for branding and marketing purposes, Facebook will use the new logo. It will roll out over the coming weeks.

While using a new logo can be a good thing, the company has yet to address criticisms related to privacy and politics. Just a week ago, Facebook employees said in an internal letter that its CEO Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t care about fake political ads. Earlier this year Facebook was found to be listening to Messenger chats, which is unsettling for those who have private messages stored on the app.

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