Acer’s recently released Hello Kitty laptop has me (and the whole of the interwebs) pining for this cute pink gadget. Finally, I got to see it in real life! *cue excited squeals*

Is it really this pretty? Is it really this pink? I find that out and more in 3… 2… 1…

It comes in a pretty box.

According to Acer, there are less than 300 units available in the market. Time to run to the stores?

The laptop is as amazing as I had imagined.

The laptop lid has our favorite Sanrio character in all her pink glory. This side of the laptop has a smooth, glossy finish and the whole thing has delicate pink details.

It has a Hello Kitty trackpad!

This laptop is just so extra, extra Hello Kitty, that is! The trackpad is easily my favorite feature.

The box contents are just as cute!

The laptop comes with a Hello Kitty envelope with a Hello Kitty-shaped startup guide and stickers — lot’s of them! 😍

This is a good start.

But wait, it doesn’t end there! Even the startup page is especially cute. I have to admit, there were excited squeals when I booted this thing up. I asked myself how this can get any better and well…

Even the wallpaper is Hello Kitty!

This Hello Kitty laptop is the gift that keeps on giving.

Just look at all this… awesomeness!

Hello Kitty doll, lamp, and books not included

Specs-wise, this laptop is pretty decent. It’s an Acer Aspire V3 with 4GB of memory and 1TB HDD which runs on Windows 10. You’ll have to shell out PhP 45,999 in the Philippines for this baby — though if you’re a Hello Kitty lover, it may be well worth it.

This limited edition laptop is available at major retailers and Acer Concept Stores. It retails at SG$ 1,198 in Singapore and THB 25,990 in Thailand.

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Acer's Hello Kitty Aspire V3 now available in the Philippines