ASUS made a big deal about the entire ZenFone 4 and ZenFone 3 series getting Android Oreo in the near future, but didn’t specify exactly when they’ll receive the update. If this information from the company’s official forum is anything to go by, it’ll be arriving soon for the newer batch of ZenFones.

As spotted by The Android Soul, a forum moderator at the ZenTalk message board let everyone know that Android Oreo will become available for the ZenFone 4 this month.

Again, there are no exact details, but this is as good a confirmation as we can get on the possible rollout. Smartphone manufacturers have been notoriously slow in updating to Oreo, so it would be a feather in ASUS’ cap if they do manage to pull this off before the year ends.

If you’re wondering which models are part of this, the post only mentioned the ZE554KL, which refers to the plain ZenFone 4 variant — no extra mention for the rest of the series.

This news comes shortly after leaked screenshots surfaced of the ZenFone 3 running Android Oreo. We can only hope this combination of vague confirmations and leaks leads to something delightful for ASUS fans.

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