We’ve done a lot of camera shootouts in the past, but none have focused on a specific camera feature. That changes now, with two of the best smartphones built for portrait photography going head to head.

We’re, of course, talking about Huawei’s P10 Plus and Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus — two flagship smartphones with a pair of cameras at the back. But while similar in moniker and rear styling, they have distinctly different ways of producing portraits.

Let’s begin with the P10 Plus. The main selling point is its use of Leica-infused modules for added quality on top of its colored and monochrome image sensors. Putting the two together allows the P10 Plus to create crystal-clear photos and portraits with creamy background blur.

Next is the iPhone 7 Plus, which has a second lens for two reasons: to zoom in closer to a subject, and make portraits look more professional. It’s a sweet combination, but it’s not without its compromises; we’ll get more into those later.

Let’s begin!

Left: Huawei P10 Plus; Right: iPhone 7 Plus

You can already see the unique traits of each camera from the get-go. While Huawei’s entry prefers a much wider and brighter product, the Apple phone’s photo is a lot tighter and noticeably less exposed. That’s an effect of the limitations of the iPhone’s secondary lens; its smaller aperture has darker outputs in exchange for the extra zoom.

Left: Huawei P10 Plus; Right: iPhone 7 Plus

You can once again see how much tighter the iPhone 7 Plus’ angle is, which isn’t very suitable for cramped office spaces like this. Another weakness for Apple is the noticeable noise, especially in the background. The P10 Plus lets in more light, and as a result, creates a more colorful image.

Left: Huawei P10 Plus; Right: iPhone 7 Plus

Here’s another indoor shot, but with significantly more natural light to brighten up the place. With that, the iPhone 7 Plus was able to shine more. The usual graininess is still there, yet the longer focal length has less distortion, so Michael Josh’s face is closer to reality.

Finally, we have outdoor shots, which have a surprising result. Despite the excessive amount of sunlight we got (it was noontime at Central Park in sunny New York), the P10 Plus still beat the iPhone 7 Plus in terms of clarity and sharpness. But to Apple’s credit, the focal length again provided a more DSLR-like effect.

And there we have it. There are no winners or losers here, but we can conclude one thing: Huawei and Apple present their dual-camera setups and portrait modes differently, and the results vary depending on the environment you’re in.

The P10 Plus is generally better when both space and lighting are limited; on the other hand, the iPhone 7 Plus makes finer photos when all elements fall in its favor. You can’t go wrong with either one, as long as you know what you’re doing and where you are.

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This feature was produced in collaboration between GadgetMatch and iProspect Philippines.