Apple users, stop whatever you’re doing and read this. This is not a drill!

It’s rumored that Apple will lose its signature Lighting port in favor of USB-C!

35-mm headphone jack, microphone, Lightning port, and speaker grille

Yes, ladies and gents, the Lightning port is that socket you plug your charger cord into. This just means that Apple may soon switch to a port that other Android devices also use.

If this is true, the iPhone 8 will be the first iPhone to conform to a universal standard.

This is a move that may dramatically affect every iPhone user

The Lightning connector was introduced in 2012, and users have not looked back since.

But, a switch to USB-C changes everything. Think of all the phone cords you may now borrow; no more fuss about bringing your own cord! No more issues with easily frayed wires — time to rejoice!

But is it really happening?

Some Apple fans have speculated, however, that this is unlikely to happen, especially after the audio jack was killed off on the iPhone 7 in favor of the Lightning port. It could also be argued that Apple was never one to conform to universal standards with “Apple exclusivity” being one of the brand’s notable traits.

We can’t be sure of anything yet, really. As with all things Apple, I guess we’ll all have to wait till the iPhone 8’s official release.

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