If there’s one thing OnePlus hyped up more than anything else for its latest flagship smartphone, it’s the pair of rear cameras. Unfortunately, DxOMark, which does comprehensive tests on all sorts of cameras, doesn’t see the shooters as a top-ranking pick.

One wouldn’t normally fault a phone for achieving a score of 87 — which actually puts the OnePlus 5 on par with the likes of the Huawei P10 — but considering how OnePlus worked with DxOMark during the phone’s development to optimize the camera, the expectations were way higher.

The OnePlus 5’s score puts it below the 88 rating of the HTC 10 and Samsung Galaxy S8, the 89 of the Google Pixel, and the 90 of the recently launched HTC 11. No shame there; that’s some solid company.

DxOMark praised the OnePlus 5’s camera for its accurate white balance, vivid color reproduction, and overall consistent autofocusing. The main faults were in the loss of details in both outdoor environments and low-light scenes — but come on, no smartphone nails either of those with perfect precision.

Our hands-on review covered the primary camera features, but we’ll know for sure how well the dual-camera setup works in day-to-day activities during our full review — coming soon!

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