One thing OPPO and I have in common: We are both self-proclaimed selfie experts!

I expected nothing less from the OPPO F3 Plus — another one of those phones with a power-packed dual-front-facing camera setup.

Let’s begin.

Look and Feel

That there are OPPO phones that come in pink is the only thing I was concerned about. Unfortunately for me (and fortunately for the rest of the GadgetMatch team), our OPPO F3 Plus came in gold. It’s pretty enough; it looks like an iPhone, but not too much to be called out as an Apple impostor. Nicely done.

The OPPO F3 Plus is more than a handful — like, it’s literally the size of my whole hand. Compared to my iPhone 6s (whose size I complain about on a daily basis), this was just too much for my small hands.

On the other hand (ha ha, like literally), the big screen allows you to see even more detail on photos you took. Having a big phone also means having a bigger battery so it lasts longer than your average smartphone.

Cool features (that interest me)

As if recognizing the universal problem of having small, girly hands, OPPO built in a feature that supposedly solves the problem. With the swipe of a finger (no, this isn’t Tinder, focus, dear reader!), the phone enters a mode that allows one-hand use.

Although this mode allows my thumb to reach through most of the screen, the empty black space just looks awkward, and this does not solve the problem of being an actual big phone that’s hard to grasp. Good try, OPPO.

Look, ma! I still need two hands!

The OPPO F3 Plus maximizes its big screen in useful ways. It has integrated shortcut gestures which I found to be extremely useful. Drawing a “V” on its sleep screen opens the flashlight, and an “O” opens the camera — no need to unlock! (Because you never know when you’re going to need a flashlight and/or a selfie!)

For those not so concerned with lighting and selfies, different apps can be programmed to open with these gestures, too!

The front-facing cameras

I was told that the OPPO F3 Plus sports a 16-megapixel + 8-megapixel 120-degree wide-angle camera. But, since I hardly understand what that means and because I believe that the capability of a phone camera is quantifiable only by the quality of selfies they produce, it was time for a shootout.

The OPPO F3 Plus camera can do this.

And taking it a step further (even more than one step, to be literal), it can do this.

Which means there is room for scenery (like the photo above, or just in your room like below) for timed selfies!

That’s more space for people in selfies!

Bonus features include a double-exposure setting and my ultimate favorite, a GIF maker!

The rear camera

At 16 megapixels, this smartphone camera captures decent photos of scenery.

Except at this point, I’d never need it, as I have a wide-angled selfie cam that supposedly has the same capacity. It’s cool the same way newspapers are still cool in today’s digital age — it’s good to have, but you never really rely on them anymore.

Is this your GadgetMatch?

If you’re a selfie lover with large capable hands, or you’re one of those people who needs the screen space, this phone would be highly recommended.

Unfortunately, I’m neither of those two. Although I did enjoy the wide-angle option very, very much (more than I thought I would!), and hope that more smartphones would follow suite on this, a phone that I cannot grasp properly is not a phone I’ll be carrying around to take photos with, no matter how phenomenal those photos will turn out to be.

In this particular case, it’s definitely the size and not the performance because performance was good. Bigger is not necessarily better for me but fortunately, there’s the OPPO F3 (yes, without the Plus). If that’s going to be anything like this phone, I’m definitely excited to get to try that out.

The OPPO F3 Plus retails for $470 in the US; INR 27,999 in India; and PhP 23,990 in the Philippines.


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