The iPhone X has just dropped and it’s looking pretty sleek with its borderless display and that minimal camera notch up top. But, to get one you’d have to shell out a whole lot of money — US$ 999 to be precise.

Before you go off trying to sell your belongings to fund your iPhone lust, know that there are ways to get that iPhone look without spending.

One app makes that iPhone X look happen all for free. XOutOf10 promises to “simulate iPhone X’s bump on your Android screen, no US$ 999 needed.”

We put it to the test and we had hilarious results.


For good measure, I also installed apps that would give this smartphone that Apple look:


Of course, this app was made mostly for trolling and the notch cameras don’t actually function or give you any of the iPhone X’s features. Below, you can visibly see the bottom bezel on this non-iPhone.


As much fun as we had with this faux iPhone, we just switched back to the normal Android interface we know and love. It was fun while it lasted but we’re sticking to our perfectly functioning, less than US$ 999 smartphones.

If you want your own iFaux X, you can download XOutOf10 here.

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