Top 5 features of the iPhone X



Apple announced a number of new devices including the Apple Watch Series 3, Apple TV 4K, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, and this… the iPhone X. The iPhone X didn’t come as a surprise, because we already saw its leaks months ago. But, that doesn’t take away all the excitement it brought to Apple fans and smartphone enthusiasts alike.

There’s a lot to cover for the new iPhone X, so we trimmed down the top features we like about Apple’s latest mobile phone. Starting with the…

Borderless OLED display

Apple finally brought OLED display technology to their phone, and what better way to introduce this to their audience than with a borderless design. Like with other flagships from Samsung, LG, and Xiaomi, the iPhone X features an edge-to-edge screen, but with a minor cutout on top like on the Essential Phone. Apple calls this the Super Retina Display, and it has the highest resolution on an iPhone at 2436 x 1125 pixels. It has a wide color gamut and support for HDR content.

TrueDepth camera system

Inside the small cutout at the top of the iPhone X’s gorgeous display is a set of sensors, earpiece, and what Apple calls their TrueDepth camera system. It packs the following: an infrared camera, flood illuminator, dot projector, and your usual 7-megapixel selfie camera. This camera system is what enables the new Face ID feature. If Touch ID uses your fingerprint to unlock the phone, Face ID uses your face (obviously). Apple is proud to introduce this as not just another face detection tech which other devices already have.

According to the company, Face ID will be able to recognize the user even after changes in facial features. It’s foolproof with a chance of error at just 1 in 1,000,000.

Rear design

The back of the iPhone X also has interesting features. It’s now made of glass (remember the iPhone 4?) and Apple calls it the most durable ever. Another prominent feat here is the vertical dual cameras, which have a pair of 12-megapixel sensors with optical image stabilization on both.

Like with the iPhone 7 Plus, one of the lenses offers 2x optical zoom and gives the phone some cool portrait shooting tricks. This includes the new portrait lighting effect that give the photo more depth and drama — like it’s taken at an actual studio.

AR support

Augmented reality or simply AR is nothing new to mobile devices, but only a few have it. The iPhone X is the first mobile phone from Apple to own this, and we’re looking forward to check it out ourselves. If Apple will push this to consumers properly (not just some gimmick), AR games and apps could go mainstream.

Wireless charging

At last, wireless charging comes to the iPhone! The glass rear made this possible and it’s such a relief that Apple uses the Qi wireless standard. This means you can use your existing wireless charging pad (given that it also uses Qi) with the new iPhone X, or even with the iPhone 8. No need to purchase new ones, unlike speaker docks with proprietary Lightning connectors.

One more thing…


We’re a sucker for cute features, and Animojis are no exemption. Every day, we use emojis to communicate and have an expressive conversation, so these Animojis are the next step. The iPhone X uses its facial tracking feature to detect the user’s facial movements and animate certain emojis. It works inside iMessage only, which makes it limited to iPhones — for now.

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vivo V25 and V25 Pro Unboxing and First Look

They’re more than just their color-changing glass backs



Remember the color-changing vivo V23 5G and V23 Pro announced during the early months of 2022?

Well, these phones now have their successors.

The V25 and V25 Pro are vivo’s two newest smartphones.

They offer compelling hardware despite being in the midrange segment.

But what makes the vivo V25 different from the V25 Pro?

Here’s our two-way vivo V25 and V25 Pro Unboxing and First Look to know more.

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Vivo’s road to becoming a top smartphone photography choice

Thanks to the X80 series, V23e 5G



Earlier this February, vivo released the mid-range V23 5G series. Then, two months ago they introduced the flagship X80 series proving that the brand means business when it comes to becoming one of the top choices for mobile photography.

In fact, GadgetMatch already did two separate Camera Shootouts with the X80 Pro – one against the Huawei P50 Pro and another versus the iPhone 13 Pro Max wherein it matched up quite nicely when pitted against other premium flagship phones.

To recap, the vivo X80 Pro in particular sports a 50MP ultra-sensing GNV sensor for its main camera, with a 48MP IMX598 wide-angle camera, 12MP IMX663 portrait camera, and 8MP 5X periscope camera completing the setup.

The entire X80 series is also powered by ZEISS optics, with all lenses meeting ZEISS T coating standards. Aside from that, vivo also champions image stabilization with the Gimbal Portrait Camera, Active Centering OIS System, and 360-degree Horizon Leveling Stabilization for smooth photos and even videos.

Among the things that also stood out for the X80 series was its night photography and videography. These were made possible by the vivo V1+ Chip of the series which was designed to enhance night video denoising and HDR performance even under the most challenging lighting conditions.

vivo’s ZEISS Super Night Cameras across the entire vivo X80 series make them superior night photography options, which features such as Super Night Video and AI Video Enhancement

The vivo V23e 5G doesn’t lag far behind as well, with Natural Portrait Mode, AI Portrait Restore, and steady video shooting on its camera setup that includes a 50MP main, 8MP super-wide angle, and 44MP front camera.

So the next time you consider buying a smartphone for its mobile photography and videography capabilities, these vivo models should surely be on your shortlist.


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24 Hours Series

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4: First 24 Hours

With an unboxing of the Z Fold4 and its special S-Pen case!



During the first of the Flip or Fold: First 24 Hours series, Michael Josh went around New York with the Galaxy Z Flip4.

In the second part, he now has the Galaxy Z Fold4 with him.

After unboxing comes the usual battery life test by bringing it around the streets of Manhattan.

Other than that, a mini camera shootout was performed against the Galaxy Z Fold3.

Watch our Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Unboxing and First 24 Hours video to know everything about it.

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