These TIME covers were all shot from iPhones



What does it take to produce good photographs? You know, portraits so amazing, they’re good enough to serve as the cover of one of the world’s most iconic magazines?

Well, Luisa Dorr knows. She photographed 12 TIME Magazine cover photos — all on her iPhone.

TIME Magazine covers shot from iPhone

Just a few of those iPhone-shot covers

FIRSTS, a TIME Magazine special, features 46 profiles of amazing women, each with portraits shot by Dorr on her phone. The Brazillian-based photographer was picked out by TIME’s Director of Photography and Visual Enterprise Kira Pollack after she came across Dorr’s Instagram account. The 28-year-old photography graduate focuses on portraits of different women on that account with a significant following of approximately 59,000.

Dorr claims that each portrait took around five to ten minutes to shoot, with the shortest one clocking in at around two minutes and the longest at 20. She mostly made use of natural lighting plus a reflector when necessary and shot with an iPhone 5, 6, 6s, or 7. She tells TIME that out of all the women she photographed, she was most nervous about Aretha Franklin because she grew up listening to her music.

It’s the golden age of smartphone photography, people. What a time to be alive!

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Image credit: TIME Magazine


Why the next-gen Ford Ranger is a Spartan-approved vehicle

Packed with creature comforts that make driving and being a Spartan easier!



Ford Ranger

A few years ago, I was only dreaming of becoming a Spartan. I took a leap of faith by taking on a Spartan Race back in 2022 in the midst of a hurricane, running through a 10-kilometer muddy trail.

In case you didn’t know, Spartan Race is the world’s premier obstacle course race hosted across the globe. It tests the limits and grit of an athlete, transforming anyone to be their strongest and most unbreakable self.

Three races in and I’ve clocked a total of 36 kilometers, ending the year as a full-fledged Spartan. A 10-kilometer muddy trail in Vermosa; a 5-kilometer trail run inside Timberland Heights; and a 21-kilometer mixed trail in Alviera.

As the 2023 season begins, I was dead-set on taking my first Age Group (competitive) category and a back-to-back race on the same day. All my gears were Spartan-ready, and all that was left was a vehicle appropriate for a Spartan.

Spartan-grade vehicle

In my quest to prepare for my most enduring race yet, Ford lent me the Next-Gen Ford Ranger. The Next-Gen Ford Ranger arrived in a Blue Lightning colorway, emanating strength and speed. It was instantly a head-turner, catching the attention of other commuters and passersby.

Ford Ranger

Everything about the Ranger screams Spartan. The vehicle exudes the same ethos we live for. It’s battle-ready, extremely durable, and insanely powerful.

Previous races L-R: Vermosa 10K Trail (September 2022), Timberland 5K Sprint (November 2022), Alviera 21K Trail (December 2022)

Not to mention, it has striking looks — which I always exude whenever I take on a race. How can you get noticed by event photographers if you won’t play with colors, right?

It looked strong and it made us feel powerful. “Us” as a collective because the emotional state doesn’t just pulsate with the driver, but also with its passengers. One weekend with the Ranger and we felt like warriors. Ready to take on any challenges that we can conquer.

Made for Spartans

Just because I’m a Spartan doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the creature comforts the Next-Gen Ford Ranger brings. In fact, I am trained to be uncomfortable but the vehicle’s features allow me to pursue the Spartan lifestyle.

Call it a paradox but we take the convenience of having a comfortable ride and/or drive so we can train our minds and bodies to be familiar with pain and discomfort. As a modern-day Spartan, life isn’t all about battles and preparing for war under the heat of the sun.

We wage our fights through our day jobs, balancing our personal lives, while also developing our bodies to be ready for sports.

Having a tech-infused vehicle enables me to freely pursue the life of a Spartan. If you’re familiar with Ford’s driving experience, which we have mentioned several times here in GadgetMatch, it’s always buttery-smooth.

Ford Ranger

Even with a humongous body, I can maneuver the steering wheels easily. As someone who drives small cars, I felt the heft and the pain of driving a bigger automobile. But the features packed inside the vehicle made driving smoother — both for rookies and seasoned drivers.

When a smartphone and a vehicle match!

With every technology update to Ford’s lineup of automobiles, it’s becoming more of a tech machine each year. The Next-Gen Ford Ranger is no exception with the ability to use FordPass Connect. If you’ve been living under a rock, FordPass is Ford’s newest technology utilizing remote control functions for the vehicle through an app.

When I was in a hurry and I couldn’t locate my keys, I used the FordPass app on my iPhone to remotely unlock the Ford Ranger. Through the app, I was able to remotely start the vehicle so I can turn on the air conditioner even before I step in. I was also able to stop the engine, lock the car, and check the fuel level — all in one space.

What I like the most is the vehicle locator feature, which allows me to find the Ford Ranger in crowded parking areas. Thankfully, I didn’t have to use the feature when the Ranger was parked in Vermosa’s gravel lot since I was the only one with a vehicle in a striking blue colorway.

Ford Ranger

Aside from FordPass, the accessibility and ease of use of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allowed everyone to connect with the vehicle to help in navigation and music playback. We sang “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus while on our way to Alabang so we can hopefully shake our pre-race jitters.

I personally love the bigger, best-in-class 12-inch portrait touchscreen that allows me to see an overview of the map, adjust music playback, and even have a space for responding to calls and messages.

The perfect companion for an endurance race

For a pick-up truck, the Ranger offers extremely comfortable space for its passengers. We picked up Alison — my friend, a teacher, and an elite athlete — partaking in the first race of the weekend. Alison competed with elite and national athletes, hopefully qualifying for the national team.

Ford Ranger

Alison, together with other competitive athletes, gleefully took some rest in the back seat while in transit. They loved the leg space and the coziness the couches offered. The same experience goes for the front passenger seat, which I took as I was playing with the car’s features while my friend Betty took on the wheels.

When female Spartans are lovin’ it

Ford Ranger

Perhaps, the people who enjoyed the Ranger the most are Spartan women that I befriended after my first race. Jomi and Betty, competitive athletes who are consistently part of the Top 10 of their respective age groups, took over the wheel while I was exploring the Ranger’s features and technology.

Recently, I have learned that the Next-Gen Ford Ranger is officially the best 4×4 and pick-up according to the Women’s World Car of the Year judges. It won for a multitude of reasons; the same reasons that Jomi and Betty loved when they experienced driving the Ranger.

Ford Ranger

From excellent ride and handling, a suite of advanced driver-assist technologies and other safety features, an upgraded chassis and suspension, and the bold and confident look that resonates with strong, independent women. What more can they ask for?

Fostering a sense of community

Ford Ranger

What I love about the Next-Gen Ford Ranger is how it builds a sense of community, the same way a Spartan race brings people together. Parked in the gravels of Vermosa, the Ford Ranger became a holding area for my friends and teammates.

Ford Ranger

We used the cargo box to house our bags, equipment, and food. We were able to gather behind, passing jokes and drinks after an exhilarating day.

I used to do things alone and now, I’m surrounded by like-minded people — which was the best plot twist I’ve had so far. And even if it’s just for a weekend, I’m grateful that the Next-Gen Ford Ranger helped in making my first competitive and back-to-back race memorable.

Even with an aching body, the Ranger offered a smooth, safe, and reliable ride on our way home. It’s definitely a Spartan-grade vehicle, made for modern-day Spartans.

The Next-Gen Ford Ranger comes with a 5-year warranty. The longer warranty offering will cover the Next-Gen Ranger for up to 5 years or a total mileage of up to 150,000 kilometers, whichever comes first.

For more information, visit the Ford Ranger page on the website to reserve the next-gen Ranger through www.ford.com.ph or check your nearest Ford dealer.

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Exploring wonders and falling in love with Barcelona

Spectacles of the cosmopolitan capital through the lens of the OPPO Find N2 Flip



Barcelona was never quite the city I wanted to fall in love with. But that’s the beauty of love, isn’t it? We don’t get to decide whom we fall for.

With its quaint abodes, cobblestone streets, fine architecture, evergreen trees, and naked branches — the sights are perpetually picturesque.

Everywhere you look is a marvel; buildings glimmering from the sun’s glow. But there’s something about its nook and cranny that are filled with love and charm, and it only shows up when you take the time to get to know the city.

In love with the streets of Eixample

Every street in Eixample brims with magic. It is, after all, one of the busiest districts in Barcelona known for its iconic grid pattern and octagonal blocks.

It’s dubbed as the trendiest neighborhood — home to streets of stylish boutiques and restaurants.

It’s impossible not to feel wonderstruck when you wander, most especially when you cross its main thoroughfare, Passeig de Gracia, and my favorite street: Rambla Catalunya.

Sunny days around Fira Gran Via

Every year, technology journalists from around the world convene in Barcelona to cover the annual Mobile World Congress.

This year, I was able to join other delegates from the Philippine press. The annual technology conference was set at Fira Barcelona Gran Via, a contemporary exhibition and trade center.

The majority of our days were spent in and out of this area, and I was lucky to experience sunny days around Fira Gran Via even in the middle of winter.

The sheer cold was balanced by the heat of the sun’s rays, allowing me to admire the district amidst the busy crowd.

A blend of architecture across Barcelona

Barcelona is home to towering pieces of architecture — contemporary, art nouveau, and historic landmarks blending in the beauty of the city.

These pieces of architecture stand the test of time; a wish we all make for the connections that we have in our lives.

In most explorations, I accompanied my friend Nathan as we dilly-dally around Barcelona, hoping to stumble upon undiscovered gems.

Unexpected beauty of Plaça Reial

Going past Mercado de La Boqueria, we found ourselves wandering La Rambla to get to the Gothic Quarter — the historic center of the old city of Barcelona — until we discovered Plaça Reial.

Believe me, I was only looking for a beautiful cafe so we can sit and sip some good coffee when we came across this paved square with towering palm trees.

I was astounded by its lampposts designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí, the man behind historical landmarks such as Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló, and Casa Milà.

Plaça Reial, in a way, reminded me of how love works. It catches you when you least expect it. A risk and a gamble. What’s waiting for you can end up being the best decision you ever make.

Now, it’s my favorite spot in the city of Barcelona, so far.

Midnights became my afternoon

With my companions, the city was alive and well by midnight.

I’m still reeling from the number of dinners I attended, filled with stories and new memories to bring home.

The highlight would probably be the old and new faces I met, and the shrieks of laughter passed in between.

Overlooking, overview

I’ve had plenty of opportunities to stand in good spots, overlooking Barcelona from different destinations.

While I find myself in awe, I still took the time to be grateful for the beauty that unfolds in front of me.

Gratefully, I had the OPPO Find N2 Flip to capture the spectacles of Barcelona. It’s a city I didn’t expect to fall in love with. And a place I’d be glad to come back to in the future. Hopefully, with someone to hold hands with in the middle of winter.

All photos were taken using the OPPO Find N2 Flip.

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GadgetSnaps: ITZY, ENHYPEN, SKZ with the Mate 50 Pro

Relive K-Pop concerts with such a powerful camera system




Mate 50 Pro | GadgetSnaps
Graphics by Vincenz Lee | GadgetMatch

A lot has happened in 2022 — at least from my perspective as a fan of both tech and K-Pop.

2022 was a crucial moment in K-Pop. Not only did we see some of the best group debut lineups, songs, choreographies, collaborations, and performances, the K-Pop industry itself has toned-down their COVID-19 restrictions and limitations between idols and fans. As borders slowly opened, live events, international fanmeets, region-specific concerts and world tours have also started.

TXT: ACT LOVE SICK World Tour in Manila

Now this feels like there’s a subtle connection between 2022 Huawei and 2022 K-Pop — they both came back stronger than ever. Idk about you, but the resurrection of the Huawei Mate 50 Pro shocked me upon knowing it was already “dead”. To my surprise, they came back on track with another flagship in town.

But you know what’s more shocking? The Mate 50 Pro offers an excellent set of cameras — a 1x lens with an Ultra-Aperture system, an even wider Ultra-Wide camera, and lastly, a 64MP periscope telephoto lens that every concert-goer would love to have.

Not only does it focus optically as far as 3.5x, it can also capture clearer shots way further 10x through Huawei’s smart AI algorithm. Now, these lenses will give any K-Pop fan the utmost flexibility in capturing concert moments with their beloved group(s) alongside their ultimate bias(es).

Okay, enough of the nerdy talk. This 2023, I’ll bombard you with plenty of ITZY, ENHYPEN, and Stray Kids photos — shot on the Huawei Mate 50 Pro.

Disclaimer: Photos were resized for faster loading and preview. Watermarks were also applied to avoid unjust ownership claims.


ITZY started the year for Filo MIDZYs with a bang! Comprised of Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna, JYP Entertainment’s second currently active girl group alongside their 선배 (sunbae) / senior labelmate TWICE + 후배 (hoobae) / juniors NMIXX has finally reached the shores of Manila.

They held a 2-day concert inside the SM Mall of Asia (MoA) Arena last January 14-15, 2023. To make it more special, the first leg of the tour started here.

Just for context, here’s how the Mate 50 Pro captured the stage from the General Admission (GA) section of the arena.

1x wide

It’s show time! Finally time to use the periscope zoom lens.

For some intro, here are some solo performances starting with Ryujin

Ryujin | Mate 50 Pro

1x Wide

followed by Yuna, Lia, Yeji

Yuna | Mate 50 Pro

Lia | Mate 50 Pro

Yeji | Mate 50 Pro

…and lastly, Chaeryeong.

Chaeryeong | Mate 50 Pro

Now onto the best part: ITZY as a group in one frame!

⚠️ Spoiler alert: there will be A LOT ⚠️

Finally! A closer and clearer view (at least in Mate 50 Pro’s eyes)

Just creating a separate section to my all-time fave ITZY track WANNABE

ITZY Wannabe | Mate 50 Pro

ITZY Dalla Dalla | Mate 50 Pro

It won’t be a complete ITZY experience without seeing one of the best debut songs 🤩 DALLA DALLA 🤩

ITZY Dalla Dalla | Mate 50 Pro

ITZY Dalla Dalla | Mate 50 Pro

👑 Just QUEEN tingz with their legendary crown poses 👑

ITZY Dalla Dalla | Mate 50 Pro

Ending this section with the very heartfelt encore stage for the crown girls 😭

Stray Kids (스트레이키즈) – ‘Stay With Bench’ Fanmeet

Stray Kids (shortened as SKZ) is also under JYP Entertainment. They are the juniors of TWICE and seniors to ITZY and NMIXX.

They are an 8-member boy group starting with Bang Chan, followed by Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and lastly, I.N as the 막내 (maknae) / youngest member.

And as we’re talking, here’s I.N in his natural, goofy state.

I.N | Mate 50 Pro

I.N | Mate 50 Pro

I.N | Mate 50 Pro

Had to compile in a .GIF (jeef, not geef nor G-I-F) format because he looked like he enjoyed the banging-loud guessing game A LOT

I never had any control over what my friend wanted to capture so don’t blame me if your faves aren’t here (I am a Seungmin stan and he’s also not here) but hey, here’s Felix with a li’l bit of Han and Hyunjin.

Felix | Mate 50 Pro

Saving the best for last: my friend’s not-so-obvious obsession with Lee Know

Lee Know | Mate 50 Pro

Lee Know | Mate 50 Pro

These direct eye contacts are already killing me. How much more if you stan him hard?

~ I hope you reached this part and survived ~


Also known as “ENHA“, the group is composed of Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon, and Niki.

Having massive popularity in the Philippines, the 7-member boy group under HYBE and BELIFT LABEL performed for three days straight in Manila.

It was also held inside SM MoA Arena but with a massive difference from ITZY’s views earlier.

Here’s the Lower Box section PoV…

Enhypen | Mate 50 Pro

and a VIP perspective closer to the stage.

Admittedly, even if I know all of them (and my current biases are Jungwon and Jay), I am not a full-on ENGENE, more like just a Polaroid Love and FEVER enjoyer 🤧.

I apologize if I don’t have anything to say other than appreciating these beautiful photos…

alongside these beautiful boys…

Enhypen | Mate 50 Pro

with beautiful side profiles and pointed AF noses.

Enhypen | Mate 50 Pro

Enhypen | Mate 50 Pro

This further makes me realize that life is, indeed, ~ u n f a i r ~

Reliving the experience

I never went to any concerts posted here but it felt like I was there because of how clear these photos are. What more if you’re like my friend who attended all of these but still has a severe sepanx (separation anxiety) with her long list of biases?

Thankfully, Huawei has revolutionized their current camera system with the Mate 50 Pro. You get the flexibility of not just one or two lenses, but three lenses all at once.

ITZY | Mate 50 Pro


Tap the UWA mode so you can capture the whole vibe of the concert. Switch to 1x to focus on the lightstick and banner while the singing crowd is in utmost blur. Finally, zoom in further 3.5x until it reaches your eyes’ (and heart’s) content just to see your bias/es as close as possible. Bonus would be its ultra-wide angle front-facing camera for those memorable concert selfies.

And not only because it has the best hardware, its XMAGE imaging made these concert moments feel closer to the eyes and heart.

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Very special thanks to my friend Dyan Carelle for reliving these K-Pop concert experiences with us through the eyes of the Huawei Mate 50 Pro

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