Is the iPhone X the next Selfie King?



Apple’s latest announcements have people excited over a US$ 1,000 bezel-less phone, animated emojis, and new Portrait Lighting capabilities. But, what exactly does this mean for selfies?

Yesterday, the world shook with collective anticipation for the newest iPhone releases. Apple fanatics the world over held their breaths as the tenth-anniversary iPhone was unveiled, aptly named the iPhone X. As all Apple keynotes go, a slew of devices and new features were announced.* Most notable to me (Animojis were only a close second) was the smartphone’s new Portrait Lighting mode. More specifically, the supposed tech behind this new iPhone feature.

Aside from firmly believing that good lighting, which Apple promises to fix here, is essential to great portraits, it’s the promise of the iPhone’s mathematical face mapping technology that got me excited.

Introducing Portrait Lighting

Let’s backtrack.

At the Apple event, Portrait Lighting mode was announced as a way to shoot smartphone portraits with lighting comparable to studio illumination. It was heavily stressed that this is not a filter. To explain: A filter will simply add another layer to a photograph to get desired results. Most beauty modes are achieved by adding a blur setting or a rosy hue on what the smartphone camera perceives to be the subject’s face.

The Portrait Lighting mode, as explained, is the result of dual-camera technology and a new phone chip. It’s real-time analysis of your face as the photograph is being taken, which is then transformed into a depth map that separates the subject from the background. Certain facial landmarks are then created and lighting is manipulated by machine learning.

Yeah, I hardly caught that at the Apple Event so I’m sure it’s harder to follow reading this, but simply put: It’s not an added layer to mask out photo imperfections. It’s actual adjustment on the portrait based on information the camera has taken in as it captured that photograph.

So what?

This mode sounds great in itself but aside from better-lit photographs and a slew of great studio lighting options, this technology should, in theory, improve on the smartphone’s selfie capabilities. Facial 3D-mapping technology used in the Portrait Lighting mode could vastly improve background blur — I’ve yet to find a smartphone which has perfected this function.

Different Portrait Lighting modes on the iPhone X

Different Portrait Lighting modes on the iPhone X

Taking it a step further, this tech should be able to significantly improve existing beauty modes and add skin smoothing and make-up more precisely, and more importantly, more naturally. That is, if Apple finally decides to integrate a beauty mode in its camera app — a selfie function sorely lacking in all their devices.

The iPhone X as Selfie King

With the rise of selfie smartphones and an obvious refocus on smartphone cameras in the tech world, it seems the Apple is also moving towards this direction, albeit in their own way.

Again, and as usual, Apple fills our heads with grandiose promises of tech innovation. Admittedly, tech that use 3D facial mapping is not new in the game. Whether Apple’s unique execution will revolutionize portrait and selfie taking forever is something we’ll have to discover. As with all great technological leaps, it starts with incremental improvements such as this.

Truth be told, the iPhone X is going to need more than great lighting to compete in the selfie arena.** This shouldn’t be hard, however, as Apple knows very well that tech is already there — it’s just a matter of proper application.

For now, at the very least, this face mapping technology is put to good use with Animojis.

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*Apple non-believers would argue that these features aren’t, in fact, new since countless other Android phones have had similar tech

**A built-in beauty mode would be a good start!


Netflix knows what you want and lets you watch without buffering

The best binge-watching experience!



Are you one of the millions of Netflix subscribers like I am? If you are (or even not), I have something interesting to share about how Netflix makes their streaming service the best in the business.

For those who don’t know, Netflix is not what they were before. The company started off as a DVD-rental business — just like your favorite local rental stores back when they were popular. It was in 2007 when they launched their streaming service formerly branded as Watch Now. It was restricted to just PCs and you needed the right browser to be able to play their videos.

It was also in 2007 when the first iPhone from Apple was announced, so two pioneers were born that year and they have yet to properly meet each other.

Netflix formally launched their mobile app in 2010 and it changed how we consume content on our phones. Today, more than 60 percent of Netflix members use the mobile app every month. This is why the company is continuously working to make long-form videos more enjoyable on mobile.

When I say enjoyable, it’s not just about showing in HDR, because there’s more to it than just high resolutions.

First, there is personalization. Netflix considers this very important because of the limited screen space on mobile phones, so you have to see the titles you really like first. This feature is not just on mobile; it’s also available on any internet-enabled device you have Netflix on, whether it’s a TV, laptop, tablet, or even game console.

If you can recall, Netflix added mobile previews to their app earlier this year. This lets users get a sneak peek of the content without leaving the homepage and make choosing a show much faster. It works well on mobile since it’s presented in vertical format — no need to turn the orientation of the phone.

Then we have the new feature called Smart Downloads which is currently available on Android phones and tablets. What this does is it identifies the show being watched and automatically downloads the next episode over a Wi-Fi network. It then automatically deletes the downloaded episode after it’s completed. Basically, Netflix makes sure that you can continue watching the next episode while you’re on the road without using up your data plan.

Speaking of saving data, Netflix is also working round-the-clock to make encoding much better. Thankfully, they know how mobile data can be expensive or slow in certain places.

Back then, Netflix streamed their shows in a “one-size-fits-all” bitrate which is great for high-quality streaming but it consumed too much data. Good thing they learned that not all content requires the same encoding bitrate, so they based it on individual titles. 2D animation shows can be compressed at a low bitrate but still be streamed in high quality, while action-packed titles will be meticulously compressed to avoid any compression artifacts.

Netflix didn’t stop there. Their latest innovation called Dynamic Optimizer Encoding now selects the best encoding recipe per shot. Each shot is dynamically encoded to ensure best overall quality which results in, according to Netflix, 64 percent less bandwidth consumption.

Before all this, users could only watch seven hours of content on mobile using 4GB of data. Since the implementation in 2015, viewers can now enjoy 10 hours, and with the per-shot encoding, members can binge-watch for 26 hours with the same amount of data. Soon, this will reach up to 33 hours using the latest AV1 codec which is something Netflix is currently working on.

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Pixel’s Night Sight now available — here are samples

It delivers when it matters



Night Sight, which is an additional mode that improves low-light performance in the Pixel camera app, is now available for download from the Google Play Store for all three generations of Pixel.

It was teased during the launch of the Pixel 3, and I even got a chance to test it early thanks to third-party developers, but it’s only now we’re seeing the final product.

Not much has changed since my first experiment, but I do feel that the UI around it has been refined. It’s a free update, so why complain? In fact, it’s an awesome addition to an already-great camera app.

What’s cool is that it works wonders for the worst lighting conditions, and even applies to the front camera if you really must take a selfie in the dark. Just keep your handheld shot a little steadier — no need for a tripod here.

I was fortunate enough to take the final Night Sight build with me on a trip this week, and I must say it’s impressive when needed most.

Here are some samples with and without Night Sight:

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And there we have it. Night Sight isn’t always required, but makes a world of difference when it counts. It can pretty much see in darkness.

For lots of instances, though, Auto mode was sufficient. But that isn’t to say Night Sight isn’t revolutionary; it simply means the Pixel camera’s HDR rendering is still in a class of its own and doesn’t always need assistance.

The rollout of the update may take a few days to complete. Be patient, as it’s definitely worth the wait.

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Her Holiday Gift Guide: Presents for the different types of women in your life

Tis the season!



May it be a sister, a mother, a friend, or a lover, this holiday season is the perfect time to appreciate the women in your life. But, different women have different needs so I’ve rounded up a number of great gift ideas and the type of ladies they’d be perfect for.

You’re welcome.

For the skincare lover

Something to pamper her with! The Foreo UFO offers a home facial mask treatment like no other. Great skin has never been this attainable! This tiny thing is capable of LED light therapy, thermotherapy, and cryotherapy. There are also a number of great face sheets to choose from.

For the fitness buff

For those who aspire for a healthier life, the Fitbit Versa is the perfect gift. Doing what Fitbit does best, the Versa tracks all your health data plus it has smartwatch capabilities! It comes in rose gold and looks pretty with all the great-looking strap options.

For the stylish

Cutting-edge tech for hair styling comes in the form of Dyson’s Airwrap. It’s every girl’s mane dream (pun intended). This iron uses hot air and the British brand’s vacuum technology to make sure hair is curled and not damaged in the process. Oh, and it doesn’t only curl; there are different hair attachments for multiple hair types so you can achieve many looks.

For the sentimental

To help her capture priceless and fleeting moments, get her a Polaroid OneStep+. This pretty camera looks reminiscent of the original Polaroid OneStep; yes, it’s very pretty! Aside from taking great Polaroid photos, this instant camera can now connect to an app. Talk about added fun!

For the traveler

Make her feel safe and look good. Travelon anti-theft bags are perfect to bring on trips. Equipped with RFID-blocking tech, slash-proof material, and locking zippers, these are bags that will leave you with peace of mind without compromising your outfit.

For the homemaker

Make cleaning a breeze with Xiaomi’s Mi robot vacuum. This smart device will clean every inch of your home with a tap on your smartphone. With the Mi Home app, you’ll be able to check which areas the robot has vacuumed and you can even schedule cleaning sessions remotely. And no, this thing won’t fall down the stairs or run over your pets.

For the audiophile


iPods are not a thing anymore but this awesome music player is! The Mighty Music Player is a music streaming device — yes, that means you can listen to your Spotify sounds even without your phone. It comes in yummy colors, too.

For the woman on the go

These colorful Bluetooth earphones are not only wireless, but they’re also smart. Honor’s new Flypods look cool with the teal color option, plus it can answer calls, has wireless charging, and responds to touch control.

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