5 dreamy Airbnb stays and experiences in Bali

Soak yourself in nature and culture



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Bali has been one of the top destinations in every traveler’s bucket list. Some want it for adventure, some want to visit the place for their honeymoon, others want it for the ‘gram, and some just want to embark on their own quest à la Eat, Pray, Love. Whatever your reason is, there’s always a place for you to stay in Bali.

Here are our recommended stay and the experiences you can try using the Airbnb app:


If you’ve watched Eat, Pray, Love, chances are you want to experience Bali the way Liz Gilbert did. Ubud is filled with green valleys and rice terraces, a perfect setting for contemplating about life and meditation. It’s also rich in arts, culture, and history so if it’s your jam, this is the place to go.

Where to stay: The Studio Villa Madella


What to do: Go on a cultural tour

Take a trip around Ubud and take photographs of its scenic and picturesque landscapes. Visit a volcano, a temple, and walk around rice terraces. Drop by the bamboo forest at Penglipuran village, and stop at the coffee garden to capture a glimpse of a traditional coffee making session.

Lovina Beach

Fancy watching time slip away? Lovina beach is the place to go! There’s not much to do, and people who want to take a break from doing anything should stay here. Go and play around the volcanic beaches, or spend the night slowly while sipping Bintangs.

Where to stay: Spice House Inn

Spice House Inn is a beachfront boutique-style apartment house located in Kaliasem village. It’s situated within a unique and historical community, and of course, a harmonizing sound of waves crashing down the shore.

What to do: Nothing

Lovina is a place where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ocean breeze. Go and read a book, sleep to your heart’s content, or just be at ease. Just don’t spend lots of time on your phone, and remember to make time to those who matter.


If you have the money, then let’s burn it. Seminyak is a quieter spot that attracts jet-setters instead of backpackers frequenting Kuta Beach. It has a relaxing atmosphere that every traveler craves. If you’re a jet-setter, Seminyak offers luxe accommodations surrounded with upscale restaurant and bars. Sounds like your style? Better add this to your itinerary!

Where to stay: Chloe Villa

What to do: Charter a private boat!

Use that hard-earned money and take a once-in-a-lifetime experience! There are tours being offered to tour Nusa Penida via a private boat. If a private boat isn’t enough to convince you, let me tell you this: You’ll also get a chance to swim with manta rays, snorkel, explore the island and see the iconic Kelingking cliff that you always see on Instagram. Sounds fun, right?


Recommended by a friend who frequently visits Bali, Canggu is a laid-back town tucked behind the popular Kuta and Seminyak. Backpackers, young travelers, surfers, and digital nomads are attracted with the vibe this town offers, along with its lush greenery and hipster cafes. Oh, it’s also filled with yoga stations and sites where you can get a lot of creative inspiration.

Where to stay: Ethnic Wooden House

What to do: Surf and chill!

Canggu has a quieter surfing scene compared to Kuta. Take advantage of having less crowd so you can learn how to surf without being bothered by numerous swimmers and surfers in the sea. If you get exhausted, grab some snacks on any hipster cafe and watch the sunset!


Jimbaran exudes a luxe vibe offering a quieter atmosphere. Prices here are a little bit expensive, but it guarantees you a good rest compared to when staying in Kuta, Legian, or Seminyak. Jimbaran might not have a vibrant nightlife but it’s definitely one of the best places to soak yourself under the sun.

Where to stay: Villa Jiwa

What to do: Worship the sun!

Go out and take outdoor activities like stand-up paddling or surfing. Sunbath on different beaches, and enjoy this quintessential seaside town. When you’re done with your outdoor activities, head out to munch on yummy seafood restaurants. If you have a lot of spare time, you can visit fishing villages and shop on markets. Feeling creative? Make a pot or make your own perfume! The possibilities seem endless in this beautiful town.

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Airbnb partners with the Olympics in 9-year deal

Just in time for Tokyo 2020



Airbnb and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has signed a new deal to support five Olympics and Paralympics for the next nine years, making the platform a Worldwide Olympic Partner. Apart from the 2020 Games in Tokyo, the partnership covers Beijing 2022, Paris 2024, Milan 2026, and Los Angeles 2028.

According to the IOC, the joint effort will be “in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to provide travel options that are economically empowering, socially inclusive, and environmentally sustainable.”

The partnership hopes to minimize construction of new infrastructure for host cities to accommodate not just athletes, staff, and workers, but the surge of tourists as well. This also means generating extra income for new and existing hosts in the local communities during the Games.

IOC President Thomas Bach said that the partnership underpins their strategy to ensure that staging the Olympic Games leaves a legacy for the host community.

Airbnb is also launching a new category of Experiences to be hosted by Olympians themselves. These activities can help provide financial support for athletes while they train, as well as career opportunities even after competing.

Airbnb as a more sustainable option

Airbnb has previously supported Rio 2016 and PyeongChang 2018 as a domestic sponsor. A recent World Economic Forum study found that in Rio, the additional capacity provided through Airbnb was equivalent to 257 hotels. This saved the city unnecessary construction and carbon emissions, while also providing approximately US$ 30 million in direct revenue for hosts. It also generated an estimated total economic activity of US$ 100 million in three weeks.

Similarly, during the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games PyeongChang last year, Airbnb hosts earned approximately US$ 2.3 million collectively by providing accommodation to 15,000 visitors who would have required 46 hotels.

Most recently, Airbnb hosts across Japan welcomed more than 650,000 travellers during the Rugby World Cup, and earned more than US$ 70 million collectively.

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Grab to refund its riders up to PhP 5M

The company was penalized for overcharging



Do you use Grab daily? If so, then watch out for your Grab credits these coming weeks. An antitrust body in the Philippines ruled that Grab was overpricing its customers and ordered the company to refund its customers.

Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) announced on Monday that it has ordered Grab to return an estimated PhP 5.05 million to its riders. The antitrust body ruled that the company overcharged its car-hailing service from February 2019 to May 2019. So, the next time you open the Grab app, watch out for additional credits. You will receive it within 60 days — the time period PCC allotted for Grab to comply.

The exact reason why PCC found the company overcharging is unknown. However, this is not the first time the company was fined for overcharging. Last July 2018, Grab returned PhP 10 million plus rebate to its customers for overcharging and imposing a PhP 2 waiting time penalty to its riders.

PCC has already set conditions for Grab to avoid overcharging in the future. You are likely to benefit from these conditions, as Grab’s monopoly in Southeast Asia made it increase prices recently. Also, these conditions are meant to improve Grab’s car-hailing service, which is a win-win situation for you, the company, and the government.

However, the PhP 5.05 million fine is just a drop in the bucket for Grab. The company has diversified into new market segments, ensuring more profits and revenue. Plus, a big-name car manufacturer invested in the company last year for improving its car-hailing operations.

SOURCE: CNN Philippines


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TikTok will launch a Spotify competitor

Will release in December



Illustration by MJ Jucutan

For quite a while now, TikTok has captured the short-form social media landscape. Whereas the past had the incredibly popular Vine, the world now has ByteDance’s equally popular platform. However, unlike Vine, TikTok looks like it’s here to stay. And, because of TikTok’s success, ByteDance can already expand beyond its niche.

Reportedly, ByteDance is currently negotiating content deals with major music labels including Sony Music, Universal Music, and Warner Music. The deal supposedly relates to an upcoming, still-unnamed music streaming service. The developer is already amassing a workable cache of songs to include.

Besides the music content, the service will also include a smaller short video archive. The short videos will play over the interface while users search for more music. Additionally, users can sync the music to the videos.

According to the same report, ByteDance will launch the service as early as next month. It will come out first in smaller markets — like India and Indonesia — before a wider worldwide release.

Of course, the service’s popularity is still in question. TikTok is currently considered a security threat in the US.

As for price, the service will cost less than the world’s most popular option, Spotify. However, this alleged price compares Spotify’s current US price of US$ 10. (As such, this doesn’t mean much since Spotify costs less depending on region and package.)

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