5 dreamy Airbnb stays and experiences in Bali

Soak yourself in nature and culture



Photo by Marvin Meyer

Bali has been one of the top destinations in every traveler’s bucket list. Some want it for adventure, some want to visit the place for their honeymoon, others want it for the ‘gram, and some just want to embark on their own quest à la Eat, Pray, Love. Whatever your reason is, there’s always a place for you to stay in Bali.

Here are our recommended stay and the experiences you can try using the Airbnb app:


If you’ve watched Eat, Pray, Love, chances are you want to experience Bali the way Liz Gilbert did. Ubud is filled with green valleys and rice terraces, a perfect setting for contemplating about life and meditation. It’s also rich in arts, culture, and history so if it’s your jam, this is the place to go.

Where to stay: The Studio Villa Madella


What to do: Go on a cultural tour

Take a trip around Ubud and take photographs of its scenic and picturesque landscapes. Visit a volcano, a temple, and walk around rice terraces. Drop by the bamboo forest at Penglipuran village, and stop at the coffee garden to capture a glimpse of a traditional coffee making session.

Lovina Beach

Fancy watching time slip away? Lovina beach is the place to go! There’s not much to do, and people who want to take a break from doing anything should stay here. Go and play around the volcanic beaches, or spend the night slowly while sipping Bintangs.

Where to stay: Spice House Inn

Spice House Inn is a beachfront boutique-style apartment house located in Kaliasem village. It’s situated within a unique and historical community, and of course, a harmonizing sound of waves crashing down the shore.

What to do: Nothing

Lovina is a place where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ocean breeze. Go and read a book, sleep to your heart’s content, or just be at ease. Just don’t spend lots of time on your phone, and remember to make time to those who matter.


If you have the money, then let’s burn it. Seminyak is a quieter spot that attracts jet-setters instead of backpackers frequenting Kuta Beach. It has a relaxing atmosphere that every traveler craves. If you’re a jet-setter, Seminyak offers luxe accommodations surrounded with upscale restaurant and bars. Sounds like your style? Better add this to your itinerary!

Where to stay: Chloe Villa

What to do: Charter a private boat!

Use that hard-earned money and take a once-in-a-lifetime experience! There are tours being offered to tour Nusa Penida via a private boat. If a private boat isn’t enough to convince you, let me tell you this: You’ll also get a chance to swim with manta rays, snorkel, explore the island and see the iconic Kelingking cliff that you always see on Instagram. Sounds fun, right?


Recommended by a friend who frequently visits Bali, Canggu is a laid-back town tucked behind the popular Kuta and Seminyak. Backpackers, young travelers, surfers, and digital nomads are attracted with the vibe this town offers, along with its lush greenery and hipster cafes. Oh, it’s also filled with yoga stations and sites where you can get a lot of creative inspiration.

Where to stay: Ethnic Wooden House

What to do: Surf and chill!

Canggu has a quieter surfing scene compared to Kuta. Take advantage of having less crowd so you can learn how to surf without being bothered by numerous swimmers and surfers in the sea. If you get exhausted, grab some snacks on any hipster cafe and watch the sunset!


Jimbaran exudes a luxe vibe offering a quieter atmosphere. Prices here are a little bit expensive, but it guarantees you a good rest compared to when staying in Kuta, Legian, or Seminyak. Jimbaran might not have a vibrant nightlife but it’s definitely one of the best places to soak yourself under the sun.

Where to stay: Villa Jiwa

What to do: Worship the sun!

Go out and take outdoor activities like stand-up paddling or surfing. Sunbath on different beaches, and enjoy this quintessential seaside town. When you’re done with your outdoor activities, head out to munch on yummy seafood restaurants. If you have a lot of spare time, you can visit fishing villages and shop on markets. Feeling creative? Make a pot or make your own perfume! The possibilities seem endless in this beautiful town.

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AdorableHome: What’s got everyone hooked?

Send help




I have to preface this article with the fact that I struggled a bit to write it because I was mainly obsessing over the tiny details of my home in AdorableHome. I can’t stop and I need help. Being assigned this article was a bit of a mistake considering I have a tendency of fixating over details with games like these. I want everything nice to fill the void that is the impossibility of all this being ever real in my lifetime.

What is AdorableHome?

It’s everything I need to escape my miserable life. Jokes aside, AdorableHome is a cute simulation mobile game developed by HyperBeard. The game seems to be a tip of the hat to Neko Atsume by Hit-Point Co., Ltd. with cats being the surrounding theme.

The game starts off with you picking out your character and your partner. It’s lovely to see that the developers didn’t pre-select your partner to be exclusively the opposite sex. You begin with just having moved into a new flat with your partner with your charming cat.

What is love?

“Baby, don’t hurt me. Don’t hurt me, no more.” Back to the game. It’s interesting. It doesn’t really stop at having cats dominate your home. AdorableHome lives up to its name quite literally. The currency of the game is “Love” which you can obtain by tending to your cat: feeding, petting, and grooming. And, it doesn’t stop there.

The game has you prep a bento box for your partner and you earn “Love” from that too. Similarly, cute elements give collectable love: the weather, lucky TV shows, and visitors.

Cats aren’t the only catch

I think the thing that got me hook, line, and sinker into this game is the fact that you get to furnish and design the home you moved into. There’s just so much decorating and styling on top of taking care of the cats and it just incentivizes making sure the cats are taken care of.

I mean, I spent almost half an hour making sure the garden looked great. But, there’s more reason to switch out and jazz up every room you have access to: visitors.

Silly memories and cute visitors

Once you expand to the garden, you quickly encounter other adorable animals. Which brings me to another thing that makes you check the game every now and again: the silly animals that show up and the memories.

When you sometimes launch the game, it asks you to take a photo which then is transferred to a photo album that shows every sweet or silly interaction. On top of that, there’s just a quirky bunch of animals that visit your home. They appear and disappear at random but, it’s fun to spot unlikely creatures hanging around your home.

There is a polar bear on my desk chair. A POLAR BEAR. Okay, game, okay.

Not as easy?

AdorableHome is a twinge deceptive with its simplicity. The game doesn’t just highlight the collection of cats in your household. It strangely brings to light the responsibilities that having a pet entail. The game goes into lengths to have you feed, pet, cut their nails, and bathe them.

Granted the game does lend an unrealistic number of times to which you tend to their needs, it does try. A detail that I love and hate about bathing the cats in the game is maintaining the temperature at warm, not scorching nor cool.

Cheats and ways to get the good good

Syke! Don’t cheat boys, girls, unicorns, and dragons. Unless you want to take away all the fun of the game then, go ahead. Anyways, playing this game sort of came at a serendipitous time. I’ve been thinking of adopting a pet for a while. I love animals, reptiles included.

I did, at some point, even saved up to get a bearded dragon but, you get the point. It’s been a point of contention to get a pet. I haven’t been sure if I had stable finances to care for a kitten or a pup. But recently, I’ve managed to save up after getting off my antidepressants.

Long story short, I’m looking to adopt a cat soon. Where I live, security has been chucking cats and kittens into sacks for disposal so, I figured it was high time I took a cat safely home.

From this process, I’d come to realize the value in adopting over shopping. I grew up surrounded by a good bunch of both adopted and bought pets. Taking care of both was equally fulfilling but I think that shifts when you realized the attention and affection you give to an adopted pet.

Adopt don’t shop, responsibly

Most pets set for adoption have gone through some form of mistreatment. And, that’s not to say, all of them have. I know some pets up for adoption are well cared for and that’s what the caretaker or owner ultimately wants: a loving home. So, establishing boundaries and hurdling through some trauma, I think it’s safe to say adopting can be a bit more challenging yet, even more fulfilling.

If you’d like to give this game a go, AdorableHome is available only on GooglePlay for Android (for now).

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram coming to Huawei AppGallery soon

At least, their CEO believes so



At a press briefing following the launch of the Huawei Mate Xs, Huawei CEO Richard Yu told GadgetMatch that our most used social media apps like Facebook and Twitter should be arriving on the AppGallery soon.

Huawei has been on the unfortunate receiving end of the US government’s ire following accusations of spying for the Chinese government. In 2019, tech news headlines were dominated by the rift between the US and Huawei — the biggest of which happened when the US banned companies like Google from working with Huawei.

It was a huge hit as the company relied on Google’s mobile operating system Android for its smartphones.

The company has started rebounding since. Over the last six months, they’ve announced their own HarmonyOS. It’s not only meant for their smartphones but it’s more of a single OS that connects all of their products.

They have also heavily invested in getting more apps on the AppGallery. This is why Yu strongly believes that all the apps we usually use like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter will soon be able to easily make their way to all new Huawei phones.

Ban affected their first foldable

Yu also noted that the ban heavily affected the global release of the Huawei Mate X — the predecessor of the Huawei Mate Xs.

The Huawei Mate X never made it out of China specifically because of the lack of Google Mobile Services. This wasn’t an issue in China since the company’s HongMengOS had already gotten a wide adoption in the country.

Now, Huawei hopes to make the same wide adoption through the AppGallery. In the meantime, Huawei is also pushing HTML5 based Quick Apps as an alternative to apps that are not available in AppGallery.

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Facebook will pay for your voice recording, if you agree

It’s for their smart speaker



Much has been said about Facebook’s track record for violating user’s privacy. As such, the company took some steps to rectify its shortcomings. However, the company remains firm on its data collection practices.  After all, data from the users provide a lot of revenue opportunities for the company.

The company is now trying out an odd way to let it collect these data. Facebook is now resorting to paying willing users to have their voice recorded. By consenting to Facebook’s collection of your voice and personal details, you can get rewards which you can also exchange for a measly amount of money.

If you are eager to try out this Facebook’s new scheme, you can do so by downloading the Viewpoints app. The company launched the app months ago to test out new features for its platform. Through the app, you can receive an invite from the company prompting you to say “Hey, Portal” and the name of your 10 friends in exchange for a reward. Apparently, the social networking company is very eager to know everybody on this planet.

There’s a caveat for trying out though. Only US users can sign-up at the moment. Additionally, you have to say out the prompt five times in order to receive a single reward.

Where will Facebook use the data collected from you? The company is actively developing its new smart speaker — Facebook Portal. By donating your voice to a company with serious privacy violations in the past, you will help them fine-tune the product’s interaction with people.

The company assured that all activity coming from its Viewpoints app will never be shared on Facebook. Also, the company promises to never share all collected data with any other third-party companies without your permission. However, the company still has the right to use other data including payment and device data for better ad targeting.

A step in the right direction?

Over the years, governments and individuals have scrutinized major tech companies for invasive data collection practices. Much of the scrutiny lies in the lack of consent and permission and the scope of data collection. Facebook, in particular, got a bad rep over the years for collecting data anonymously. Worse, the company failed to safeguard this collected data, resulting in leaks with major political implications.

So maybe, this is a step in the right direction for the company. Data collection agreed upon by the users legitimizes the company’s practices — even if it is invasive and unnecessary in the first place.

Source: Android Authority

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