5 steps to making the perfect Spotify playlist



I’m a believer that one thing we all have in common is love for music. We may not all listen to the same songs, but I think we can all agree that music is a big part of our lives.

For me, I loved music so much that I wanted to make a career out of it. Because of that, I became a Radio DJ so I could share my playlists with the world.

If you’re like me, you listen to music that matches whatever mood you’re in. And while there are a million great playlists out there, sometimes you can’t help but think that you can make a better one yourself.

So, let’s do this: Let’s make a playlist!

There are several steps to consider when it comes to putting together a fire playlist, and the key to making sure that it’s worth the listen is that you ask yourself who this playlist is for every step of the way.

Step 1: Decide on a theme

What kind of playlist are you putting together? Is it based on a mood? Is it for a specific occasion? Did you look out the window, see it was raining and think, I’m going to make a rainy day playlist! Whatever inspiration brought you to take out your phone and open up your Spotify app, deciding on the theme of your playlist is always step one.

Step 2: Choose the first two songs

The first two songs can make or break a playlist; this is where people decide if they’ll stay and listen, or if they’ll look for something better. It’s also important to consider who you’re making this playlist for. If it’s for yourself, then it really doesn’t matter what you choose — you’ll listen anyway. But if you’re making this for other people to listen to, it’s important to pick some crowd-pleasers, so they’ll want to stick around.

Step 3: Keep it consistent

You are essentially telling a story through your song choices, and the people listening to your playlist are on it because they relate to its theme or mood. If your playlist is titled “Good Vibes” and out of nowhere Adele’s “Someone Like You” starts playing, that’s an automatic buzzkill. If it were me listening to your playlist, I’d switch to another one immediately.

Step 4: Sandwich the “unknown” songs between two popular songs

One of the best feelings ever is introducing new music to someone and seeing them love it, especially when it’s a song that no one’s heard of and you just want to gift it to them. The thing is, if you play too many songs that people don’t know, they’ll lose interest in the playlist and want to listen to something else. It’s always good to put an “unknown” song that everyone knows and loves in between two hit songs so that they don’t lose interest.

Step 5: Enjoy yourself and share it with friends

Listening to music is meant to be fun, so don’t stress yourself out too much when it comes to making your playlist. Share it with your friends and ask them what they think. Don’t be afraid to check out their playlists as well to get some ideas of songs you might want to add to yours. Remember, this is meant to be a fun experience to share with other people. No matter how good you might think your playlist might be, you won’t be able to please everyone.

And, that’s it: My tips on putting together a good Spotify playlist. What do you think? If you think you have a great playlist, leave a link in the comments and I’ll give it a listen!

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Google wants to assists users without depending on the Internet

And Google Pay just got more exciting!



Google is by definition an “internet” company. Every part of its business depends on connectivity, whether its Google Search or AdSense. The company has penetrated every developed market and now intends to grab the untapped markets of India and other Southeast Asian countries.

Google Assistant

Courtesy: Bhardwaj

At its Google for India 2019 event, the company announced the launch of a special helpline that users can call to have their questions answered. We usually use Google Assitant on the go via any Android phone, but it depends on internet connectivity. How do you reach out to a feature-phone user who barely has a 2G connection?

A 24×7 healpline. Teaming up with Vodafone India, users will be able to dial 000-800-9191-000 and they won’t be charged for the call or the service. Early this year, Google also worked with KaiOS to integrate Google Assistant on entry-level 4G phones like the JioPhone.

Google Assistant was launched in India a couple of years back and Hindi is now the second-largest language globally. You can also switch languages by a simple voice command now.

Google Pay

Courtesy: Bhardwaj

Usually, you can use payment solutions like these in the US via NFC. Your cards are saved on the app and a gentle tap to a PoS machine will initiate the transaction. However, in India the app leverages the countries universal UPI protocol to transfer money. Up till now, you had to add your bank account in the app and scan a QR code to send money.

Google has now announced support for NFC cards. This will make the experience much simpler and streamlined. Though your phone needs to have an NFC reader and only HDFC, Axis, Kotak, and Standard Chartered bank are supported for tokenization at the moment.

The company went on to share a few interesting stats about its position in the country. The app handled 918 million transactions a month in the country.

New AI Lab

Courtesy: Bhardwaj

A new artificial intelligence research lab is being set up in Bengaluru to create India-specific products. Google has tied up with state-run BSNL for expanding Wi-Fi hotspots in villages in Gujarat, Bihar, and Maharashtra. They’ve already deployed more than 5,000 WiFi hotspots in partnership with Indian Railways.

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SIM card vulnerability puts your sensitive information at risk

It’s called the SIMjacker



SIM cards are very important. However, a new SIM card vulnerability found out by AdaptiveMobile Security might be putting our information at risk. The Simjacker exploit, which was recently found out and still being investigated on, allows malicious hackers to steal sensitive information from your phone through a SIM card.

Mechanism of attack

Infographic explaining the attack using Simjacker vulnerability | Photo by

How does the Simjacker vulnerability work?

First, a hacker sends a malicious code to your phone through SMS. Then, the malicious code is read directly by your SIM card. The code then causes the [email protected] browser to send sensitive information to an accomplice device through SMS.

According to the report pulished by AdaptiveMobile Security regarding the vulnerability, the [email protected] browser is found on most SIM cards even though its development was abandoned many years ago. [email protected] browser was never updated, so it carries the risk of sending sensitive information to hackers when exploited successfully.

Sensitive information retrieved and transmitted by the [email protected] browser include location and the IMEI of an exploited device. The IMEI is a shorthand for International Mobile Equipment Identity, which is a 15 digit number unique to your smartphone that has some information about your device including its brand and model. As such, hackers can determine your exact location if you have a compromised SIM card, regardless of what device you have.

And the worst part of the attack is that you have no way of knowing that it has already been done since it all happens within the SIM card.

Origin and scope of the attack

The purpose for carrying an attack varies. However, the report traces the origin to an unspecified private company that works with governments to monitor individuals. So, there is a real possibility that it has been used to spy on us. And rightly so, since specific individuals were targeted in a certain country.

The report also warned that over one billion smartphones across all continents could be at risk to the vulnerability — and you could be one of them.

Response to the attack

In response to the discovered vulnerability, industry association SIMalliance has already put up recommendations for network providers to secure their networks. At this point in time, you can’t do anything to secure yourself from the vulnerability, unless you decided to go SIM-free.

But as a general rule of thumb, you shouldn’t just give your smartphone number like a free lunch. It also pays to update your smartphone once in a while, since some updates are designed to secure your phone from these kind of vulnerabilities and attacks.

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Apple TV+ launches with ridiculously low pricing

It’ll be free for a year for some users



Apple has announced that it will begin streaming some of its original content for Apple TV+ starting November 1 for US$ 4.99. The subscription price is extremely affordable and meant to undercut rivals like Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney.

It will additionally be available through on the web, select 2018, 2019 and newer Samsung smart TVs, and on Amazon Fire TV, LG, Roku, Sony and VIZIO platforms in the future.

Apple TV+ is expected to launch in over 100 countries, with up to six members to share one subscription at no extra cost. To lure more users, purchasing a new iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV in the coming weeks will get you a one year of subscription for free.

The service is launching with a panoply of star-filled titles, including Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon in The Morning Show and Hailee Steinfeld’s drama series Dickinson.

Apple named nine total titles that would be available at launch on Apple TV+. “All of these incredible shows for the price of a single movie rental,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said Tuesday on stage.

Though, critics say Apple’s offering isn’t actually comparable to the competition because they also have tonnes of licensed TV shows and movies. Focusing on original production is just a part of it and brands like Netflix have invested heavily in getting exclusive rights to many blockbuster creations.

Apple TV+ is in-line with the company’s attempt to monetize its virtual offerings. Instead of completely relying on hardware for revenue, Apple is slowly amping up its subscriptions models. Right now, other products include Apple Music, Apple News+, iCloud, and Apple Arcade.

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