Acer Spin 5 Review: Long-lasting and full-powered



360-degree notebooks are everywhere. While some may not like them, they prove to be more versatile than your typical laptop. Acer’s Spin 5 is the latest to join the group. Can its full-bending hinge make you consider having one?

Let’s begin with the notebook’s physique. There is a lot to talk about the sleek metal body of the Spin 5 starting with how…

The Spin 5 looks like a typical laptop when in this position

The touchscreen is a 13.3-inch 1080p IPS LCD surrounded by thick bezels

It has a spacious keyboard with backlight…

Key travel is good and the layout will grow on you after a while

… and its responsive trackpad has a built-in fingerprint reader

Both the fingerprint reader and trackpad are responsive, but the click travel is quite deep

The left side houses the important ports on the Spin 5…

There’s the charging port, HDMI, USB-C, and two USB 3.0

… while the left has a few more ports along with a couple of buttons

Here we have the LED indicators, volume rocker, audio port, SD card reader, USB 2.0, power key, and lock hole

One of the best features of the Spin 5 are its speakers!

It fires sound directly up and gets pretty loud!

The 360-degree hinge is quite special, allowing the Spin 5 to have multiple positions

The hinge is solid and has enough resistance

You can position it like this when watching a video…

I enjoyed watching Star Trek: Discovery on this

Or like this when trying to present something at a meeting

Also works as a large digital display on a table

It can turn into a tablet anytime, too!

It comes with a stylus for jotting down notes and doing some sketches

An ideal laptop for media consumption

It’s a given that a regular laptop is fitting for productivity. We’re already accustomed to its layout, design, and overall experience. The Spin 5 doesn’t hold back in that sense thanks to its nice backlit keyboard and surprisingly responsive plastic trackpad. I do have some concerns about how difficult it is to execute a click on the trackpad, though. It takes effort to do a simple selection because of the deep click travel.

Since this isn’t your ordinary notebook, the 360-degree hinge makes the Spin 5 ideal for watching videos and general web surfing while in tablet mode. The speakers are also great, because no matter how I place the device on the table, the audio is always (or at least seems to be) directed at me. This makes everything sound clearer and louder. I’d gladly use the Spin 5 for binge watching.

Great performance for everyday use and more

While I enjoy the Spin 5 mainly for catching up on my TV shows, it’s got some oomph under the hood. The model we have for review has the latest Intel Core i5-8520U processor paired with Intel Graphics 620, 8GB of memory, and a fast 256GB SSD. Everything, of course, is run by Windows 10.

The configuration puts this notebook in the middle of the crop, having the right balance to run productivity apps like Office with no problems and letting you be efficient in Photoshop without hiccups. The Spin 5 offers everything I need to get me through my usual workload, with some casual gaming on the side.

By casual, I mean titles from the Windows Store like Asphalt Extreme and my boring yet fun (for me) American Truck Simulator. As expected, the former ran the smoothest (and more immersive than playing it on mobile phones), while the latter is best set to medium settings. It also won’t have any trouble loading DOTA 2 or League of Legends, just in case you’re planning on installing and playing them on the Spin 5.

It can last long without a charger around

I started my day with the Spin 5 fully charged to 100 percent and hoped that it would be enough for the day ahead, because I had to work remotely in a place that’s not quite generous with wall sockets. With the brightness set to 50 percent and Wi-Fi connected to the network, I was productive for four straight hours. I used the Microsoft Edge browser during this period, since Chrome consumes a lot of power. I was able to spend another three hours with the remaining juice watching Netflix at home before it asked me for the charger.

A total of seven hours of actual usage is impressive for a laptop with these specs. Other laptops that last this long are the fan-less Ultrabooks, which are more expensive and under-powered.

Is this your GadgetMatch?

The model we have is priced at PhP 59,990, which can already provide you with a more powerful gaming laptop. But that means you’d have to carry a bulky machine, which doesn’t even last as long on the road. The Spin 5 is more suited for those who want the right balance between work and play. I was surprised by how long it was able to last on a full charge.

For business use, the available ports on the Spin 5 are overwhelming, which also means I don’t have to buy dongles that would cost me extra. As for play, I just can’t get enough of the speakers. They’re not perfect, but they sound good and make movie watching lots of fun.

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There’s more in the making: Apple’s next event is on October 30

There’s more?



Never in recent memory have we had this many tech events scheduled back-to-back-to-back as this October 2018. We’re only half way through and we’ve been to four so far — launches for the LG V40, Google Pixel 3, Razer Phone 2, and Huawei Mate 20. Sadly, we missed Microsoft’s Surface event.

Techtober, as some journalists call it, is one of the busiest months and it seems Apple wants to end it with a bang as it sends out invites to an October 30 event in Brooklyn, New York. The announcement comes a little over one month after the company unveiled its next generation of iPhones, and only a few days after the more affordable iPhone XR rolls out to over 50 countries and territories.

Thinner bezels will be a running theme throughout the event, as Apple is expected to unveil a new iPad Pro with Face ID, and possibly a low-cost MacBook or MacBook Air as reported by Bloomberg.


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Intel 9th-Gen Core processors feature ‘world’s best gaming processor’

Headlined by the Core i9-9900K



Intel’s latest lineup of desktop processors, dubbed the 9th generation, were unveiled earlier today in an event in New York. They’re headlined by the Core i9-9900K, which Intel calls the “world’s best gaming processor.”

It’s definitely a powerful chip, owning eight cores and 16 threads with a single-core turbo frequency of 5GHz and base speed of 3.6GHz. It offers all sorts of speed boosts compared to the previous generation, but you’ll need a Z390-based motherboard to reach its full potential.

Included in the lineup are the Core i7-9700K and i5-9600K, which are equipped with eight and six cores, respectively — no extra threads here. All three chips, unfortunately, are still based on the 14nm process introduced years ago, with Intel releasing an updated 10nm process only in 2019.

Pricing is as follows: US$ 488 for the Core i9-9900K, US$ 374 for the Core i7-9700K, and US$ 262 for the Core i5-9600K. Pre-orders begin today with a rollout happening later in October.

In addition, Intel announced seven new Intel Core X-series processors, which include the Core i9-9980XE (US$ 1,979), i9-9960X (US$ 1,684), i9-9940X (US$ 1,387), i9-9920X (US$ 1,189), i9-9900X (US$ 989), i9-9820X (US$ 898), and i7-9800X (US$ 589). All will become available by November.

Built on Intel’s Mesh Architecture, the top-of-the-line model holds 18 cores with 36 threads to handle the most demanding tasks needed by professionals. Even wilder is the upcoming Intel Xeon W-3175X and its 28 core and 56 thread count, but it has no price yet —  only a release date of December 2018.

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Microsoft announces Windows 10 October 2018 Update

What’s new in Windows 10?



The sixth major update for Microsoft’s popular operating system is here. During their event, Microsoft announced the immediate availability of the Windows 10 October 2018 Update.

The latest version of Windows 10 comes with a bunch of new features that Microsoft has been testing for a while, including a new snipping software, a dark theme for File Explorer, a cloud-enabled clipboard, and a new sign-in option.

Microsoft now focuses on Android phones since Windows 10 Mobile is practically dead. The new built-in Your Phone app lets users seamlessly connect and use Android phones with their PC. Additionally, using the Microsoft Launcher, users can also access their Timeline on mobile. On iOS, Your Phone is able to send the web pages being viewed in Edge on the PC.

The Search tool is also getting an upgrade. Users will now automatically get a preview of all results in search, including documents, emails, and files.

SwiftKey, a Microsoft-owned keyboard app, is finally available in the touch keyboard.

There are improvements coming to Edge too, like an offline dictionary and grammar tools. Windows Mixed Reality and Office get updated features as well.

Windows 10 October 2018 is available for direct download today. The automatic rollout will start next week.

To know more about the new update, you may head over to the Windows Blog.

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