Agoda Mix and Save helps you find cheaper accommodations

Save up to 50 percent on your bookings



In this age, traveling is no longer a luxury. With the right planning and budgeting, one can travel further than they can imagine. As a traveler fond of budget trips, I always put my experiences first before my accommodation. My motto was “forget luxury and high-end stays, my adventures are far better than any other hotel experience.”

Accommodation was the least of my priority, obviously. I would rather opt for a hostel to save money and be able to afford more local experiences. I don’t like being forced to stay (both in life and in love) when adventures are waiting for me.

But as I’m getting older, traveling slowly shifts from adventures to relaxation. However, I can’t let go of the budget-conscious lifestyle I’ve developed over time which is why Agoda’s newest feature was a godsend for someone like me.

What is Mix and Save?

Mix and Save is Agoda’s newest feature which allows customers to save up to 50 percent in their bookings, by combining the cheapest rooms available within the same hotel.

How does it work?

If you search between two to 14 nights stay at any of Agoda’s two million properties worldwide, Agoda will suggest the Mix and Save feature as an option to split your reservation into multiple bookings to help you maximize savings.

For example, I’m booking at Virginia’s Cave Villas in Santorini on November 17 to 27. It would have been expensive if I opted to take the Executive Villa with Outdoor Hot Tub for 11 days straight, costing PhP 9,453 per night. Agoda then suggests the Superior Cave Villa with Outdoor Hot Tub, a cheaper room that’s only available from November 24 to November 27, which costs PhP 7,136 per night.

It’s definitely going to make my accommodations cheaper, as long as I agree to be flexible and move. It might be an inconvenience to move to a different room, but who cares about inconvenience when you can get a cheaper room with a different style and decoration that would look good on social media.

What does it mean for hoteliers and the traveling landscape?

Agoda is the first major global online travel agent to make these “hack-rates” available. Chief Operating Officer Omri Morgenshtern believes this new feature will help partners optimize inventory and reflect Agoda’s commitment to offering the best possible price to customers.

It’s currently available on desktop, and Agoda is planning to enhance the offering in the future so users can enjoy Mix and Save deals on mobile.

Mix and Save is great news for travelers, but it might be a bit of a hassle for a hotel’s operations. Nonetheless, it’s a new feature and it’s still too early to tell if this is good or bad for the whole travel industry. For now, enjoy and take advantage of the better deals.


Samsung’s Note 20 accessories look fabulously polished

Sustainable, stylish protection



Samsung’s newest Galaxy Note 20 series may look glamorous without a case, but having a stylish case is worth considering when you have an expensive phone.

Luckily, the South Korean company released fabulous phone cases to protect the Galaxy Note 20 while looking good. There’s the Kvadrat cover, a case familiar to most Samsung users and loyalists following the annual Unpacked event.

In case you’re just discovering Kvadrat, it’s a Danish textile company taking inspirations from its Scandinavian roots. The company produces a sustainable textile called Revive, made from post-consumer recycled polyester like plastic bottles.

Samsung and Kvadrat’s collaboration aims to reduce the environmental impact of production and plastic waste.

Even though it looks thin and stylish, the Kvadrat Cover complements the Note 20 series’ striking shape while staying durable — protecting your phone from accidental drops and damage. It comes in Red and Gray.

Samsung’s usual Clear View and LED View cover are still part of the Note 20 series’s lineup of accessories. It comes in Gray and Samsung’s most appreciated color this year and a step-up of the previous Rose Gold — Copper.

Price and availability are yet to be announced and may vary per region. This page will be updated accordingly.

WATCH our Galaxy Note 20 Series video

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Get NBA League Pass with PLDT Home

It’s a whole new game!



It’s a whole new game! The NBA is back and hoop junkies subscribed to PLDT Home are in for a treat!

PLDT Home subscribers can now conveniently access NBA games and exclusive programs live and on-demand for as low as PhP 485 per month by charging their NBA League Pass subscription to their existing PLDT Home account.

This offer comes as the NBA Restarts after being unceremoniously postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.Will LeBron and the Lakers make it all the way to the Finals? Can the Toronto Raptors repeat as Champions despite Kawhi Leonard heading to the Clippers? And can “The Greek Freak” Giannis Antetokounmpo cement his legacy by finally adding an NBA Championship to his resume? If you want to know, having NBA League Pass is the best way to follow the league.

NBA League Pass gives you access to the seeding games as well as the 2019-2020 NBA Playoffs with new statistical overlays, alternative audio, and multiple viewing options.

League Pass subscribers can watch in new camera angles, multiple in-language streams, influencer commentary, as well as in-depth analysis and live game stats. Viewers will also have the ability to impact visual effects and sounds in the venue through a “tap-to-cheer” function.

There’s also a 3-Game Choice that lets users watch up to three games of their choice per month.

To subscribe, visit

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Her GadgetMatch

3 style tips when you want to mix things up

Give yourself that long-overdue makeover!



There comes a point in our lives when we crave makeover and start anew. Some start by drastically modifying their hairstyle and makeup, while others pursue a lifestyle change. My girl friends and I have a different way of mixing things up: we play with colors.

After living in neutrals — particularly black, white, and gray — we decided to add a splash of color in our lives. It may be tricky to try a new palette in our style and accessories, but it’s not a life well-lived if we stay in our comfort zones.

Here are a few tips on how to mix things up, especially when you just want to see a change in your lives.

Start with one color

Happy Plugs’ Air 1 Plus in Gold

The first step is owning a single hue which can be seen in every piece of your outfit. For instance, you can wear Tan — apt for that transition between summer and fall — in your dress and accessories.

When you learn the ropes of going monochrome, gradually mix different shades of your chosen hue. You can easily do this by picking colors belonging in the same variation or sitting beside each other in the color wheel.

Tan works well with Gold, Beige, Brown, and other earth tones. You can add some pearls to have that luxe, elegant look in your style, and other essentials.

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Extend your color choices

Happy Plugs’ Air 1 Plus in Pink Gold

When you’re done with your monochromatic lessons, it’s time to expand your horizon. You can pick one color and utilize the colors close to it. For instance, Pink — whether as an accessory or an ensemble — can help you look young, fun, and playful as long you use its lighter tones.

You can pair it with tones close to it such as Peach, Old Rose, Rose Gold, and even loud ones like Fuschia, Scarlet, and Vermillion. With this color combination, you’ll ooze with charm and a flirty allure that might be irresistible to some.

If you find it difficult to apply this palette in your clothes, apply it to your accessories instead!

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Own some metallics

Happy Plugs’ Air 1 Plus in White Marble

Shy away from the usual neutrals and consider metallics — gold, silver, copper, and rust — to make a statement. Some pieces can be bought at an affordable price and you’d still look expensive, thanks to its shiny textures.

You can match it with another bold color or pair it with white for a neat aesthetic. But if you can’t pull it off, make sure to follow a monochromatic style and match your metals to look sophisticated — be it on your watch, electronics, lipstick, clothes, and even purse.

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