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This month started really busy with all these updates from the tech world. Facebook graced headlines with its changes and Google announced improvements on its products. Smartphones are also on top of the news, as a cheaper Pixel was revealed and OnePlus unveiled their most premium phone yet in a simultaneous launch in New York, London, and India.

While we’re busy covering these events, we still try to keep up with the latest in pop culture. See what’s Now Playing on GadgetMatch:

Movies to see

Avengers: Endgame
Rodneil: It took 11 years and 22 films before we reached the conclusion of arguably the most ambitious film franchise of our time. This film wraps up over a decade of storytelling and world-building. It has plenty of emotional beats, nostalgic moments, and huge battle sets to put its viewers on a roller coaster of emotions.

Detective Pikachu
Kevin: As a 90s kid who invested hours playing Pokémon Red on Game Boy, flipping coins for Pokémon trading cards, and even now as I walk for hours playing Pokémon Go, I’ve always wondered: What will life be like with Pokémon around? Well, this film is the closest answer I can get. The story is simple but executed well. Ryan Reynolds voicing Pikachu — although still quite humorous — didn’t feel like it was Deadpool and that’s a good thing. Oh, and there’s a lot of Pokémon sightings scattered in the movie, so it’s also a game of “Who’s that Pokémon?” throughout the film.

MJ: Aladdin is back and I’m excited to relive my childhood memories! The trailer got me hooked and I can feel the film will be a spectacle, just like the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast. It’s going to be a chance for our generation to share this Disney classic with the young ones so we can sing “A Whole New World” together. The film is scheduled to be released in theaters on May 24 (or May 22 in some countries).

TV shows to binge watch

Rodneil: This anime was recently added to Netflix. While I’ve seen this more than a couple of times, it’s one of the shows I keep coming back to. It’s a story of a wanted criminal but his personality betrays the crimes accused of him. As you dive deeper, you’ll see the protagonist’s moral compass and conviction tested multiple times. It also helps that it’s set in a cyberpunk Wild West future.

Street Food
Vincenz: It’s not your typical food show as it doesn’t just focus on street food per se, but also on the history and the stories of notable people who made the food live for its taste. The first season focuses on Asian street cuisine, but not totally exclusive to a country’s capital — Delhi, Osaka, Cebu, Chiayi, Yogyakarta, to name a few.

Dead to Me
Dan: Dead to Me is the new must-see Netflix series. It’s an American dark comedy series that talks about grief, guilt, and relationships. The show is primarily about the newfound friendship between a wounded widow and a free-spirited individual. If you love a show with dark humor, twists, and sensitivity, Dead to Me is worth the binge.

MJ: Bonding is a seven-episode TV series on Netflix that can act as a transition show in case you’re looking for a new series to binge-watch. It’s about a dominatrix who hired her gay BFF as her assistant in her adventures in and out of the dungeon. It’s a hilarious show that surprisingly offers lessons about confidence, learning to love and open up, and being yourself.

Albums/Songs/Podcasts to listen to

Fancy by TWICE
Rodneil: I’ve only been following TWICE for a little while but it looks like I jumped on the fandom at the right time. Their latest comeback “Fancy” is a departure from their usual cutesy concept. The choreography on the new song is a lot sexier and while there’s a more mature feel to the verses, it still maintains the bright energy that TWICE has been known for.

Vincenz: OH MY GIRL is among the underrated K-Pop girl groups out there. The versatility of OMG’s concepts can be heard through their title tracks but “SSFWL” (which means “Spring, summer, fall, winter, and love”) is a new whimsical musical piece on a whole new level. Their angelic visuals paired with soothing vocals are just irresistible. Fantasy anime song, anyone?

Trend/s to try

KFC Chaco and Famous Bowl
Vincenz: “Chaco” is a taco with a chicken shell. It honestly tastes like a taco without the beef and, surprisingly, the shell doesn’t taste like salty chicken at all, unlike the Double Down. Meanwhile, the Famous Bowl is back again, and you shouldn’t miss it. The mashed potatoes, Funshots, corn, cheese, and gravy all blend together as they all melt in your mouth.

Places to visit

Paris, France
Marvin: Having been around Europe a few times in the past — from Berlin and Prague, to Madrid and Zurich — it was a shame that I never got a chance to visit Paris. Until now, that is. To my delight, the hype is real. Although the Notre Dame Cathedral is no longer open to tourists, the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, and Arc de Triomphe are still worth the journey. Airbnb options are plenty now, so low-cost lodging is easier than ever to find.

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OnePlus Music Festival: Everything you need to know

Featuring Katy Perry, Dua Lipa, and more



OnePlus has a significant fan-following in India and the brand has successfully developed a devoted community. While launch events are usually reserved for the media to interact and cover the company’s offerings, OnePlus always lets its followers experience the unveiling live and passes are sold out within minutes.

The company has slowly forayed into the premium segment and intends to establish a brand name. OnePlus is hosting a music festival on November 16 in Mumbai and it’ll be headlined by pop stars Katy Perry and Dua Lipa.

Apart from Katy Perry and Dua Lipa, fans will be able to groove to the rhythm of diverse musical minds like Amit Trivedi, Ritviz, The Local Train and Aswekeepsearching.

More acts part of the music festival

Amit Trivedi has composed numerous hits for movies like Dev.D, Udta Punjab, and Queen. He is a familiar draw for those aware of mainstream Bollywood music. The Local Train is a rock band popularly known for their singles like “Aaoge tum kabhi” and “Choo lo”.

This is the first time OnePlus is hosting a music festival in the country. Previously at the OnePlus 6T launch event in Mumbai, the brand had artists like Brodha V and DJ Ishani performing live.

“We are super excited that Katy Perry will be starring in our first-ever OnePlus Music Festival in India! We decided to host this festival to share our passion for music with our community, who are at the heart of everything we do. With Katy on board, this is sure to be a one of a kind experience,” said Carl Pei, Co-Founder, OnePlus.

Tickets for the concert are on sale now via Paytm Insider. The price starts at INR 2,000 and OnePlus users can avail 10 percent cashback after authenticating their phone’s IMEI number.

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TCL unveils premium-looking entertainment solutions

Beautiful headphones and a soundbar!



TCL just launched a set of entertainment solutions at IFA 2019. The brand unveiled a premium soundbar, along with new, wireless headphones.

Odd-looking yet beautiful soundbar

TCL put the spotlight on their Ray Danz soundbar. Featuring a front-firing and sideways-firing speaker drivers, the soundbar bend the sound in a particular angle to create a natural and wider resonance, and a crystal clear dialogue.

Thanks to Dolby Atmos, it creates a 360-degree surround sound without the need for extra upward-firing drivers. If you want a ground-shaking bass, connect the subwoofer to the soundbar wirelessly for an immersive experience.

New, vibrant headphones

Growing the brand’s headphone lineup, TCL introduces the SOCL500TWS. Available in four unique colorways — Blue Ocean, Sunset Violet, Sunrise Orange, and Phantom Black — this wireless headphone lets you enjoy music in style. It reproduces powerful audio, thanks to its 5.8mm speaker drivers. Moreover, TCL changes its wireless headphones’ design to fit ears naturally and perfectly.

Furthermore, the headphone can handle up to six hours of continuous playback. If you’re concerned with the charging case, TCL believes it carries enough power that lasts for at least 19 hours. In addition, it has a clever antenna design that lets you stay connected on your Bluetooth, even in crowded areas. Finally, the SOCL500TWS is splash-proof and IPX4 rated, so you can enjoy the headphones under light showers.

For sporty people, TCL offers the ACTV500TWS to complement your active lifestyle. It features a textured surface, providing extra grip. Designed for sports use, it comes in an IPX7 rating for water and sweat resistance. Same as the SOCL500TWS, the headphone can handle continuous playback for at least six hours, and can extend up to 33 hours, thanks to its charging case. The case itself supports wireless charging, too, and can be attached anywhere with its metal karabiner. It’s available in two color options: Copper Dust and Copper Ash.

Rise of noise-canceling headphones

Another headphone in TCL’s lineup is MTRO200NC, a noise-canceling headphone that packs with powerful bass. It features a set of 32mm speaker drivers, delivering accurate mids and crystal clear highs.

Design-wise, it has soft, breathable ear cushions to provide comfort when listening for a long time. But what you’ll love about this headphone is convenience. It has a flat-folding design, excellent battery life up to 20 hours, and fast-charging support.


Top-of-the-line headphones under the ELIT line joined TCL’s new lineup, too. Introducing ELIT200NC and ELIT400NC, both headphones feature active noise-canceling technology, exceptional audio, upscale design and build, as well as comfort, portability, long battery life, and fast charging.


For active, energetic individuals, the ELIT200NC is the perfect fit, featuring a flexible neckband design and stunning, lifelike sound. Casual users may enjoy the over-the-ear ELIT400NC headphones built with a lightweight, foldable frame.

Pricing and Availability

The Ray Danz soundbar will cost 399 EUR (US$ 440), while the SOCL500TWS and ACTV500TWS will cost 80 EUR (US$ 88) and 100 EUR (US$ 110) respectively. For the noise-canceling headphones, the MTRO200NC is priced at 70 EUR (US$ 77), and the ELIT200NC costs 80 EUR (US$ 88), while the ELIT400NC is a bit more expensive, starting at 130 EUR (US$ 143). TCL’s entertainment solutions will be first available in Europe starting Q4 2019.

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YouTube deletes Pornhub’s campaign video

Because of nudity policy



Pornhub’s latest initiative to help fight ocean pollution wasn’t taken well by YouTube, deleting the “Dirtiest Porn Ever” campaign trailer. The entertainment giant claims Pornhub’s video violated their nudity policy, although the porn website believes there was none at all.

People supporting Pornhub’s campaign are quick to respond to the issue.

It’s always been true that some content borders between softcore porn and actual nudity. For some reason, it can go past YouTube, remaining in the platform for years without being flagged for any violation of its Terms of Service. Here are some examples:

YouTube hasn’t given an official statement regarding their action against Pornhub’s video. Nonetheless, people can still support Pornhub’s campaign against ocean pollution by visiting their landing page.

SEE ALSO: Pornhub’s “Dirtiest Porn Ever” campaign tackles ocean pollution

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