After the long wait, Apple has finally unveiled not just one, but four new variants of the iPhone 12.

The two “basic” iPhone 12 models are meant for everyone who prefers the essentials in an iPhone — with a smaller model catered to people with petite hands. Meanwhile, the other two are intended for the real “pros”. In Apple’s words, they are the “iPhones for photographers”.

It’s a no-brainer that Apple decided to equip all units with a powerful A14 Bionic chipset and future-ready 5G modems. But do you know what makes them distinct other than their screen sizes? It’s their respective camera sensors.

Curious to find out which is which? Watch our quick recap of the newest Apple iPhone 12 series here.


Google is issuing major redesign for Google Search

Bubblier and bouncier



Redesigns are part and parcel for the tech world. Perhaps separated by several years, the biggest tech companies often issue major redesigns to their products, marking significant changes to the times. Now, we’re on the cusp of a major redesign for Google Search. Here’s how Google is changing its popular search engine this time around.

According to an official blog post filled with statements from Google designer Aileen Cheng, the search engine is simplifying its design even further. Most importantly, the redesign will take advantage of the recent edge-to-edge screens. Currently, entries are just presented as tiles. With the redesign, the tiles will be stretched to the edges of the screen. In doing so, Google aims to present the information more concisely, rather than focusing on the design.

Additionally, Google is adjusting the feature’s font, increasing size and changing color to be more focused on information. On an aesthetic level, Google is also making things “bubblier and bouncier,” mimicking the same energy of the Google logo.

Though the redesign can do a lot on PC, the redesign is focusing on mobile for now. That said, no one knows when the redesign is coming. At the time of this writing, the search function is still in its current iteration without the redesigns.

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Apple is shrinking the notch this year

Is this the iPhone 13?



Another year, another iPhone. Even if the year is just starting, we’re already in for a flurry of rumors for the next iPhone. Sometimes, however, those rumors can give as an acute case of déjà vu. Today, one of the earliest details about 2021’s iPhone 13 series once again hints that Apple is shrinking the notch this year, mimicking years-worth of speculation.

According to a report from DigiTimes, the next generation of iPhones will come with smaller notches. The company will finally be able to pack in its front-facing sensors into a smaller surface area, resulting in a new form factor.

Consumers have notably decried the controversial notch since its inception in the iPhone X. Though other brands have adopted the notch themselves, most have already moved past the trend with teardrop notches, punch hole cameras, or even under-display sensors. In comparison, Apple has furiously stood by its large notch. The iPhone 13 series might finally change Apple’s long-standing status quo.

If you’re in doubt, you have every reason to be. We’re still months and months away from any incredibly substantial leaks for the iPhone 13. However, if anything, DigiTimes has reported on the upcoming iPhone before, as well. A few weeks ago, the outlet revealed that the entire series will come with improved LiDAR sensors. There might be some truth to this year’s “smaller notch” rumors. But again, waiting (and taking everything with a grain of salt) is key.

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realme smartphones and wearables are discounted this January

PhP 3,000 discount for the realme 6 Pro



realme is kicking off the new year by discounting some of its smartphones and wearables. For a limited time, buyers may snag the realme C12, 6 Pro, Buds Q, Buds Air Neo, and more at discounted prices on Lazada and Shopee

All-day discounts are available on Lazada on January 25, 27, and 30. For Shopee users, they should watch out for all-day discounts happening exclusively on January 30.

Buyers may snag the latest entry-level smartphone — the realme C12 — at a discounted price of PhP 5,490. Meanwhile, budget-conscious gamers may get the realme 6 Pro at a price of PhP 13,990. This represents a total of PhP 3,000 discount from its original price.

Two wearables from realme are also getting price discounts. The realme Buds Q is getting a PhP 400 discount, lowering its price to PhP 1,090. The realme Buds Air gets the same treatment with a PhP 700 discount, bringing down the price to PhP 1,290.

Shopee users should also watch out for flash sales happening this January 25 and 27. More devices from realme are getting discounts this January, so visit their Lazada or Shopee store page now.

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