Apple Marina Bay Sands coming soon



Apple Marina Bay Sands

Apple is set to open its second official store in Singapore but it will be the first one in the island in this kind of setting. The Apple Marina Bay sands is one of a kind and it’s set to open soon.

It’s the first Apple store in the world that sits on water. A sphere floating on the iridescent waters of Marina Bay, it reflects the constant, dynamic movement of ideas, passions and the imagination of Singaporeans.

As with every Apple store around the world, Apple Marina Bay Sands will bring the best of Apple to our customers, at an iconic location in Singapore. There are no details yet on when the store will open exactly but we’ll update the this article once get a hold of that information.

For now, you can download these wallpapers for your Apple devices.


Buying a PS5? You might not have to wait long for a discount

This is according to a report by iPrice Group



The pricing and availability of the PlayStation 5 was revealed in a recent showcase.It also showed off the various games coming to the next-gen console. However, not everyone may be rushing to get their hands on the PS5. If you’re one of the few who are holding off, here’s how long you should wait.

According to a report by e-commerce aggregator iPrice Group, pricing for the new console might see a price drop as early as May 2021.

They came to this conclusion after studying the price history of the PlayStation 4 Pro — the console that precedes the PS5. They collected and compared selling prices of the console throughout the years on over 150 online shopping websites.

The average online selling price for Sony consoles tends to drop by six percent (6%), six months after the release and up to eight percent (8%) after a year.

The discounts also tend to come with game promotions where the consoles come bundled with certain early releases. The pricing discounts come from partner retailers. Sony itself doesn’t slash prices right away.

Following this analysis, the company predicts the following pricing by May 2021:

  • PlayStation 5 Standard Edition — SG$ 685
  • PlayStation 5 Digital Edition — SG$ 564

By November 2021, the consoles could be had for these prices:

  • PlayStation 5 Standard Edition — SG$ 634
  • PlayStation 5 Digital Edition — SG$ 521

While you can always be hopeful, we advise to take these numbers with a grain of salt. We don’t know for sure if the prices will actually drop.

However, be on the lookout from your local retailers no matter what market you’re in. You might just snag a great deal!



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Tencent will open its Asia hub in Singapore following India, US ban

They’re betting on ASEAN



Tencent Singapore

Chinese gaming, payment, and communication giant Tencent has announced it will pen a new office in Singapore. It will serve as the company’s regional hub for Southeast Asia. Rivals like Alibaba and ByteDance have also selected Singapore as their regional hub.

Tencent already has offices in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. With a centrally located Singapore office, the company can seamlessly manage all ASEAN operations.

The announcement also proves Tencent’s long-term ambitions and thirst for growth. It has made a massive investment in developing markets and despite the ongoing political instability between the US and China, it’s bullish about its future prospects.

Games like Arena of Valor, PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile, CrossFire, and more rule the gaming market of Asia. All these titles are directly or indirectly managed or distributed by Tencent via a complex web of companies and subsidiaries.

“The Singapore office will also enable us to capture potential from the rapid pace of digitization and meet the demand for internet-based services and solutions in Singapore,” the company said in a statement.

Chinese companies are also facing hostility in the US and have shifted their focus in the recent future. The high-stakes sale of TikTok’s US operations and the ban on Huawei has severely hit Chinese investors and they’re reluctant of a commitment right now.

TikTok’s parent ByteDance is also planning to make Singapore its hub for the Asian region. According to a report, the company could spend billions and add hundreds of jobs over the next three years. The company has also applied for a digital banking license.

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The LG TONE Free TWS earbuds self-cleans

The case uses UVnano tech to get rid if bacteria



Even LG is jumping in on the TWS game. Launching in Singapore is the LG TONE Free TWS Earbuds (HBS-FN6).

They look, unsurprisingly at this point, like AirPods as nearly every smartphone maker with TWS earbuds are now following that stem design. Naturally, the overall tech and other capabilities slightly differ.

For one, the HBS-FN6 come with what LG claims as an “industry-first” UVnano case. What it does is eliminates bacteria on the earbuds as they charge. LG decided to do this citing studies that earbuds can harbor more bacteria than a kitchen cutting board. Scary stuff. But the case has built-in ultraviolet to send those bacteria to smithereens.

The case, of course, can charge the earbuds pretty quickly too.  You get up to an hour of listening time after a five-minute charge. When juice it up all the way to 100%, you get six hours on the earbuds and three full charges from the case. Neat.

In terms of sound quality, the LG TONE Free TWS Earbuds (HBS-FN6) are tuned and supported by tech from Meridian Audio. The company has long partnered with LG for audio solutions. They incorporated HSP (Headphone Spatial Processing) tech to deliver a clear, loud, and immersive sound.

The earbuds also come with customized EQ sound settings letting you toggle between balanced audio or one that leans toward bass.

Pricing and availability

LG TONE Free TWS Earbuds (HBS-FN6) retails for SG$ 268 and will available in Singapore Starting September 14 at authorized retailers Best Denki, POPULAR, Courts, Harvey Norman, Lazada and Shopee.

From 14 September, Customers can enjoy a promotional price of S$188, for Stylish Black on Lazada and Modern White on Shopee, limited to the first 50 sets on each platform.

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