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Apple’s mixed-reality headset is coming next year

Will sell for US$ 3,000



Image source: The Information

Today, the world’s biggest tech makers already have their toes wet in the virtual reality market. Facebook has the Oculus. Google has the Daydream. The PlayStation has the PSVR. Everybody who’s anybody already sells their own VR headset. Everybody except Apple, that is. For the longest time, Apple has developed its VR headset without an endgame. However, according to a new leak, Apple’s mixed-reality headset is coming next year. And for a hefty, hefty price.

According to The Information, Apple’s mixed-reality headset, still unnamed, will come with more than a dozen cameras to help with tracking. Further, it comes with two 8K resolution screens to output images. As the names says on the tin, the headset is mixed-reality, rather than strictly virtual- or augmented-reality.

According to the report, the headset is already a “late-stage prototype.” It will also feature swappable headbands. One such headband will reportedly have spatial audio technology, bolstering the high video quality.

Apple is also exploring other ways to control the headset including thimble-like controllers you wear on your fingers. Usually, other headsets have bulkier controllers.

Unfortunately, the headset’s biggest detail is its alleged price. The headset will reportedly sell for around US$ 3,000 and will launch sometime next year at the earliest. Other headsets have sold for similar price tags, like the Microsoft HoloLens; however, Apple’s specs and price place the headset in a more luxurious category, rather than something niche or educational.

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Leaks reveal Samsung’s upcoming XR headset

Google is still working on the software



Image source: VRTUOLUO.CN

Earlier this year, Apple finally revealed its upcoming augmented-reality headset called the Apple Vision Pro. Though unreleased, the headset will likely kickstart a race to compete against Apple. If a rumored leak is true, Samsung is already progressing well on its own headset.

Via UploadVR, a few leaked images from a Chinese outlet have reportedly spoiled what Samsung’s upcoming headset will look like. According to the leaks, the unnamed headset doesn’t look that different from the standard fare of headsets available today.

Much like the Meta Quest series, Samsung will use four tracking cameras — one on each corner of the headset. However, setting itself apart from current standards, the headset will follow in Apple’s footsteps by relying on hand- and eye-tracking for user input.

Inside, the Samsung headset will reportedly sport the Exynos 2200 processor. Though it’s not the most updated processor out there, it’s a big boost for a wearable headset.

Samsung confirmed the headset’s development back in February. The company called it a new Extended Reality experience or XR. While hardware was a mystery at the time, Google was already penned as the official developer of the headset’s software. Software will play a big role in competing against Apple. When the Apple Vision Pro was announced, it heralded its own ecosystem apart from Apple’s smartphone and tablet offerings.

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Unity launches beta program for Apple Vision Pro

Apple, Unity work closely



Apple Vision Pro SDK

Unity, a leading real-time 3D content creating platform, has launched its beta program for Apple Vision Pro’s visionOS. The program includes access to Unity PolySpatial.

With Vision Pro integration, Unity users can create experiences that run in visionOS and leverage the features of Apple’s spatial computer.

Existing creations can also be ported to visionOS and may be previewed from the Unity Editor directly Vision Pro.

New workflows make it more intuitive to blend content seamlessly with the physical world; tools for input provide various ways to control content using just eyes and hands on Vision Pro as well.

One project that has utilized Vision Pro is Triband’s What The Golf? game, which is part of its What The…? game series.

As announced earlier, 3D developers may now be able to enjoy tools and technologies with Vision Pro, through its visionOS software development kit (SDK).

Developers will still be able to build using Xcode, SwiftUI, RealityKit, ARKit, and TestFlight, while leveraging the advantages of the Vision Pro.

WATCH: Apple Vision Pro First Impressions

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Perp Games announces 8 titles for PSVR 2

Sports, horror, adventure, more



Perp Games has announced eight new titles for PlayStation VR2, with seven to be gradually released throughout the rest of the year and another one to be made available in 2024.

To be released in both digital and physical formats in 2023 are:

  • Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate. Episode 3 (July 13)
  • VR Skater (July 21)
  • The Light Brigade (Summer 2023 – physical only)
  • Tennis On-Court (2023 Q3)
  • Happy Funland (2023 Q3)
  • MADiSON VR (Halloween 2023)
  • Pneumata VR (Late 2023)

Completing the cast in physical format next year is Wanderer: The Fragments of Fate (late 2024).

Dyschronia Episode 3

The third of the anime-style sci-fi crime investigation, Dyschronia Episode 3 releases on July 13. A 3-episode bundle is also available for those who still haven’t gotten Episode I and Episode II.

VR Skater

VR Skater is a street skateboarding game set in urban environments. Players can now Wishlist it via the PlayStation store.

For now, it is available as an early access PC game via Steam, before it is released on PlayStation VR2 on July 21.

Tennis On-Court

Closest to the real thing, Tennis On-Court supports multiple modes, including single player, versus AI, 2v2 multiplayer, and arcade. It may be added to your Wishlist as early as now.

Gamers can choose from multiple rackets with different characteristics, six different stadiums, and five assists to help you perform, as well as spectator mode should you want to watch your friends.

Happy Funland

Happy Funland is a VR horror experience that combines immersive cinematic storytelling with dramatic interactive gameplay, without having to leave your place.

There will be thrilling rides, puzzles, and fighting against robots. Just be mindful of the real world as you might get too carried away.


A winner of the scariest game ever, MADiSON is being remade in VR form, giving players an entirely new experience.

The game engine is being reworked to make the title ideal for VR, as seen in its latest trailer which features graphic improvements.

Pneumata VR

Players assume the role of homicide detective David Hernandez in Pneumata VR, which is set in a small town deep in the Missouri countryside where a series of murders have happened at the old Clover Hill Apartments.

Hernandez, widowed by his wife, will put the matter into his own hands and investigate the mysteries in the game, which is complemented by disturbing and brutal gameplay for a survival horror theme.

The Light Brigade

Funktronic Labs is bringing the action shooter to the VR world, where a realistic roguelike gunplay can be expected.

Players can also get the special retail pack, which shall contain two physical Tarot Cards inspired by in-game cards.

Wanderer: The Fragments of Fate

Lastly, Wanderer: The Fragments of Fate is the remake of the critically acclaimed time travel adventure game Wanderer.

For those who want a different adventure, this title lets players walk in the footsteps of those who have gone before them, transporting themselves to different ages while they discover rich worlds and try to solve mind-bending puzzles to rewrite the past and reshape the future.

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