Apple News accidentally spoiled Avengers: Endgame, Game of Thrones




[Warning: this post contains major spoilers for Avengers: Endgame. If you haven’t watched the film, reading further might ruin your experience.]

It’s a great time for pop culture fans. Last week, the world’s most anticipated movie, Avengers: Endgame, opened in theaters across the globe. Earlier this month, Game of Thrones’ final season started, ending this generation’s most popular television show. Everyone wants to join in on the experience. Naturally, spoilers will turn anyone into a public enemy in an instant.

However, spoilers can come from anywhere. If you haven’t decreased your social media diet, you might be surprised with where spoilers can suddenly pop up. Case in point, Apple users were in for a surprise recently.

For most Apple users, Apple News is an innovative feed for both news pieces and interesting articles. Like other news curators, the app provides a look at the world’s media every day.

Given today’s pop culture, Apple News constantly covers articles related to Avengers and Game of Thrones. That said, yesterday’s front page wasn’t a surprise: an Avengers and Game of Thrones collection. However, the headline was. It simply read “Prepare for those Avengers and Thrones deaths.” Likewise, the subtitle read “Warning: You’re gonna cry this weekend.”

Of course, most fans already knew about the possibility of death in either franchises. Though technically a spoiler, the headline was relatively light compared to other possible spoilers.

However, the all-too telling cover photo didn’t help. The collection featured a photo of a gravestone sitting beside a character from each franchise. If you’ve watched Endgame, you’ll know that one character is a confirmed casualty at the end of the movie. Meanwhile, given Game of Thrones’ nature, the other character is a potential victim, especially with leaks popping up. You can view the photo here. [Final warning: the photo contains major spoilers!]

Thankfully, the collection didn’t last long. A few hours later, the photo disappeared, revealing a spoiler-free front page. Some will contend that the photo doesn’t reveal much, especially if you haven’t watched Endgame yet. Regardless, Apple also saw the spoiler potential. Thankfully, the company took it down before anything could happen.

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Canva adds new features for presentations on the go

Responsive presentations anytime, anywhere



Having a well-designed document goes a long way in engaging your audience. That’s where Canva comes in, simplifying the creation of well-thought documents, posters, and more. Now, Canva is adding more features which would delight presenters on the go.

Canva is adding three new features for mobile presentations on the go. The first feature is responsive presentation — users can now create presentations on their laptops and view it on their mobile devices. Presentations adapt to different screens, so the days of fussing over the right screen size is over. Plus, user can edit and view presentations made with Canva anywhere, anytime.

The second feature is presentations playlist, which would suit well for team presentations. With this feature, teams can create accessible spaces for collaboration through shared folders. This feature also builds a single coherent event with transitional slides introducing each speaker.

Finally, the third feature is live Q&A, which Canva will add soon to its mobile apps. Audiences may soon participate in from any device and have the option to send in questions anonymously. This should enable a more dynamic and engaging presentation with audiences.

With over a thousand designer-made templates, 50 million premium images and videos, Canva makes it easier to create beautiful documents, posters, and graphic materials. It is available on the web, on Android, and iOS devices. Users can sign up today for a free tier, with a premium tier also available to unlock more features.

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Spotify releases the 2019 wrapped, here’s how you can see it

Find out your guilty music pleasures



Every December, Spotify releases the much-awaited “Spotify Wrapped,” where users find out their top songs of the year. Since this year and this decade is ending, Spotify added a different twist in this year’s wrap-up.

The 2019 Wrapped will include songs, albums, artists, and podcasts you listened to throughout the year, and the artists you listened to the most throughout the decade. When I saw my wrap-up, I found it funny how I listen to the same songs every year. Spotify knows what songs we obsess over.

Furthermore, Spotify highlights the places where your top artists hail from through a world map. Additionally, podcasts are added to the “Wrapped” experience.

Spotify Wrapped 2019 showcasing your top artist of the year.

Spotify users, particularly those who were subscribed to a premium subscription, get a personalized recap, too. Some insights include a user’s top artist every year and the number of minutes they streamed music throughout the decade. Premium users also get info on the artist they vibed most with this year.

Luckily, your personalized info can be shared through Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or Facebook. To access your “Spotify Wrapped,” make sure to update your Spotify app and open it or head to Enjoy looking back!

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Lazada launches ‘digital giving’ platform LazadaForGood

Spread the love, not just for the holidays



Lazada’s 12.12 Grand Year End Sale is just around the corner but the company is also giving you another option to spend your hard-earned cash. It’s one that will give you warm fuzzy feelings inside.

Launched alongside the announcement of their massive year-end sale, Lazada partnered with 11 local and international advocacy partners: Habitat for Humanity, Young Focus, Caritas Manila, MovEd, UNHCR, HEro Foundation Inc., UNICEF, WWF, Tahanan ng Pagmamahal, HOPE, and CCEF.

The digital giving platform won’t just be available for Christmas, it will be a permanent fixture on the Lazada app. This means you can give love 24/7 and 365 days a year.

To donate, simply open the Lazada app, hit Load, Bills, & eCoupon, then click on Donation. The list of the advocacy partners will be there.

Lazada’s 12.12 Grand Year End Sale

Of course, we can’t forget the grand year end sale is indeed happening. Up to 90 percent off on more than 12 million deals will be available. Expect great offers and discounts from Xiaomi, Olay, FitFlop, Pampers, Hydro Flask, Wyeth, LEGO, Apple, Jansport, Coocaa, Tefal, and Reebok.

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