CES 2021

ASUS ROG launches revamped STRIX and Zephyrus gaming laptops

Same name, different look, and a whole lot more power to boot



ASUS ROG always brings the thunder when it comes to their powerful gaming laptops. With every ROG lineup, the company continues to innovate and provide more power and efficiency for both casual and competitive gamers. This year, they’re planning to elevate their gaming laptops even further — and it won’t just be about power.

The ROG STRIX series: a powerhouse for Esports

First up on the list are the ASUS ROG STRIX laptops that feature a brand-new design right off the bat. One of the more prominent changes to the ROG STRIX overall design includes the improved RGB light bar. In essence, you can expect brighter and fuller RGB to show off to your friends and family while at home. Apart from this, these new ROG STRIX laptops pack incredible hardware fit for the competitive scene.

Both the ASUS ROG STRIX G series (G15/G17) and SCAR series (SCAR 15/17) rock the latest AMD mobile processors and NVIDIA RTX GPUs. Also, both these laptops come with much improved display options designed to compete at the highest level. On one hand, you can choose a WQHD, 165Hz refresh rate display for clear yet smooth gameplay. On the other hand, you can opt for a FHD display but with a whopping 360Hz refresh rate for a much smoother gaming experience.

The ROG Zephyrus lineup: improving on innovation

In 2020, ASUS ROG made big strides when they first launched the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14/G15, and the ROG Zephyrus Duo 15. Both Zephyrus models paved the way for incredible features that blend gaming and content creation into one device. Also, these two models even cater to the creative side of gamers to show themselves off wherever they go.

Now, ASUS ROG improves on their existing innovative features for both the ROG Zephyrus G14 and ROG Zephyrus Duo 15. For the Zephyrus G14, its innovative AniMe Matrix now allows you to add more animated imagery or text to showcase. Also, ASUS introduces a virtual pet feature that will interact with the AniMe Matrix. Furthermore, the ROG Zephyrus G14 now offers a 120Hz display option at 2K resolution, which is a massive step up from last year’s FHD display.

As for the ROG Zephyrus Duo 15, the ROG ScreenPad Plus still remains as a major component of the design. This time around, the ROG ScreenPad Plus now provides more functionality for content creators and competitive gamers alike. Whether it’s your stream deck on XSplit or your tool box for Photoshop, it will handle all of those while you play on the main screen. Like the ROG Zephyrus G14, the Zephyrus Duo 15 also gets an upgraded UHD, 120Hz main display.

Pricing and availability for these laptops have yet to be announced.


Oblio is a 2-in-1 UV-C sanitizer and wireless charging station

Keeping it clean stylishly



Admit it or not, UV-C sterilizers and sanitizers are now revolutionizing our home and office spaces. At CES 2021, Lexon Design took cleaning accessories up a notch.

Introducing Oblio, this vase-like UV-C sanitizer helps prevent the spread of harmful bacteria found on our smartphones. It has a built-in UV-C LED, which extinguishes the DNA of microorganisms found in viruses, mold, and germs.

Oblio is capable of extensive disinfection, sanitizing your device for a 20-minute cycle. Through lab testing, it has been proven effective to kill 99.9 percent of viruses, including H1N1.

Just like Samsung’s personal sanitizer, Oblio also lets you charge your devices wirelessly. With a 10W wireless charging capability, you can fully charge a smartphone in three hours. Additionally, it comes with an LED indicator. This is so you’ll know the charging status of your device inside.

But what sets it apart from other sanitizers? Apparently, Oblio’s meaning and design. The name Oblio means “forgot” in the native language of Italian designers Manuela Simonelli and Andrea Quaglio.

Its meaning echoes the accessory’s vase shape, ingeniously designed to help people disconnect — literally forgetting their smartphones so they can be more present.

Price and availability

Oblio sanitizes and charges all Qi-enabled smartphones, regardless if it’s iPhone or Android. The 2-in-1 accessory is already available at prominent retailers worldwide such as Best Buy, Nordstrom, MoMA Design Store in the US, Fnac Darty in Europe, and more.

It retails for US$ 79.90 and is available in four colors: White, Gold, Dark Blue, and Matt Black. You can get it through its official online store at Lexon Design.

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CES 2021

Hedgehog protects your smart home from cyber attacks

This homeware keeps people, data, and devices safe



Protecting your home is more than just smart locks, CCTVs, and firewalls for your digital premises. With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) or those appliances and devices that are becoming smarter, life has been easier. However, the price of convenience comes with the risk of a new threat: cyber attacks.

These days, both enterprises and homeowners must increase security at all levels. As such, we need an extra guardian. Meet Hedgehog, the “world’s first whole home” cybersecurity device.

Launched at CES 2021, Hedgehog was described as a home’s digital guardian, protecting the household from possible attacks that firewalls and anti-virus software can’t.

The digital guardian we need?

Unsure how you can possibly be attacked? Imagine if your smart fridge got hacked, or if your smart vacuum malfunctioned. How about if your smart locks break and make it possible for actual thieves to enter your home.

These situations aren’t far from happening in our reality. After all, cyber criminals are actively and increasingly targeting everyday people. Home networks are easy to target to access personal and corporate data, especially at an age where people are remotely working from home.

Hedgehog aims to protect the entire home and all IoT devices inside a network. From phones, fridges, PCs, speakers, webcams, tablets, and Smart TVs — basically anything that’s smart enough to use the Internet and make your life easier.

A smart, functional homeware

Despite being a digital guardian, Hedgehog doesn’t dismiss your existing firewalls and anti-virus software. Rather, it works alongside those security measures and other home security products, offering holistic protection. It simply shields all the people, devices, and networks within a home.

Even though it’s a smart piece of technology, designed to look like homeware. Its unassuming look helps it blends easily. It’s also smart enough to install itself and connect to an existing Wi-Fi connection.

And when it does, it watches the entire household, identifying anything suspicious, and alerts the home-owner via an app. It also neutralizes threats quickly and effectively, protecting both data and people.

Price and availability

The Hedgehog device and its annual subscription are available to pre-order at a discounted price of EUR 99 with no subscription fees. It’s available in two colors: Orange Belly and Midnight Blue. Get more information about the device and its offers through this link.

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Combine and change scents using Ninu’s sustainable, smart perfume

Wear the right scent that matches your every mood



Of all things that could get smarter, it’s a perfume. Yes, you read that right. At CES 2021, Ninu launched the “first smart perfume in the world,” with a connected device that’s capable of changing scents with every spray.

It’s a unique approach to an everyday item, interesting enough to pique our curiosity. After all, it has an unassuming yet elegant look.

The fusion of beauty and technology

How does it work? This AI-powered perfume uses an app to personalize a scent, fusing ingredients with only a few clicks. It lets you wear the right scent appropriate for every mood and look.

It seamlessly delivers an astonishing perfume through its electronic micro-precision extracting system, guided by its Ninu’s very own assistant — Pierre, the perfume master.

Pierre, just like Siri and Alexa, is an AI assistant that executes whatever wishes you have regarding your scent and helps you have full control over anything you do on the app. The assistant also notifies you when you’re running low on stock.

Feel sexy and earth-friendly

Despite being able to design a premium perfume bottle, assembled with the best of tech, Ninu believes the most important thing is the fragrances themselves. After all, Ninu used 100 percent vegan, sustainably-sourced ingredients — with a wholesome procedure designed in France.

This smart perfume is more than just a smart accessory. It presents itself as a sustainable, essential item that makes you feel fresh and sexy, and also earth-friendly.

Ninu uses natural ink in packaging cartons and uses less packaging to scale down plastic consumption. Instruction leaflets are replaced with a QR code, therefore, fewer papers. Moreover, perfume bottles are made from recycled glass since every 10 percent increase in recycled glass housing cuts down CO2 emissions by five percent.

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