We’re pretty sure you’ve heard about or seen foldable smartphones — but have you ever heard of foldable computers?

Here’s the new ASUS Zenbook 17 Fold OLED.

It’s a new kind of computer — some times it’s a PC with a 17″ monitor, sometimes it’s a large tablet but it’s also a laptop.

We partnered with ASUS to show you how a foldable laptop like the Zenbook 17 Fold OLED can work in the real world.

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Have a vivo Christmas!

vivo is making Christmas a little merrier



Ho ho ho.
It’s the most beautiful time of the year.
And Filipinos celebrate it like no other.
We get together with friends, colleagues, and family.
There’s plenty of merry making, gift giving, and food. Copious amounts of food.
If you haven’t picked out a gift yet for your loved ones…
Or yourself… We’re totally cool with self-love here….
Then you’re watching the right video. Especially if you’re after getting a smartphone…
And for a wide range of budgets at that.
You see, vivo has tapped us to show-off some of their best releases this year.
So some members of the GadgetMatch team got together to do just that.

vivo V25 series

Let’s start with the V-series. Specifically, the vivo V25 and V25 Pro.
This is Vincenz. He spent the most time with the vivo V25.
And has taken many, many photos with it.
Plenty of them at night and in low light.
Which is what the vivo V25 series is great for.

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And imagine the possibilities, especially when YOU go out to meet your friends and family.
But that’s not all the V25 series is good for.

If, like MJ here, you adore being the center of attention.
The vivo V25 Pro is a great match for you.
You see, it has this unique feature called Photochromic 2-point-O design.
It’s a feature unique to the V25 series where the back panel shifts colors.
You can even add a Christmas touch to it by doing this.

Naturally, that’s not all there is to the V25 series.
The V25, for instance, has a power-efficient chip.
So you should have no trouble using it from sun up until sun down.
And when you do need to charge.
You can juice it up rather quickly.
It’s a trait it shares with the vivo V25 Pro.
Which charges even faster.
Plus these have other features too, that you’ll surely enjoy even long after the holidays.
The vivo V25 series is available now at these prices.

But if these are outside your budget range, you could check these out.

vivo Y35 and Y16

This lovely couple Andre and Apple have in their hands…
The vivo Y35 and vivo Y16
Andre here reviewed the vivo Y35.
He says the phone is fast enough for daily tasks and games
And on the gaming part, it helps that its RAM can be extended by up to 8GB more.
If you need more storage space for shows, movies, and whatnot…
The storage can be expanded up to 1TB via microSD.
It also doesn’t hurt that the phone actually looks nice.
And like most vivo phones, It charges fast and won’t easily die on you.
Oh and it also has decent cameras for capturing precious moments with friends and colleagues.
Basically, the vivo Y35 gets the job done with a few extras here and there

And then there’s the vivo Y16 that Apple spent time with.
Like the Y35, it should last you throughout the day.
It’s a phone that handles the basics.
Whether that’s your daily regular usage.
Or even some light gaming on the side.
And for a phone at its price range.
It looks pretty darn good.
These are also up for grabs now at this pricing.

Whatever kind of smartphone you need. vivo has you covered at every price point.
And you’re sure to have one that performs well…
Lasts long…
Takes good photos…
And looks so. Damn. Good.

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Get Google Apps on your Huawei Mate 50 Pro

Yes, you can



Google Apps Mate

Huawei smartphones are nothing short of engineering marvels. That’s been proven true time and time again. The same can be said for the Huawei Mate 50 ProAnd we’ll go through everything that makes it a standout hardware later on. 

But the one thing that people always ask about Huawei phones is, Can I use Google apps?”

The reality is, that was a tough ask for a while. But after a few years of searching, a solution has finally surfaced.

Google apps on Huawei

So, what are the Google apps that people normally use? There’s YouTube, Gmail, Chrome, Google Photos, GDrive, and everything else that comes with it.  That’s plenty. And really, all you need is the AppGallery and a third party app called GBox. 

You should be familiar with AppGallery by now. It’s Huawei’s very own portal for apps.It’s one of the top 3 largest app stores in the world and is home to thousands upon thousands of apps. That includes some of the aforementioned Google Apps.

For YouTube and Chrome, you simply have to:

  • Open the AppGallery.
  • Type YouTube or Chrome on the search bar.
  • And the app to be installed will appear. 
  • Open the downloaded apps to log in and viola! You’re all set. 

What about the rest? That’s where GBox comes in. 


So, what is GBox? It’s short for Google Box.It’s a third party app that you can download from 

And what it does is essentially let you use apps that rely on Google Mobile Services or GMS on devices that do not support it. Other features include privacy protection and running multiple copies of apps. But of course, we’re here for its GMS magic. 

  • Download and Open GBox.
  • Tap on Google Drive.
  • And install. 
  • Open Google Drive. 
  • Login. And that’s it.

You can do the same with apps like BPI, Google Photos, Docs, Sheets, and everything else that you see in GBox. 

We’re fans of Google Photos in particular. With it installed, all the amazing photos we take will immediately be backed up. And you can really take stunning images with the Mate 50 Pro.

Capturing in detail

Typically, it’s Huawei’s P-Series that really knocks it out of the park in terms of imaging. But the Mate series, especially the Mate 50 Pro, is not at all far behind. 

There’s a lot of mumbo-jumbo going on with the Mate 50 Pro’s cameras. There’s Ultra Aperture Xmage Camera, Subminimeter Segmentation, Largest F/1.4 Aperture, and many more.  But one of the things that’s truly remarkable is the Ultra Aperture Primary Camera.

It features a 10-size Adjustable Physical Aperture.Being able to fit a physically adjustable camera lens on a smartphone is mind boggling. And what it enables you to do is even more amazing.

It lets you adjust between multiple aperture settings. This controls the amount of light that the camera takes in. More importantly, it lets you choose the best aperture setting depending on what you’re taking a photo of. 

For portraits, you want that creamy bokeh to make the subject standout. So, your best choice is to go with anything lower than F/2.4. 

For landscape or cityscape shots, you want to get as much detail as possible to capture the scene. Starting at F/4 and going up as needed works best for this.

But that’s not all the Mate 50 Pro’s cameras can do. You also have 200X Zoom, Super Night Mode, and Wide angle macro camera. 

Feature packed

Like the Mates that came before it, the Mate 50 Pro is stacked when it comes to other features. 

SuperEnergy Boosting kicks in when your battery drops to one percent. It keeps the phone going for any of the following: 3 hours on standby, 12 minutes of calls, or 4 times QR Code scanning.

But with Huawei SuperCharge, you can juice up in a jiffy. And it works whether wired or wireless. 

There’s SuperStorage that deals with duplicate files by compressing them. This means you can still access the duplicates but they will occupy only one file size.

And of course Super Device that lets you connect multiple Huawei devices for a seamless workflow among all of them. Those are just some of the Mate 50 Pro’s key additional features. 

For everything else, it’s still the same powerhouse performer we know and love. Browsing socials, switching from app to app, and juggling multiple chats — these are tasks that the phone can easily breeze through. 

Do you game on mobile? The AppGallery has a wide selection of games that the Mate 50 Pro will have zero problems running. This includes even some of the most popular and graphically demanding tiles right now. 

All told, the Mate 50 Pro is the same high performance flagship that we have come to expect. 

Finding ways

Huawei smartphones has had an uphill battle ever since the 2019 trade ban. But the company has buckled down and powered through. 

Now, they’re offering the Huawei Mate 50 Pro. It’s a finely crafted smartphone that takes stunning images. Can hang with you no matter what task you throw at it and can now adequately use Google Apps. 

The Mate 50 Pro is a testament to Huawei’s resilience. And we’re glad to be witnessing all of it. 

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Sony WH-1000XM5: One I can’t travel without

As good as ever




Sony just doesn’t miss and the WH-1000XM5 is another testament to that. The aforementioned headphones is the latest in Sony’s cream-of-the-crop line of personal audio companions. The WH-1000XM series has consistently gotten rave reviews and the XM5 looks to continue the trend.

Noise cancellation king


The XM5 — that’s what we’ll call it from here on out — is a travel must-have. Its noise cancellation is still king of the hill! Perfect for drowning out all sorts of sounds wherever you may be. One time, I was using this while my brother was in the same room. I didn’t even notice him move at all even though we were in such a cramped space.

Easy controls


You can cover the right ear cup for quick conversations or change to adaptive sound for full awareness, with a single button press.  And most buttons and ports are within reach along the sides of the left ear cup. While the usual controls are still on the right. In this regard, not much has changed, so if you’re upgrading from the XM2 or XM3, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with the controls.

Travel buddy

Oh and it’ll stay powered on, even if you’re on a long haul flight. I used this almost non-stop, fully charged, on a 19-hour flight and we landed with it still having around 20 percent of battery left. That was probably the most intense scenario that I was ever in while using the WH-1000XM5. In the few weeks that followed where I didn’t use it as much, it took about two to three weeks before I came reaching for the power cable.

Superb sound

And the sound is the same high quality we’ve come to expect from Sony. Clean highs. Solid mids. And a bass that just hits the spot. The sound kind of dances in your head, making it extra immersive. Sony produces this really round and full sound that I haven’t quite experienced with any other headphones that I’ve tried. Which isn’t a lot. I’m keen on trying the AirPods Max as well as the ones from Sennheiser. From what I heard, those should present some real competition.


You can also tweak it to your liking on the Sony headphones app. One setting you might want to toggle off is the Speak-to-Chat feature. That’s only because it works a little too well. Too many times I found myself just mumbling sounds like “eh,” or even just humming and the XM5 would cut-off what I’m listening to.

Should you upgrade to this?

This really depends on what pair you’re using at the moment. If you’ve always been a Sony headphones fan and are coming from the same line, it’s likely a worthy upgrade EXCEPT if you’re coming from the XM4. Why? The XM4 is the peak of that particular form-factor. That one’s more compact, requiring less space in your bag. The sound quality and features also don’t stray too far from the WH-1000XM5. In fact, that might be the more economical buy at the moment.

But if you have to have the absolute latest Sony WH-1000XM headphone, then you won’t regret getting your hands on the XM5. It’s great, it is still very light and tough. Plus all the noise cancellation and sound quality goodness you’ve come to expect are better than ever.

If you’re coming from any other headphones, I dare say, this is an instant upgrade. Can’t have it any better than this.

Of course, I’m saying this with the caveat that I have to personally try the AirPods Max which I’ve heard many good things about. That is especially true if you’re also tied into the whole Apple ecosystem.

Other than that, you can’t go wrong with the Sony WH-1000XM5.


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