What are must-haves for a selfie expert?

A lot, apparently!



Being a selfie expert means more than just finding your perfect selfie angles or knowing how to find the light. You need to have the right gear, too!

Self-proclaimed selfie expert and Japanese tech journalist Ayano Tominaga shares with us her selfie must-haves, plus a few other gadgets you might want to check out.

The essentials

“I don’t leave home without these,” said Ayano while gleefully after showing us the top three things every serious selfie-taker should have.

First up is the beauty selfie light. It’s a portable ring light that gives you those ring reflections in your eyes and helps make sure your selfies are lit no matter what the lighting condition is. It also functions as a power bank, plus it has a mirror so you can always “check your make-up.”

Next up is a selfie stick with a light source built in! Sure, some phones take wide-angle selfies now, but if you truly want to get more people or background in the shot, the selfie stick will come in handy.

Last but not the least is Ayano’s selfie phone of choice — the Meitu V6. Simply put, she says it’s “perfect for selfies.” If, for some reason, you don’t think that’s convincing, you can watch our Meitu V6 review.

Be versatile

Different situations require different sets of tools. For scenarios that require a bit more subtlety, there’s the smartphone grip.

And then, there’s the Magipea selfie stick.

It’s pretty lengthy and can also be used as a tripod; there’s even a built-in peg! Ayano says it’s “perfect for glamping,” and you can also “use it for streaming or vlogging.”

Not just a selfie expert

Ayano isn’t just a selfie expert. She’s a freelance tech journalist who files video reports for outlets like Dime, Engadget Japan, MyNavi, and many others. This next item is the epitome of her being a journalist and selfie expert: the selfie stick microphone.

For the longest time, this was her go-to gadget when shooting her video reports. However, she recently got a few upgrades.

The upgrades

She no longer relies solely on the selfie stick microphone. These days, during coverages, Ayano can be seen doing her spiels in front of a monopod, complete with an ingenious solution for lighting.

Ayano working the tech show floor

Danbo powerbank lighting rig. Ayana customized this herself!

The full setup includes the following: Monopod that can be used as a tripod, a mini LED light and Danbo power bank combo, along with iRig microphones both for herself and for anyone she interviews.

She’s got gadgets and gizmos aplenty

Ayano has plenty of other gadgets and tools at her disposal. A few favorites are her DIY SIM ejector tool earrings and a 14-slot sim card holder — perfect for a journalist who frequently travels while covering the latest smartphone releases around the world!

Check out the rest of the stuff she has in her bag in the video below.

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Singaporean designer brand UNIQ brings its stylish accessories to the Philippines

No, it’s not UNIQLO



Yet another designer brand has entered the Philippine market. Originally from Singapore, UNIQ has launched in the Philippines, introducing its product lineup as well as its plans for expansion.

UNIQ produces elegantly designed cases for iPhones, Apple Watches, iPads, AirPods, and even MacBooks. Non-iPhone users don’t have to worry as the brand has Android cases for Samsung, and cases for Huawei is in the works.

Aside from dressing up your gadgets, UNIQ has something for those who want to stay connected and organized. For instance, they have a sleek, smart cable organizer for Lightning and USB-C cables. Additionally, they offer wireless charging pads, power banks, and charging stations equipped with USB-C which supports quick charging, as well.

Furthermore, UNIQ has power adapters and travel chargers compatible with over 150 countries. They also have beautifully crafted pouches, sleeves, and bags to protect your devices while you travel.

Officially distributed by Macpower, a distributor for Globe, Power Mac Centers, and Lazada, the products will become available when they open their first kiosk on June 22 at 4F Cyberzone, The Annex Building, SM City North EDSA. Suggested retail prices range from PhP 1,000 to PhP 5,000.

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Pantone accessories are here to complement your style!

We want ’em all!



Photo by Vincenz Lee | GadgetMatch

Over the years, Pantone has grown as an authority and standard for colors. What was once a color guide for designers has become a part of contemporary culture. As people started identifying themselves through Pantone’s colored chips, manufacturers capitalized on this trend by incorporating Pantone into their products.

Through Pantone Universe licensing, manufacturers can apply Pantone’s branding and popular design. I’ve seen different applications, mostly on fashion and lifestyle accessories, but seeing it on computer peripherals and other electronics is a total treat.

Originally manufactured by DataPlus Supplies Inc., this Taiwanese company sells Pantone-licensed accessories that you’ll definitely buy to match your style.

For instance, they sell gaming accessories in different shades of blue. One of their best-looking is the teal-colored one, as it deviates from the usual blue and black combination used by gamers in their gaming setups.

You can also make a statement using these Pantone-colored USB fans and speakers when you’re traveling, especially in hot and humid countries. Fabulous, right?

For those who want to stay connected, stay away from the usual white and black power banks and get a Pantone-colored unit! There’s a rare chance of losing it compared to when you use a more generic power bank. And oh, they also have wireless chargers!

If you truly embrace Pantone’s branding, there’s a bag carrying the color guide’s popular design.

Lastly, there’s a whole line of computer accessories and electronics waiting for you. Pantone really found its way into our lives and yes, we want all of them!

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Apple Watch comes with new updates: App Store, menstrual cycle tracking, and more

Apple is trying to make your life easier!



Apple is now making lives easier as they unveiled the new watchOS 6 in WWDC 2019, bringing the App Store with promising apps, new watch faces, and expanded features.

App Store without your iPhone

With watchOS 6, you can use the App Store to browse, download, and install apps directly on your watch, without the need to download a paired app on your iPhone.

Additional updates are coming as well, such as the Apple Books for your audiobooks, Voice Memos, and the Calculator app, which has a unique feature allowing you to split bills and calculate how much tip you’ll give.

Better watch faces incoming

Apple introduced what they call “simply beautiful and richly detailed” watch faces. There’s a modular compact, a gradient watch face, an oversized numerical watch face available in multiple languages, a modern digital watch face in multiple colors, a California dial watch face, and Solar Dial.

Cycle Tracking and Dose

Over the years, the Apple Watch has introduced health- and fitness-related features which made the wearable a valuable piece that can even save lives. In 2019, two more health-focused apps are coming: Cycle Tracking, a menstrual tracking and women’s health monitoring app, and Dose, a pill reminder app.

Expanding more features

Activity Trends, a new feature for the Apple Watch, is here to show your fitness data to give you a picture of your daily activity and to compare how you’re doing for the past 90 days. It’s smart enough to give you advice on what to do if your performance is going down. Talk about having a coach through your wrist!

For those concerned about their hearing, the Noise app can measure the noise level in your area and notify you through your watch if the decibel level reaches 90, which begins to impact hearing according to the World Health Organization.

Fast forward to fall

Apple’s watchOS 6 will be available starting this fall in select iPhones running iOS 13 or later and up until the Apple Watch Series 1, but it won’t make its way to the original Apple Watch.

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