BUYER’S Guide: 5 DIZO products for you

Which ones should you take home?



First, the basics. What is DIZO? In case you missed it, DIZO is realme’s sub-brand that aims to make smart devices accessible to more people. They’re doing this by offering quality products at a more affordable price.

This list, in particular, features five devices that won’t break the bank, but will help give users a taste of that smart tech life. 

DIZO GoPods D 

In terms of wireless earbuds, this is about as entry level as it gets. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing though. The Dizo GoPods D has a 10mm driver with a Bass Boost+ algorithm. Most people like to measure if an earbud or headphone is good based on the bass levels it can produce. That’s certainly the schtick here as well. 

Buyer’s Guide: Buy this if you’re still using a phone with a mini-USB cable. That way, you don’t have to carry a different cable or your phone and your wireless earbud. 

DIZO GoPods Neo


Think of this as the USB-C version of the GoPods D. It has a similar 10mm driver with Bass Boost+. In addition though, this also has active noise cancellation for when you want to shut the world out. Inversely, it also has a transparency mode that lets you hear your surroundings even with the earbuds on. 

The case has a clamshell design just like the DIZO GoPods D. It’s compact and easy to carry since you can just slide it in your pocket. They also instantly pair with any Android smartphone that has its bluetooth on. So, maybe don’t set it up around other people.

Buyer’s Guide: This one’s for those already rocking USB-C smartphones. It’s also made for people who want a taste of active noise cancellation but aren’t ready to fork out north of PhP 5,000 (around US$ 100) to experience the feature. 

DIZO Buds Z 

The DIZO GoPods Z deviates from the more compact design of the DIZO GoPods D and DIZO GoPods Neo. In terms of looks, it’s more in line with the AirPods Pro and Freebuds Pro that feature a tiny stem. In our experience, these are normally used as mics which make them pretty good for making calls. Even the case is reminiscent of the Freebuds Pro’s which is a circular thing with holes that house the stem. 

The stem also has this special material that reflects light to create a myriad of bedazzling colors. Great if you want to make people look.

Like the DIZO GoPods, this has both active noise cancellation and transparency modes. It also claims to last for two weeks on a single charge. 

Buyer’s Guide: It’s for anyone who wants something that’s lowkey flashy and also has wireless earbuds staples like bass boost and noise cancellation. Plus the stem design should really help with call clarity. 

DIZO Wireless 

The DIZO Wireless is the most easily distinguishable from all the audio products here. It sports a neck band design which, one could say, is the precursor to the wireless earbuds that saturate the market today. It has all the Bass Boost and noise cancellation bells and whistles one might look for on a modern smart earpiece, but this one’s designed for sporty types who like to workout.


Buyer’s Guide: If you constantly workout and want something you can wear during your sweat-it-out sessions, this is the one to buy. You won’t worry about it falling off your ears and you can just as easily not mind it as you keep fit.

DIZO Watch 2

While we’re on the topic of keeping fit, why not pair the DIZO Wireless with the DIZO Watch 2. It has an undeniable resemblance to the Apple Watch which can either be a good thing or bad thing depending on who you ask. 

It has a 1.69-inch full touchscreen display that could be a little more responsive. That said, it is a PhP 1,999 smartwatch so you get what you pay for. It does the usual smartwatch things like monitor your heart rate, track your steps, measure your workouts. You know, the works. 

Buyer’s guide: Another decent starting point if you want to try a smartwatch but don’t have the capacity to spend big. It’s also one of the better looking Apple Watch look-alikes out there. 

DIZO Products are available on the DIZO official Lazada Store.



Razer introduces two new Ornata V3 keyboards

Slim, clicky, and ergonomic



Ornata V3

Razer is releasing two new entry-level gaming keyboards in the Ornata V3 and Ornata V3 X, which will both have Razer’s Mecha-membrane switches.

The new keyboards come with all the basics expected of an affordable gaming accessory. That’s everything from their keycaps design, RGB backlight, and more.

The two low-profile gaming keyboards come with smaller footprint and slimline keycap designs. The ABS keycaps are UV-coated for scratch resistance, while the Ornata V3 X’s keycaps are spill-resistant.

The keyboards also feature Razer Chroma RGB with 10 lighting zones. The V3 X has four lighting effects: Breathing, Spectrum Cycling, Static, and Wave.

Aside from these, they have backlit dedicated media keys for more convenient controls such as playing and pausing, skipping, or adjusting brightness or volume.

Adding value to the Ornata V3 and V3 X is their magnetic soft-touch wrists rest. These are not often included for keyboards in their price range.

Pricing, availability

The Razer Ornata V3 and Ornata V3 X keyboards are now available on Razer’s official website, Shopee, Lazada, and through their authorized sellers.

The Ornata V3 will retail for PhP 2,590 while the Ornata V3 X is priced at PhP 4,199.

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SteelSeries unveils Arctis Nova Pro series

The almighty future of audio



Arctis Nova Pro

SteelSeries has released the Arctis Nova Pro series. It’s latest and most advanced gaming and esports headsets yet from the company.

The series has two variants — the Arctis Nova Pro and Arctis Nova Pro Wireless. The new series is enhanced by SteelSeries’ Sonar Audio Software Suite. It helps deliver the ultimate sound quality and clarity.

The software is the first in-gaming Pro-grade Parametric EQ which gives gamers even more control over sound across games, team chat, and the microphone and allows them to adjust individual frequencies on the fly seamlessly.

Both variants come with immersive 360° Spatial Audio which is fully compatible with Tempest 3D audio for PS5 or Microsoft Spatial Sound.

They also feature Multi-System Connect which allows users to switch between platforms easily. Complementing the next-level sound experience is an AI-powered noise cancelling and broadcast-quality bidirectional microphone.

Price and availability

The Arctis Nova Pro will retail for US$ 279.99 for both the PC/PlayStation and Xbox options, while the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless is priced at US$ 379.99.

In Singapore, pricing are as follows:

  • Arctis Nova Pro – SG$ 439
  • Arctis Nova Pro (Xbox) – SG$ 449 (available in Sep 2022)
  • Arctis Nova Pro Wireless – SG$ 599 (available in Sep 2022)
  • Arctis Nova Pro Wireless (Xbox) – SG $620

There are also booster packs for users to be able to customize the headsets with headbands and metallic color speaker plates of their choice.

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Huawei Sound Joy vs JBL Flip 5

Which one is the smarter choice?



Huawei Sound Joy

Summertime is party time. And parties are never complete without music you can vibe with. To get that party vibe, you gotta have the right speakers. So now, we choose: The Huawei Sound Joy or the JBL Flip 5? 

At first glance, it looks like an event match. But a closer look will reveal which one is the smarter choice. 

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. First thing that people consider is how much they’re shelling out.

Price and sound quality

And these two speakers have the same suggested retail price — PhP 6,999. Tough start. But let’s see how these two are different.

Naturally, the next most important thing to consider is sound quality. JBL has proven themselves in this space. They are a go-to brand, especially for audio devices. 

Meanwhile, Huawei is backed by a history of excellence in hardware products. The Flip 5 has one 20W full frequency speaker. And two passive radiators.

Huawei has the same aforementioned components and adds a 10W tweeter to the mix. Additionally, the Sound Joy is tuned by Devialet — a brand known for its high-fidelity products.

The two brands are no strangers to each other. They also worked together on the Huawei Sound X. 

Check out the video above to hear how each one sounds like.

Battery Life

Battery life might be something not too many think about when getting a speaker. But it’s definitely something to look at. Especially when you plan to take the speaker outdoors. 

You don’t want it running out of juice just as the party is getting started.

The Flip 5 has a 4,800mAh battery with a promised play time of about 12 hours. It charges via USB-C. 

Meanwhile, the Sound Joy nearly doubles those numbers with 8,800mAh of battery with a play time of about 26 hours. Charging should also be a breeze with its support for 40W dash charge, also via USB-C.


Connectivity should be a no-brainer, right? Just a bluetooth connection that works and we’re all good. Well. Not exactly. 

This is where the Sound Joy really kicks it into high gear. 

The JBL Flip 5, as expected, has bluetooth support. BTS.1 to be exact. But the Huawei Sound Joy immediately trumps that with BTS.2. 

And it gets even better with these four features: Shake Stereo Link Up, Automatic Discovery, One-touch transfer, Huawei Watch control. 

Shake Stereo Link Up is quite literal. You just shake two Sound Joys, 3 meters apart, and they will instantly connect to form a stereo speaker system.

Automatic Discovery brings up a pop-up on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop whenever you’re near a Sound Joy. Making pairing a breeze. 

One-Touch Transfer requires NFC tech which most flagship phones have. It’s also a straight-forward feature. When a song is playing on your phone, simply tap the Sound Joy and the music will play from your phone to the speaker.

HUAWEI Watch Control also functions as expected. You just tap your supported Huawei Watch to the speaker, and it lets you control the music it plays. 

These four smart features definitely elevate the way you interact with a portable speaker. 


Design-wise, the Sound Joy and Flip 5 look similar at first glance and in some of the ways they function.

Both can operate vertically or horizontally. They can also be carried. But the Sound Joy adds a few things to the mix. 

For one, it has an IP67 water and dust resistance. Unlike the Flip 5 which only has IPX7 water resistance. 

This feature allows for this cool thing that you can do on the Sound Joy. The top of the speaker has a light ring. It’s a battery life indicator. The circle comes undone as the speaker discharges. But it also shows multicolor effects when you play music. Now, splash it with water, and just observe the coolness. 

The smarter choice?

After going through all the set of features, picking isn’t so hard now is it? It also helps that the Sound Joy is part of the Huawei Super Device system. 

That means it will work seamlessly with the rest of your Huawei devices. If it’s unclear what that is, we have a whole other video explaining what it is. 

With its Longer battery life, smart connectivity functions, and overall sound quality, the Huawei Sound Joy is easily the smarter choice. 


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