Canon EOS M5 is a mirrorless camera for enthusiasts



You all recognize Canon for its trusty DSLR cameras, but did you know that the company’s newest compact mirrorless camera is geared towards enthusiasts? That’s right: The EOS M5 is a late yet welcome entry to the competitive interchangeable-lens shooter market.

It feels strange to see the EOS M5 reveal itself before an M4 ever came out. No, it’s not Canon doing a Samsung Galaxy Note 5-to-7 thing. While this is indeed the fifth member of the EOS M series, the fourth one is considered to be the EOS M10. It goes like this: EOS M, M2, M3, M10, and M5. Now that we cleared that up, let’s move on to the specs and features.


What separates the EOS M5 from its predecessors are the enthusiast-level functions. Look at the top and back, and you’ll notice more DSLR-like controls, which let you adjust settings much quicker. Even the handle grip has been made sturdier to keep your shots steady, but to ensure sharp images, there’s built-in 5-axis stabilization to reduce motion blur from wobbly hands.

Another high-level feature is the electronic viewfinder on top, which is also a first for the EOS M lineup. While it may not be as accurate in composing photos as an optical viewfinder you’d find on a DSLR, it’s better than relying purely on the LCD on the rear. But if you prefer a larger display when taking shots, the tilting 3.2-inch touchscreen is quite good too, thanks to touch-to-focus abilities and rich colors.



The rest of the internals feel like they’ve been ripped out of a DSLR. There’s a 24-megapixel APS-C image sensor with Dual Pixel technology to accurately capture high-resolution photos, Canon’s DIGIC 7 processor to shoot up to seven frames per second, and ISO sensitivity reaching 25,600 for bright pictures in poorly lit environments. Unfortunately, video recording is capped at a resolution of 1080p, so no 4K videos here.

The EOS M5 will be available in November 2016, with a price of $979 for the body alone, and $1,099 for the 15-45mm kit lens bundle. There’s going to be a more expensive 18-150mm kit lens offer with the M5 for $1479, but it won’t come out until December 2016.

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Use your Canon camera as a laptop webcam

Up the quality on your video call meetings



Video conferencing is the new normal as most of us continue to work from home. Canon hopes to make the experience better with the EOS Webcam Utility Beta.

You may have noticed though that the video quality from your laptop’s webcam is not up to par with your smartphone’s front camera. Most manufacturers tend to put sub-par cameras on laptops. The reason: your laptop’s webcams were not that highly used before the whole COVID-19 situation.

To address this, Canon recently released a tool that will level up your video quality over online conferencing apps. The idea is to transform your Canon camera into a portable webcam. Simply plug-in an EOS or a PowerShot camera to your laptop, configure the software, and you now have a powerful webcam at your disposal.

The utility is called “EOS Webcam Utility Beta”. It’s a software that automatically configures your Canon camera into a portable web camera over a USB connection.

The caveat though is that only select EOS DSLR, EOS Mirrorless, and PowerShot cameras are compatible. The software is still in beta, but if you’re really determined to level up your video calling game, you can view the full list of compatible cameras here.

Grainy and lifeless videos will be a thing of the past for Canon users with this new tool. If you own a Canon EOS or DSLR camera, make sure to give this utility a try to improve your video chats with friends, family, or your fellow co-workers.

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These refurbished vintage Polaroid 600 cameras bring back our childhood!

Ah, take me back~



My latest obsession with Polaroid’s latest release — Polaroid NOW — has led me to discover refurbished vintage Polaroid 600 cameras. For 90’s kids, these instant cameras relive our colorful, childhood memories dabbling in popping colors celebrated throughout the 80s until the early 2000s.

Look at this refurbished Barbie Throwback, based on the original Barbie Polaroid released in 1999.

How about this bold and loud Neon Yellow & Pink Cool Cam…

… Or this Pink Cool Cam that screams black and pink (like a revolution).

Remember this Blue ’96 Edition perfectly complementing your windbreaker and fanny packs?

Back then, we have Japanese brand Tomy collaborating with Polaroid as a merch for popular manga and anime Kodomo no Omocha, also known as Kodocha.

Remember when we’re all obsessed with MTV?

Oh, look at this fabulous, super rare, Pink Checkers Polaroid 600!

Hello Kitty fans, can you hear me??????

Ah, this Spice Cam makes us remember the times we dance and sing to Spice Girls — like it’s our anthem before Britney Spears finally took over.

In true Maroon 5 fashion, memories really do bring back you. Seeing these instant cameras made me remember who I was before the world told me who I should be. It felt like an ode to my inner child, calling for retrospection. Remember how fun and young we used to be?

Professionally refurbished by Retrospekt

These vintage Polaroid 600 cameras are refurbished by Retrospekt, a company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Founded by Adam and KoriFuerst in 2008, Retrospekt started as a project to recreate their beloved instant film products.

Retrospekt uses Polaroid’s original components, and properly clean, test, rebuild and test the products again before sending out. Just like any refurbished vintage product, these instant cameras may show some light wear. Still, Retrospekt guarantees functionality.

And when it arrives at your doorsteps, all you need is just a pack of Polaroid 600 film, and you’ll be back to shooting instant films again.

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Canon Philippines holds digital masterclass on Facebook

Improve your photography skills while at home



Are you looking for things-to-do to pass the time while at home? Then, take a peek at Canon Philippines’ Facebook page. From March 31 until April 28, you can participate in the digital masterclass series by Canon. It’s an online class of sorts that brings together Canon ambassadors and professionals as they share tips and tricks on how to improve photography skills.

The digital masterclass will also cover a lot of topics ranging from food photography to architecture and wedding photography. The basics of vlogging are also included. So, don’t miss out on those especially if you’re trying to level up your photos and videos.

Check out the schedule of Canon’s digital masterclass below:

To participate or know more, head over to Canon Philippines’ Facebook page.

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