Is the Nintendo Switch (OLED) worth the upgrade?

We ask our gaming writers!



The Nintendo Switch (OLED) is real and it is coming. But for many, it wasn’t the Switch upgrade they were hoping for. We sat down with two of our gaming writers Gab and Leez to get their quick thoughts on the new Switch in town.

Were you surprised by the sudden announcement? Why or why not?

Gab: I was genuinely surprised by the announcement, considering there weren’t any particular rumors in the past few weeks surrounding it. While Nintendo mentioned earlier this year that they’re working on new Switch models, the OLED display part was something they said they were working on. Also, I was expecting the announcement to come some time in August or early September instead of July, but I guess even they couldn’t wait.

I’m guessing they didn’t bother mentioning this during E3 2021 for two reasons. On one hand, I think they wanted to focus more on game releases during the showcase, instead of going for the hardware. On the other, I think they needed some time to refine one key change in the new model in comparison to the current models.

Leez: Nintendo is pretty good with their Direct announcements but this one was a little out of left field. I guess it’s my fruit fly attention span that made Switch updates just come unnoticed.

It would’ve been nice to go with their E3 announcements since they saved the sad snoozefest that it was. But, in retrospect, hardware isn’t really part of the homework for the event.

Do you think the upgrades are worth buying for long-time Switch users?

Gab: I’ve had my v2 Switch for more than a year, and my experience with it is pretty great. When I saw the upgraded features on the OLED model, it didn’t really entice me enough to consider getting the upgrade. Essentially it’s a bigger, brighter, and more vibrant screen but still operates the same way as the v2 Switch.

I like the fact that it comes with a wider stand at the back, plus the Ethernet port in the dock if you’re using it in TV Mode. I felt that these features would have been better for the v2 Switch, but I honestly feel these were minor changes. If the biggest change Nintendo thought of was a bigger OLED panel, it’s not necessarily a change worth spending extra money on.

Leez: Gab summarizes it well. For me, it can be a big win for people who’ve been considering getting a Switch but, it’s ultimately a screen and storage upgrade. Nintendo does this all the time. Remember the DS? Then, 3DS? They essentially apply and sell small incremental changes and upgrades to their handhelds until they find a new perfected form of blending portability, functionality, and fun. Our wallets are all just praying for their next breakthrough.

Illustration by Genevive Catapangan

What upgrades would you have wanted to see instead?

Gab: Support for 4K when in TV mode (which also means support for HDMI 2.1), possibly a battery that lasts an hour or two longer than the v2 Switch

Leez: Honestly? Even if you slap 4K on top of the OLED upgrade, I wouldn’t buy it. Maybe that’s all the moths living in my wallet talking, but I just weirdly wish Nintendo took time to add all the upgrades into one Switch.

If someone who doesn’t own a Switch considers getting one, should the person get the OLED version or just get the potentially marked down price of the older version?

Gab: If this is your first time getting a Switch, the OLED model is a great option to have. Apart from the features I just mentioned, it also roughly lasts as long as the v2 Switch, and the higher price is justified because of the 7-inch OLED panel. If money is a bit tight, the potentially marked down older version isn’t too shabby.

Personally, I would still wait for a “Pro” version of the Switch that acts as a substantial upgrade but let’s see if Nintendo will actually do it.

Leez: I think if you have the budget for it, go for it. I think Nintendo is really good at giving their console owners breathing space to really enjoy their games. Other brands often limit their new game releases to the newest console releases which ultimately necessitates buying what’s new. For Nintendo, they let you play the old and new in whichever handheld you’ve got. They did it for Gameboy games for the Gameboy Advance and Gameboy Advance games for the DS.

It all ultimately depends on your budget and if you think the little upgrades are worth the dollar. Personally? If I didn’t have a Switch, I’d take an older version for a cheaper price. I’m not making it rain and games don’t come cheap.

Illustration by Genevive Catapangan

What bundles or special editions are you hoping will come with the OLED version?

Gab: On the top of my head, a Pokemon bundle would be nice to commemorate the arrival of the DP remakes. I mean, not just for the Switch Lite but hopefully for this model, as well. Of course, I think they’ll do a special edition Switch model with either Dialga or Palkia on it, but it’s just a thought.

Also, Nintendo, while we’re on the subject: a TWICE collab would be nice. I mean, the Joy-Cons for the OLED model are in the Dahyun white variant, so you might as well do it for all the other members’ colors. Also, can we get limited edition ones that the members can sign?

Leez: Easily, Breath of the Wild 2. Could you imagine? If they release a Sheikah Slate design on a Nintendo Switch OLED, I’m genuinely eating my words about it not being worth it. And, if they made an off-hand official Kirby themed one, I’m having a stern talk with my empty wallet and would willingly starve for it.


Dancing in the rain? Capture it with the Galaxy A52 5G

Content creation with IP67



Galaxy A52

The Samsung Galaxy A52 5G is easily the best flagship-loke phone without the wallet-robbing price.

And with flagship specs, come flagship lenses. These make the Galaxy A52 5G the best content creator phone.

With its quad-camera’s 64MP main shooter and 32MP selfie camera, it’s really no surprise this phone’s got all the specs you want and need for content creation.

A quick swipe into more camera features, gives you loads to choose from. The Samsung Galaxy A52 5G is feature packed. From delivering stunning stills, to features like 4K video, Fund Mode, nothing comes close to making content all in one phone.

From silly obscure intros, to filming your new indoor hobbies, to finding the best moments while vlogging. And it doesn’t stop there.

The phone has IP67, protecting it against dust and sand. It can also work for at least 30 minutes while under 15cm to 1m of water.

Want to record quality TikToks? Play and stream? Or, Vlog your day-to-day? You ca do those, plus watch and immerse in other’s content on the 6.5” Full HD+ AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate.

The Samsung Galaxy A52 5G is a heavy hitting midranger. Whether you’re watching content or making it!

This feature is collaboration between GadgetMatch and Samsung Philippines.

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I’m missing the Olympics because I don’t have cable

And it sucks



It’s 2021. The Tokyo 2020 Olympics, which was delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, is in full swing as of writing. However, as someone whose primary source of media entertainment all comes from streaming, there’s no easy and convenient way for me to watch the games. Major bummer.

I like to enjoy my media a certain way; I prefer to stream them on my TV. Which is why majority of the content I consume come from YouTube, Netflix, and the occasional Amazon Prime, HBO Go (Yep, not even HBO Max), and Apple TV.

I find it incredibly baffling that the stakeholders involved in bringing the games to the people failed to come to an agreement to make it easily accessible on the aforementioned platforms. It’s 2021. Why on earth am I not able to watch the greatest sporting event on the planet the way I want to?

Believe me, I hear the privilege in my words. Regardless, I still feel marginalized.

So how can you watch the Olympics right now?

I asked a friend who’s been covering the games. He watches through cable and had to pay a PhP 150 fee (around US$ 3/ SG$ 4) to avail of the Tokyo 2020 Premium from a particular cable provider.

Thing is, the whole Olympic coverage in the Philippines is locked to the MVP group of companies. You wanna follow the games, you’re gonna have to do it on one of their platforms.

Here’s an excerpt from their press release on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic coverage:

“Sports fans will have comprehensive access to the Olympic Games — from the Opening Ceremonies all the way to when the games conclude — on free to air via TV5 and One Sports. One Sports+ on Cignal TV will also dedicate a significant amount of their daily hours to broadcast the events, with Cignal also opening up two exclusive channels dedicated to broadcast the games 24/7. Cignal Play, in addition to live channels TV5, One Sports & One Sports+, will be offering exclusive channels broadcasting live updates to its subscribers, along with exclusive content not available on the TV broadcast. Cignal TV’s One News leads the group’s round-the-clock news coverage, featuring results, updates, and highlights.”

Comprehensive? Maybe. For platforms within the MVP group of companies. If you’re not subscribed to any of these, well, that’s just too bad. It’s good for business and I completely understand how the whole thing works. Doesn’t mean I have to like it.

The coverage also missed to televise or showcase Hidilyn Diaz’s historic gold medal win in the Weightlifting competition. If you’ve been following sports news, the Philippines was expected to get a medal in this event. Sadly, the moment was only known following updates from reporters on the ground.

How I wish it was handled

I’m sure there’s a lot more that goes into it in terms of TV and broadcasting rights, but we’re literally at an age where plenty of folks have decided to cut the cord and rely on streaming for content.

On YouTube, you can buy and/or rent movies and shows. The platform and structure exists for pay-to-watch content. They could have even made tiers or packages like charge a certain amount to gain access to all the games, a different and lower amount if you just want to follow a certain sport and/or a certain event.

Maybe the potential earnings to do so didn’t justify the costs to implement it. Whatever the case, it’s still incredibly frustrating.

Sure, I can go through the hoopla of setting up a VPN and look for streaming sites. But that’s more even more cumbersome. I don’t mind paying a convenience fee if it means that after a long day of work I can kick back, relax, and watch some damn sports.

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How to git gud at Mobile Legends from Blacklist International

Bring out your notepads…



School is in session. If you’re into Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, you know Blacklist International. The recent MPL PH Season 7 champion team has a decent rep in the mobile gaming world. So, if you want to get good, you’ll definitely get good-good. And, who better to give us the best tips than the QueenVee, Ohmy.v33nus, himself?

TIP #1 – Start small

When asked how to hit it right with the basics, Ohmy.v33nus answered with pretty solid advice saying: “When it comes to improving your gameplay, do it one step at a time. Players can try mastering one hero or one role at a time first. From there, you can best strategize how you plan to win your game better.”

TIP #2 – Know you to do you

Beginners are faced with almost as many daunting questions as ordering sugar and ice levels for boba when it comes to who to play. From characters’ skills, roles, and abilities in the grander scheme of the team game, it can get overwhelming.

So the best way to get better is to know who you want to play and what role suits your preferences. And like Ohmy.v33nus said, “Knowing the role that suits you is important, some players love playing heroes in melee combat, some in long-range or using magical powers.

TIP #3 – If you want to go pro, you’ve got to play harder

We asked what advice the team had for people who are starting out and want to maybe go pro in the future. He answered by saying, “what separates casual players from those wanting to take it seriously is ranking, so if players want to be noticed they can try to achieve a top global ranking.” And, while that’s a technical target goal you can work towards, Blacklist gave sage advice on how to get there.

TIP #4 – The grind

Ranking up to where you’ve proven you take the game seriously to be pro comes with time and effort. So, it’s no surprise when Blacklist followed up TIP #3 with this: “before you achieve that desired ranking, practice makes perfect. When there’s an opportunity to practice, do it. Never stop learning and discovering your battling strategy so you’ll be able to champion your way to the global competitions.”

When asked how often and for how long the team grinds to get to be as good as they are, they practice a minimum of 8 hours per day, extending to up to 10 hours. “This helps us build team dynamics better and strengthen our strategy,” Ohmy.v33nus said.

TIP #5 – Know the meta

If you’ve got all 5 down so far, you’re up for more technical know-how. So, given the ever-changing game meta it can be challenging to keep up. This is where noting patches and updates can be helpful. Keeping track of who has been nerfed, buffed, and adjusted. And, knowing little tweaks Moonton has made in-game can help players adjust and adapt.

It’s also good to note that this is where you’ll be returning to TIPS #1 – #5, where it rides on comfort and familiarity. So, whether you fully grasp the meta or not, you can play however you feel outside the world of going pro.

So, with the current meta, we had to ask Blacklist for their whitelist. Jokes aside, we had them recommend heroes for each role and they said, “Marksman: Granger, Tank: Tigreal, Support: Rafaela, Angela, Assassin: Ling, Fighter: X-Borg, Mage: Nana.” When asked about the top meta hero picks for ranked, they said that they weren’t quite sure with the recent patch. But, they think some of the best heroes last season kept their placement. “Like Mathilda, Yve, Granger, and Harith,” Blacklist said.

TIP #6 — Play on a gaming-capable smartphone

You know that highly-contested-on-who-said-it quote about how when you give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime? Well, think of getting the perfect gaming smartphone as equal to getting yourself a fishing rod to get started on learning how to fish. But, enough silly metaphors.

Ohmy.v33nus aptly said, “it goes without saying that your tools can make or break your game. You need a phone that has the processing power, battery life, storage space, and stunning display to give you long-lasting, smooth, and precise gameplay.”

When asked about particular phones and features the team liked, he said they loved OPPO’s A94 and its AI gaming features. Adding, “our favorite is the Gamer Mode which lets you block off interruptions and notifications so you can focus more on your battle.” Plus, when waiting on important messages, the phone features a Bullet Screen Message that allows users to instantly receive messages without blocking or interrupting the game.

TIP #7 – A gaming phone, stripped

Not all gaming features need to be game-centric. At the end of the day, it’s night. No, kidding aside, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a fun team game and if you’re stripping the game of its fun and the team, you’ve got no one to be or get good with. A gaming phone, stripped without games, are phones, and as good as the OPPO A94’s 48MP AI rear quad-cam matrix and 32MP ultra-clear front camera set-up was, we needed to know if Blacklist had much use for it.

So, we asked how important camera specs and features were to team members when picking out a gaming phone. Ohmy.v33nus replied saying, “a lot. We don’t only focus on gaming, as professional players; we also create content and stay active on social media for fans, family, and friends.”

The OPPO A94 Features:

Display — 6.43-inch FHD+ (2400 x 1080) AMOLED display, 90 Hz refresh rate, 409 PPI

Processor — MediaTek Helio P95 octa-core processor

Storage — 8GB RAM and 128GB internal storage

Camera — Quad rear cameras: 48MP F1.7 (primary), 8MP F2.2 (ultra-wide), 2MP F2.4 (macro), and 2MP F2.4 (portrait); Selfie camera: 32MP

Operating System — ColorOS 11.1

Battery – 4310mAh, 30W VOOC Flash Charge 4.0

Price and availability

OPPO A94 comes in Fantastic Purple, Crystal Silver, and Fluid Black. It has a price tag of PhP 13, 999 and can be purchased via OPPO Brand Stores nationwide, Shopee, and Lazada.

TIP #8 – Lastly, soft skills and heart

When asked for advice for aspiring pros on what they can work on, Ohmy.v33nus said, “since ML:BB is a team game, a crucial soft skill you can develop is communication. Being clear and precise with teammates not only helps in-game strategies but also helps strengthen the synergy between them and their teammates.” Going on to say, “keep your heart in the game. Keep practicing and play regularly to boost your skills to achieve top leaderboard spots.”

This feature is a collaboration between GadgetMatch and OPPO Philippines

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